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48: Kudos to PepsiCo — Says A Lot About NAD!

Posted by ridor9th on January 26, 2008

To make this brief for y’all to follow up.  For the first time in eons, PepsiCo sought the National Association of the Deaf (NAD)’s help in developing the television commercial for Super Bowl Sunday based on the legendary joke within the Deaf Community.

The one that we knew where the couple went to a motel on a honeymoon.  The husband went out to get some supplies only to realize that he was not sure which the motel room was.  So he honked his car repeatedly — all rooms had the lights on except for one.  A-ha!  That one …

Here is the link to the television commercial slated to release on Super Bowl Sunday.  The commercial was simply priceless and fabulous.

This commercial simply showed the positive side of Deaf people.  This is the exact thing we needed to send in the media, television and films!   For years, Deaf people, much to the delight of McConnell and Fatterson and to my chagrin, has been portrayed as helpless and unfortunate victims of this, that and there.

But I want you to step back and look at the bigger picture — the position of NAD is becoming visible.  For years, the powers of NAD has been somewhat dormant and yes, weak.  True enough, the NAD was never on the same level with AgBAD, NAACP and AARP.  The politicians cannot afford to alienate the NAACP and AARP but they can dismiss the NAD.  And still do to an extent.

But in the last couple of years, the NAD has made such strides in addressing itself by pushing for visibility in the mainstreaming media.  Suddenly, I am beginning to see more and more corporations being aware of NAD’s position.  Now, the NAD was asked to work with PepsiCo for the commercial.

The NAD has changed a lot in the last 5 years and I expected the NAD to do more and emerge as the one of respected disability organizations in the country.  Nancy Bloch and Bobbie Beth Scoggins deserves the accolades and let’s not stop there.  Let’s do more.

If Bobbie Beth Scoggins decides to seek for 2nd-term as NAD President, I urge many to unite behind her — I am not sure if she plans to seek for 2nd-term in New Orleans this coming summer.   Unlike many before her, Bobbie made herself accessible to everyone else including my Mother.   That speaks volume about her character to reach out and work with — not for — Deaf people from all over the country.

Double Cheers to NAD and PepsiCo.  But I’m still a lover of Coca-Cola, so sue me.

Eric Malzkuhn Dead:  The Patriarch of Malzkuhns, Eric Malzkuhn, whom was well known for his love of theater arts, died recently.  He was one of few Deaf actors that gets to perform on Broadway in New York.  In fact, he worked and performed the famous actor Boris Karloff’s role on Broadway for one night.

Eric was a trailblazer in creating the opportunities for Deaf people related to theatre arts.  I do not need to list the accomplishments because it’d go on and on and on … to a point where the Model Secondary School for the Deaf named its auditorium after him, Theatre Malz.

His wife, Mary, was popular professor at Gallaudet for many years.  I did not enjoy her antics at times when we were in London.  Let’s leave this as is.  But one thing that kinda made me wince a little.  It is open secret that Eric first met Mary many decades ago when Eric was a high school teacher at Michigan School for the Deaf and … Mary was a high school student!

If this similar situation occurs today, he’d be in jail. However, Eric and Mary Malzkuhn are well-respected figures across the country.  Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about their children.




8 Responses to “48: Kudos to PepsiCo — Says A Lot About NAD!”

  1. Jane said

    it’s child, not children- brian is their only son. glad you’re back in business. 😉

  2. Fuggit said

    I dont want deaf people finding deaf homes using car horns. They need to get their ears fixed.

  3. Anonymous said

    Saw the commercial. Not too shabby. Not original to deaf people but maybe to hearing people. I guess that’s the point. At least the commercial used real deaf people, Joe Blows. That can’t be said for 99% of other commercials portraying deaf people. I tire of familiar faces like NAD did on their old website only it was replaced by Scoggins’s face. She craves the attention. Now, I’m interested in knowing exactly how much time and resource NAD put towards that collaboration compared to the same towards PepsiCo/EnAble employees. I don’t like any kind of organizational entity taking more credit than they should because this is so akin to private labeling a product entirely built by others and excessive limelight put on the hawker. Commensurability is what I hope happens when due credit is given for producing. Overall, the jury is still out on Scoggins and Nancy Bloch, the so-called Queen of Silver Spring, Md. NAD has a very long way to go and this is because the bottom line is membership figures and direct services. The ultimate benchmark is the Fred Schreiber days. He has real balls of brass. Slept at Halex Hosue. It takes two terms so I think I should cast my vote for Scoggins. PepsiCo is just for starters. Pony league. I want more challenges. How about Apple? Look forward to your resurrection for who knows it’ll show Xians how resurrection really happens and how hypocrites will pay dearly. Brian Malzkuhn-your fraudulent antics robbed a few years off your father’s precious life. As a result Gally’s department of Deaf Studies lost one of its biggest donors. Big shame on you, Brian!

  4. Can't Says A Lot About NAD! said

    “Says A Lot About NAD!” is a joke… NAD has no expertise in sign language… Just ask ASL/Deaf Studies Dept at Gallaudet. They are professional in teaching as well as consulting. NAD grabs this credit that belongs to ASL dept of Gallaudet. Oh well!!!

  5. deafk said

    Someone informed me that you were returning somehow… Heeeere you are!! Welcome back! Whew!


  6. Annonymous said

    What a joke – Bobbie thought she took a crediable in advising the PepsiCo. The joke itself turned out flopped.

  7. Yippie, you’re back! Sorry, I have been all behind with blogs/vlogs – it’s good to see your blog is now counting down to the date! With Pepsi’s AD, I already showed it to several hearing people, they think it’s SOOOO FUNNNNNNY! So, this AD is going to be a great hit! I don’t even think any negative about it at all by excusing, like why it shows that deaf people will bother hearing people’s neighbors!?! In reality, Deaf people don’t really do that way anyway, but it’s just a far-out. For these people who takes this joke as a personally need to seek a counselor!

    Smile, Charles

  8. Kevin M said

    I hope it doesn’t further perpetuate the ugly stereotype that deaf people are obnoxious.

    Welcome back RT!

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