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49: Actor Heath Ledger Dead At 28

Posted by ridor9th on January 24, 2008

Don’t you love Matt Drudge and Perez Hilton?!

It was from Perez and Matt that I learned of my beau, Heath Ledger’s death. Nah, not my beau, but Hell, I can fantasize. Heath is one of several men that I’d love to own in my bedroom. However, it appears that his death is just another case of Anna Nicole Smith. His death is tragic. I personally liked his performances in several films including The Patriot, Monster’s Ball and needless to say, Brokeback Mountain!

I was blown away with Heath’s performance in Brokeback Mountain as a deeply closeted gay cowboy who eventually lost his love mainly because he did not acknowledge nor come out — if he came out, his lover would be still alive. Whatever! But Heath was fantastic. Initially, I was skeptical about him portraying a closeted gay character but by God, he did a great job!

Heath was daring, bold and gifted actor. Bold?

For many years, it was common knowledge in Hollywood industry that whenever you play the role of gay or lesbian character, it will finish your acting career. They even had many agents warning their clients not to take gay/lesbian characters because they knew it’d alienate these Xian fools, hence threatening their acting careers.

Many actors in Hollywood are gay but they refuse to assume the role of gay characters because they wanted to … be like Tom Cruise (That is to make $$, by the way! And the rumors about Tom Cruise being gay is legendary in Hollywood and I believe these rumors, by the way!) to an extent. Hence, who has the balls to portray gay and lesbian characters?

Guys like Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gale Harold, Hal Sparks and Eric McCormack took the roles and shattered the mentality of “sexual perversion”. Prior to these gentlemen taking gay-themed roles/films, many gay actors concealed their orientation and declined to play any character that might deem them as gay mainly because they knew that the society would sneer and the film industry would drop these actors so fast. That’s how it used to work in Hollywood.

Good example? Rock Hudson. Self-explanatory.

But today, it is cool to be gay to a point where more and more gay men are willing to assume the gay characters. It indicates one thing: The American society is changing to accept gays despite the criticism of people like JuneAnn Lefors, Fred Phelps and Tom Dobson.

Speaking of Fred Phelps, he announces that his group will picket at the funeral of Heath Ledger and celebrate the fact that Heath is rotting in Hell.

Disgusting. Sounds like McConnell and Fatterson, is it? I sincerely hope that someone will hold a huge festival to celebrate the death of Fred Phelps when time comes. After all, he’s very old. He could go anytime, really. If that is the case, I probably will have a couple of Martinis to mock his life and death. One good thing about this case, in a thousand years, people will remember Heath. But not Fred.

But I got the whole entry off the point. Time to get back on the issue — why am I talking about Heath Ledger and his relevance to Deaf actors?

Nothing irritated me the most when these ignorant hearies attacked Deaf people who protested, criticized or balked at the film industry for hiring hearing actors to act as Deaf characters. They would say, “Heath is straight! He portrayed as gay! So can hearing actors doing Deaf characters!”

That is comparing the apples with oranges, fools.

Remember last year when I wrote about NBC’s Bionic Woman? They had a brief trailer showing a hearing actress impersonating as deaf character and her ASL signs were hilarious, hysterical and impossible to understand. I mentioned this on and after dealing with the mini-uproar regarding the hearing woman acting as Deaf character, NBC clandestinely scraped the deaf character off from its show. Good riddance.

This prompted hearie-wannabe Whale Fatterson to claim that by protesting things like that, Deaf people are shooting themselves in their feet — thus, we should allow Hollywood to impersonate Deaf characters. What? His comments aren’t the first nor the last — it is typical of hearies-sympathizers who would appease and try to pant like dogs waiting for scraps to fall off the plate so they can pick up whatever is left on the floor!

Do us a favor, Whale — eat a bag of Hershey’s Chocolate Bars tonight before you hit the sack.

Barb DiGiovanni — one of my few favorite vloggers out there (Many deaf vloggers tend to rant, rant and rant and that is not cool to me!) — had a scathing entry regarding the documentary film by Eli Steele along with her famous vlog which was taken off after Eli Steele threatens to sue her for copyright infringement. However, you can read her entry at this link. Basically, Eli Steele hired a hearing actor to impersonate as Deaf character in his film. Barb had to absorb such offensive and lame-assed comments by others blasting her of criticizing Eli Steele’s documentary film.

Even worse, one Deaf individual, Steve Baier had the audacity to scold Barb that she should get in touch with the director of the film before writing an entry. What? This is absurd. If you don’t like Star Wars, you don’t get in touch with George Lucas. Again, Baier was, is and will be always stupid.

The whole point is that the deaf-related films are rare in Hollywood, mainly because they do not make money. The painful truth is that the term, ‘Deaf’, to the society is not positive. Thanks to these hearies who has portrayed us in bad light for centuries, being Deaf will not get you million of dollars in Hollywood. African-Americans fought and broke through this in the past — today, sometimes being African-Americans can bring millions of dollars to their films. Just pop Denzel Washington or Will Smith in any film, people will go.

Why do you think Marlee Matlin has been telling everyone else in Hollywood industry that it is OK to be Deaf.  It is GOOD to be Deaf.  There is nothing wrong with being Deaf.  She was doing something for us, you know?  She is pushing for a positive outlook that may ultimately put any Deaf actor to assume the major leading role in any film someday.  By telliing people that it is good to be Deaf, she is cultivating the soil and soon, the plants shall prosper.

As of now, an opportunity to act as Deaf character in any deaf-related film, Deaf actors wanted an opportunity to grab their chances … they are likely to be dashed by the fact that the producers prefer to yowl with their own rather than to hire a deaf individual. That is legitimate issue that has nothing to do with comparing gays.

