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50: Hillary Clinton Campaigns At CSUN

Posted by ridor9th on January 23, 2008

Last week on Tuesday, California State University at Northridge was notified that Hillary Clinton would make a last-minute but brief stop at CSUN where she gave few words at Grand Salon, a small facility that houses the banquets, exhibitions, meetings et al.

According to my sources, no deaf individual was inside the facility but about 10 Deaf students at CSUN gets to meet and groped Hillary’s hands outside of the facility.

Plus, you can see a video where you can an interpreter standing on a chair (!) interpreting the whole drama that occurs inside/outside of Grand Salon at CSUN.  Check this video to see the whole thing.

It was obvious that the whole thing was last minute plan.   Jeez!

Meth?  Please do not delude yourself.  I already saw how it ripped my friends apart.  And I am very anti-Meth.  Just because I lost a lot of weight which prompted you others to assume that I was doing meth is quite offensive and at the same time, flattering.




7 Responses to “50: Hillary Clinton Campaigns At CSUN”

  1. Dar said

    that beats McCain sitting on Gallaudet Board that’s for sure, lol

  2. J.J. Puorro said

    I was there…I didn’t even know Hillary was in town…was walking the dog on campus and saw a ton of security…that was as close as I was able to get…I watched the terp for maybe 30-40 seconds and just walked away…

    Not a big Hillary fan…

    BTW, good to see you again Ridor…

  3. Rene Visco said

    Obama rocks!

  4. Vans said

    Bill rocks ! Oops, Hillary rocks !!! 😉

  5. m said

    Hillary Clinton is the devil incarnate. Vote Obama!

  6. B C T said

    Hillary Clinton is ok….Obama-pppffftt!

  7. Josh Josa said

    Actually, there were four deaf students inside the salon where Clinton gave her speech..

    There were others who were waiting outside and got to see her and even get a handshake from her!

    I was on my Lambda Sigma Pi retreat, such a dilemma! 😛

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