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47: Weekend Tidbits

Posted by ridor9th on January 27, 2008

Deaf Blogs & Vlogs:  Last night, I had a brief conversation with one Deaf Vlogger.  My disappointment with the large numbers of Deaf bloggers/vloggers are that they seemed to be divorced from the mainstreaming blogs.

Yes, we are Deaf.  But we are just a minority in this big, bad world ruled by whom?  Hearing people.  In order to make your blogs/vlogs successful, one must acknowledge the fact that they must live and function in a hearing world.  Even work with them in the long run.   It is OK for you to backstab and make fun of hearies, I do the same, but you just cannot cut them out as if they do not exist.

Look at me, when I lived in New York, I used to be part of NYC Bloggers.   When I lived in Philadelphia, I used to be part of Philly Bloggers.  These days, I’m part of Richmond VA Blogs.  Why?  Because I aspire to do the best in what I can do for myself and the readers.  How?  That is to study, learn and adapt from the others.  Yes, from hearing bloggers.  Many Deaf bloggers/vloggers are amateur at its best.  I’m sorry but I won’t learn or find it challenging from deaf bloggers in general.  Not even from McConnell or Paotie.

It is my opinion that many deaf blogs/vlogs seem to be stuck in some kind of mentality where they cannot move on to the next level.  I’m waiting for ’em to surpass.  So far, only 2 deaf blogs has surpassed my expectations.

About Richard Roehm:  It is confirmed that Roehm was the one who mailed me the disgusting mai via the United States Postal Office.  I received the letter with stains on it.  It was smelly.  The authorities said that it reeks of urine.  And recently, Roehm attempted to make a comment on this blog talking about the urine.  This will be passed on to the US Postal Inspectors.

Roehm, what kind of person animal are you?  You’re ugly, you’re obsessed, you’re pig and you’re sick.  Seek the therapist, please.  And no, you will *never* make a comment on my blog(s).

My Coke Rewards:  Some of you may bought a Coca-Cola and drank.  The red cap to secure the plastic bottle — if you buy Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite or Coca-Cola — you probably will have the plastic cap which has 12 or 16 letters/numbers.

Pass it to me via here or my email address:

I’m doing an experiment to accelerate the points on My Coke Rewards just to test something.  So far, I have 26.   I’d appreciate this very much.  Thanks.

My Pick To Win Super Bowl?  New England Patriots.  Why?  Tom Brady is beauituful to watch.  And what’s even better — whenever he wins a game, he never talked about Jesus Christ, God or Allah whom helped him to win this, that and there.

I really abhorred people who tried to use religion in sports to justify their wins.  It is hysterical and … pathetic!

Tom Brady never did that, to my best knowledge.

Virginia Cavaliers:  I am a loyal fan of Virginia Cavaliers women’s basketball team but I still think Coach Ryan needs to retire sooner or later.  But the team is now 15-5, 4-1 in the ACC.  Not bad, eh?  But a loss to UNC by Maryland Women is mind-boggling, Karl!

Enough for today, friends.




3 Responses to “47: Weekend Tidbits”

  1. hey said

    Glad you are back. Is this your permanant or temporary website?
    BTW, I have lost an interest in I have to say that it bores me to death. Except some vlog/blog-ers are alright. I do not understand why your name was not in deafread 2007 contest? You deserved to be number one.
    Stay positive, dude.

  2. michele said

    Hi ricky,

    Howdy! Thanks for making a comeback! 🙂

    By the way, i think its hard for deaf people to make their blogs/vlogs mainstream because it will go in deafread extra instead. I agree that we need to rise to that level only if we can get encouragement and inspiration to show off our work and not to be placed on the side. Do you agree, ricky??

    Ouch about RR!

  3. Fingers aka BlueFlamesHD said

    yea…. that Richard Roehm is sooo sicko. He love to mock fun on our deaf communtiy. He have NO respect. Our Deaf communtiy HATE Richard Roehm very much. I will dare to say something to him later. Not now. I rather laaaater. If he talk too negative his act more worse to hurt us. I will do something.


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