You see, gay actors in the past avoids gay characters. Deaf actors wanted Deaf characters. Hearing actors can pick up any roles that fell on Interstate 5 but Deaf actors? They had to dig deeper than ExxonMobil folks can do for oil!

That is major difference, folks. Hearies simply does not have a logic nor legitimate points in telling us that hearing actors can act as Deaf characters. They fail miserably in that area for decades.

These unmitigated fools like Fatterson, McConnell, Paotie and Baier can kiss my hairy ass when I continue to criticize anyone else that attempts to hire a hearing actor to portray as Deaf character, capisce? On second thought, I don’t want them to kiss my ass — they’re gross to look at — I prefer Heath or Colin Farrell — hell, give me Chris Pontius, too!




12 Responses to “49: Actor Heath Ledger Dead At 28”

  1. Banjo said

    Even though the details on Heath Ledger’s death is still sketchy because they don’t have all the results yet. If I was to make a guess, I would say it was an accident. It was reported that he had pneumonia or some flu-like illness. Plus it is known that he was taking sleeping pills due to sleep deprivation from filming the movie, The Dark Knight. He could only get as much as 2 hours of sleep a night or none at all.

    Now what I’m saying is that if he did have pneumonia as reported, then it may had been a bad reaction to the sleeping pills since they can slow down or impair your breathing. With pneumonia, that can be dangerous as you need to be able to breath while your lungs are partially filled with fluids.

    Just my guess based on all the reports that I have read so far. I must say that I was truly shocked and saddened to learn of his news. He is an actor that I deeply respect, and I am looking forward to his performance in the upcoming Batman movie. I have heard nothing but praises for his role as the Joker.

    He will definitely be missed by many.

  2. ????????whatmecallit?????????????? said

    I am very disappointed to see you back as a bitter person. More bitter than ever! You have to name people to make your article more readable?

    Intelligent people talks about ideas
    Average people talks about events
    Pea brained people talks about people

  3. ridor9th said

    Speak for yourself, ????


  4. LaRonda said

    You’re Baaaaaacccckkk!! Same ol’ Ridor. I thought the article was rather good. Once people know who you are and how you write, they can separate the bitter from the beat. I get you. Don’t always agree with you, but I get you. 😉

    ~ LaRonda

  5. Mark rayo said

    you are one bitter person. you ought to be shut down. you label and libel people so much. one day, you’ll make a mistake and you’ll go to prison for a long time. When that day happens, you’ll never be able to use a computer again.

  6. Hedy said

    mark, you don’t know nothing about him. Go somewhere if you don’t like his blog. He does not waste his time with you! YOU are the only bitter person because you are bitter that Ridor is back!

  7. Coca-Cola said

    Ya know, I never once have seen LeFors say out of their mouth in public condemning homosexuals, neither have I seen it on their blogs. I’ve read OTHER people say it on their blogs, but never from them. You categorizing LeFors with Dobson under assumption and accusation makes YOU end up in the SAME category and level with Dobson. Do your homework.

  8. ridor9th said

    Coca-Cola, LeFors’ diatribes about her fake beliefs are dangerous — her rants on using the bible as facts makes her very dangerous and stupid — on the same level with James Dobson and perhaps, Osama bin Laden!

    People like you claimed that there are *some* Xians who are not homophobic simply cannot fool me at all. I know what I’m talking about and you do not.


  9. […] More of the story here […]

  10. Coca-Cola said

    The quote on the bottom of Whatmecallit says it perfectly.

    You probably resent LeFors because of the high numbers of hits and comments they get compared to yours and the ONLY topic they talk about is God. WOW! They aren’t even looking for ways to get attention nor are they dragging names or anything else.

    You insult people, how are you different than Fred Phelps?? ABSOLUTELY NONE– just different topics. pfft. Ain’t coming back to this blog and will continue to tell others to not even waste their time.

    So long!

  11. Barb DiGi said

    Oh great that I don’t have to kiss your hairy ass! LOL..

    The comments where Ridor is talking about were at YouTube, not at my vlog. The comments are gone at YouTube but I can cover what was discussed. It is funny because some of the comments were off the point. For example, I was blasted about how I could make a critique if I never saw the film. Actually, my critique was not about the film but about WHO gets to act WHAT.

    One of the comments mentioned the reason why hearing actors got hired instead of deaf actors was because they would whine. What does it matter? The world is full of whiners that make up mostly the hearing population anyway. This is what I had replied: It is amazing how hearing people like socialismispoison expected for us deafies to shut up and to accept things no matter if we do not agree with them. If we just share our thoughts or disagreements, we are not respecting them, we get to be labeled as whiners, we are bitter people, etc. Oh pullleeze!”

    As for this comment questioning me coming from Sherlock4Eva as a YouTube login name:

    “Did you ask any questions to the director before you jumped to conclusions?”

    I am like WTF? He didn’t get it so my response..

    It is not jumping to conclusions when it is a fact that a hearing actor is playing a deaf role.

    Just simple as that. Besides like what Ridor said, you are not obliged to ask every director or anyone who created a masterpiece before you are able to release your perspective. As long as I stated on the facts, it is perfectly okay to provide your opinions. This is what America is all about!

  12. *Boston said

    Barb DiGi:

    You’re absolutely right. Just that these idiots do not know what they’re talking about and before they even read your v/blog they were already on attack mode. Typical of them. Just ignore them and focus on what you believe and you got supporters out there (like me) 🙂

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