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But … Why?

Posted by ridor9th on January 21, 2008

People asked me why has been down for the time being. So much things has happened in the last 50 days which I do not owe any explanation to the readers. There are things in life that I do not intend to share with the public.

I was alarmed to notice the trend among the readers, bloggers and vloggers starting to ask whether if I have a boyfriend, whether what do I like to eat, whether if I plan to do something later tonight or tomorrow or even whether if I will hit an individual for a night of debauchery! These little things made me wonder whether if I should cap my life private as much as I can.

And I did.

Suddenly, I get lots of peeved readers, friends, bloggers and vloggers for shunning them in an attempt to protect my privacy. Some acted as if they are my best friends and expected me to spill the personal issues.

Even worse, they started to get in touch with my siblings and my close friends for information about me, my life and so on.

Now, that is quite offensive, fellas. I already got a threat mail postmarked from Santa Ana, California — which I am quick enough to assume that it comes from Richard Roehm, the pea-brained fool who claims to be some kind of important figure in Orange County, California. Needless to say, I turned the mail to the United States Postal Inspectors.

Why this temporary blog? Because I am working on to get things together in time for the return of — only better, bold and stronger than ever.

I’ll admit that I stopped reading these days mainly because much of the yakkings were redundant, to say the least.

My blog(s) may serve as a source of information for Deaf people throughout the country, Canada and the world but do not try to disparage and disrespect my wishes in protecting my privacy.  Everyone reserves the right to hold their personal life private.  Do the same thing for me, readers.

And Elizabeth Gillespie, your attempts to contact my sister regarding what I do these days and at the same time, block me from emailing you directly says a lot about what kind of person you are.  What a bitter queen.

However, let’s get back to the point of the entry:  RidorLIVE is coming soon than you think, hence the countdown begins today … but why?  Because it is fun to keep the readers speculating over, over and over.

The new shall have four writers which I will have no control in what they have to say.  And it will entertain you throughout the Deaf Blogosphere.  Which I really cannot say the same thing about these days.  I admit I read first before I stumble upon  Sorry but that is the truth.  So there!




27 Responses to “But … Why?”

  1. tar2006 said

    Welcome back! 🙂 Ridor

  2. javapride said

    well well well look who has arisen from the ashes! well your little strike didn’t go unnotice, and now that you are resurrecting, i should be the first to say at this godforsaken hour that i am up at right now is . welcome back or is it ? and why should i be afraid? you are you, this is EXACTLY why when i am in the blog world or anywhere i am very chosy on who my friends are and my collegues are, when i am out the door my private life stays home end of discussion anyone wishing to know more abt me well i pity thier questions. i don’t ask about thiers so don’t ask me about mine, this is EXACTLY why popularity should never exist. we are one poeple from all walks of life. celbs and bloggers shldnt expose thier personal life, just thier thoughts on issues thats it…

    ( btw i know u will ask me for it soon and the answer is no we’re all on serious crisis right now)

  3. LeRoy said

    Deafread is a “had been”. No one really reads it anymore. I use my own rss reader and just subscribe to those blogs I like directly and bypass all the bullshit.

    Also, the Deafread awards are a joke. Did you notice that nearly all of the Deafread moderators are nominated? And they’re running the contest. That’s a major conflict of interest. When you run a contest, you and your staff and family should automatically be disqualified from participation. It’s very unethical of them to include themselves. Makes me think less and less of Tayler Mayer, whom I already have a very low opinion of.

  4. Britt said

    Hallelujah! God Save the Queen! (And I mean that in a totally non-Xian, non-lunatic, non-cyberstalker kind of way)

    Welcome back- the Deaf cybersphere (aside from a few good gems) has been one long snore-fest since your absence.

    Interesting to notice that since you were gone, quite a bit of copycat blogs have sprung up. None compare to yours though, dear.

    Many of us are patiently awaiting your fabulous, fire-breathing return with eyes wide open.


  5. Nice to know that you’re coming back, Ridor. Sorry about your cat. That really sucks. The deaf blogosphere wouldn’t be something really entertaining, thought-provoking or crazy without you. 😉

  6. *Boston said

    Welcome back (sort of!)… nice to see you here again!

    Looking forward to your blog soon! 😀

  7. I’m new of vloggers, but I felt like I know you for long time in vlogs because they mentions your name very well in positive. I’m sure looking forward to having you back on vlog…

  8. Dave said

    Good to know that you will be back. I love reading your comments even tho at times I dont agree with you! Keep up the good work , there is one Aussie (me) who enjoys reading your site! Cheers mate.

  9. Silly Tony said

    Ridor, before I bookmark your blog, will you disappear again soon? Snickering.

  10. dog food said

    hmm wait that’s true…. most of the will-be winners for deafread awards are the ones who run it…


  11. Deafreak said

    Rumor that Ridor & Roehm got married!

  12. It seems that it’s my frist time come to your blog. I can see there are many reader love your blog.

  13. Cobra said

    Welcome back— By the way, I know your brother Gary was my classmate from MSSD also I know your father Billy sooo sweet man! Hes sense of humor!

  14. Renny Kassel said

    Gotta to admit that I checked everydays since it “parked with DreamHost”. Hardly can wait to see the unveiled the new! It’s so addicting! LOL!


  15. Girl In Calif said

    It’s nice to see your name pop up again…. can’t wait to read your stuff even tho I don’t agree with everything you say. Good luck to your next step of your newly “” HURRRRRY! :o)

  16. Ole Faithful Reader said

    Your blogs always make me think about several things. What’s out there without you in there! 🙂

  17. LS said

    Hurry back, RT!

  18. Sandi said

    Welcome back, Ricky!! Know what, just fucking ignored the negative remark from whoever says about you. I am so happy to have you back. mwah!!!

  19. Steve said

    Welcome back, blogman!

  20. SFS said

    Check out the blog post from Chris Leon regarding the awards that Deafread doesn’t want you to know about!

  21. Vans said

    Hey… I just checked the Gallaudet University’s course schedule for Spring 2008 and noticed that Jane Fernandes’s name was omitted from the list for Deaf Studies classes… Anyone can explain?

  22. ridor9th said

    jane accepted the provost position at unc-asheville.


  23. Vans said

    yea, i know but jane won’t start her new job till july, ummm…

  24. Lantana said

    Interesting,interesting. ‘Very. Don’t leave your old, loyal friends behind!

    How am I supposed to find out where you move to? The grapevine can be very slow!

    Lantana’s Latitude

  25. Happiest Fan of Ridor said

    Oh man – today is March 25th, 2008! Oh man, I’ve been checking and peeking into to see what had happened to the only ridor and his website …. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Somehow, I became sad, depressed, worried, puzzled, and screamed “whyyyyyy” at “parked with dreamhost” for so long!!!

    I am so so so happy to have found this

    Welcome back Ridor! (I know I’m wayyyyyy too late)


    Happiest Fan of Ridor

  26. iballoon said

    Oh that where you are at. I have been wonder what happen to Ridor blog.

    It’s good to see your weblog again.

  27. Levi said

    Can I be the writer??? ha!

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