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37: The Message for NCSD

Posted by ridor9th on February 29, 2008

No, I’m not going to congratulate Deaf people in North Carolina for the tumultuous week at North Carolina School for the Deaf. Why? Because your efforts are not finished. There are things that you need to do to ensure that the glory days of NCSD shall return to Morganton.

As of last night, Dr. Linda Lindsey is out as the Director of NCSD and will be re-assigned to some office in Raleigh. Whatever!

The (crushed) protest (Gotta hand it to Barb DiGi for her creative terms — mwah!) that prompted the NC Department of Human and Health Services to step in and held a town hall meeting at one of the nation’s most beautiful deaf-related buildings, Chapel Hall, with the parents, students and the staff members of NCSD Community.

It was a right step in removing the Director but it is merely a symptom of what is wrong at NCSD. Focus on the policy, folks! Change the policy to ensure that the campus is bilingual at all times. The next Director of NCSD must be fluent in ASL. Teachers must raise the expectations of its students.

Remember, removing Dr. Lindsey will not solve anything at NCSD in the long run if nobody steps in to change the policies.

It is evident that the NCDHHS, for years, kept ignoring the NCSD problems and when the media, especially with the blogs, got wind of this — their tails went under and for the first time in many years, they are addressing and facing the allegations and the needs to raise the standards at NCSD.

Listen, folks, NCSD is integral to Deaf Americans’ lives. Many Deaf people who did not attend nor graduate NCSD in Morganton has friends, partners and relatives that, at one point, is part of NCSD.

I knew of my friend in Bay Area whose her father and distant cousin attended NCSD. I knew of my friend in Minnesota whom her father attended NCSD. I knew of my friend’s in-laws who graduated from NCSD. I knew of one friend in Austin whom his father attended NCSD. One friend in Los Angeles who is attending CSUN — his mother went to NCSD. In addition, my mother, grandmother, cousins, uncles, great aunt and uncles attended NCSD as well. I could go on and on and on …

I think it is safe to say that NCSD is one of fewest deaf schools in the country whom has sent many outstanding citizens out in the public and mesh in all corners of the country and beyond. It is such a sad affair to see hearing people dictating the policies in the best interests of Deaf people’s lives. It is time to take ownership of the policies that affects us all in the long run.

Take it back.

By changing the policies with DHHS, NCSD and beyond, that is. That is when I shall congratulate. But not now, not today …




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38: Bad News Fer Y’All

Posted by ridor9th on February 27, 2008

I have a terrible news to share with y’all. I’m not a fan of vlogs. If you like it, good for you. But not me.


There are circumstances that I don’t feel comfortable with vlogs. Don’t get me wrong. I like some vloggers out there.

Whenever I am on the computer, I like to be in control of what I read, see and move. The vlogs are the only ones that I cannot control. If you want to understand nor engage in a civil discourse, you have to watch the whole vlog in order to understand. I have no time for that. I prefer blogs because I can speed or dismiss this, that and there.

With vlogs? There are too many deaf vlogs out there — I simply cannot view one by one — so I simply stop watching them. Not only that, the quality of deaf vloggers are dismal, to say the least, to a point where it made me uninterested in viewing vlogs lately.
My greatest beef with vlogging is that many vlogs lacked the information on how long one is. My time is limited. I have a life outside of Internet, thank you very much. I needed to know if it is 2-minute or 8-minute long so that I can view or ignore. The lack of counter information has kinda drove me away from viewing many vloggers out there.

Yes, vlogging is here to stay. I will not deny that. But it does not appeal to me at all.

Sorry, pals.



P.S. One friend told me to check this interpreter’s sign name for Barack Obama. I checked the video and I think the sign name is very cool. What do you think?

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39: Fire Dr. Lindsey Now!

Posted by ridor9th on February 27, 2008

In Morganton, North Carolina — the sleepy town that sits right next to the Appalachian Mountains and the hometown of North Carolina School for the Deaf. The same town where Tallie Antolin was killed by her boyfriend, Chris Lambert.

Great Aunt Mary and Grandmother VirginiaThe same school where I am much part of but did not attend nor graduate from. You see, many of my relatives on my mother’s side attended NCSD. You can see my Grandmother and Great Aunt attending NCSD in this vantage photo on your right.

Yes, NCSD has historical value to the state of North Carolina. But as a resident of Virginia, I know that history can only take your school so far. The ingredient to the success of Deaf schools are to incorporate bilingual education. That will free NCSD to improve, revamp and launch the series of Deaf Education to the next level.

Right now the mentality and attitude of administrators at NCSD upon Deaf students, staff members and alumni are downright disgusting and appalling. It was reported that the hearing administrators held the students in Chapel and denied them of their dinner as if they were detained in Guantanamo Bay like terrorists for hours!

And in the process, the hearing administrators suspended 13 students and 5 staff members as well as blocking anyone from entering the campus. It is true that NCSD reserves the right to deny the students to protest on the property mainly because NCSD owns it, not the students.

Linda Lindsey must be terminated. How long did she works at NCSD? 4 fucking years. Yes, my friends, count it — Four years. And she still has not mastered the use of American Sign Language at North Carolina School for the Deaf? It was said that Deaf staff members could not barely communicate with this so-called Dr. Linda Lindsey who often brought the hearing staff member to interpret for her.

How professional. It is clear that Dr. Lindsey has incredibly low expectations of Deaf students and deaf staff members at NCSD. She must be fired. At once.

The quality of Deaf Education at NCSD plummets to an all-time low. The number of Deaf students is at an all-time low. The pride of Deaf students at NCSD is very low. Wow. What a fabulous accomplishment by Dr. Lindsey to drench the audism upon the NCSD community as whole.

Let’s face the truth: Dr. Lindsey destroyed NCSD. And I do not think the Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) will terminate or discipline Dr. Lindsey at all. The truth is that the state of North Carolina does not give a fuck about the welfare and education of Deaf individuals.

Let’s see if anyone else in North Carolina will stand up for these maligned students who deserved the best at NCSD.

Update: Benis slandered me as a “notorious deaf militant” when I protested about Dr. Lindsey who did not master the use of American Sign Language in 4 years at NCSD — this boy needs to shut up. He left VSDB for MSSD because he feels VSDB was not good enough for him. He was booted out of MSSD because he could not respect the authorities’ decisions.

And yes, he graduated from a public school. Never finished a degree at Gallaudet. And he still goes around chiding people who are doing the right thing in the best interests of Deaf children.

I never endorsed the protests in the first place but you cannot deny anyone’s feelings. Sometimes the frustrations boiled over to the protests. Benis, it is amusing that you are so quick in accusing me as a Deaf Militant in an attempt to smear my reputation when I had not done such a thing to you in the past — you need to stop attacking people like me and start dealing with your own. Like your father.



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40: My Thoughts On Television & Film

Posted by ridor9th on February 27, 2008

Have you noticed that the television animated programs are no longer restricted to children? Many of these shows are designated to target the teenagers and above. For example, The Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons and The King of the Hill.

I’m a fan of The Family Guy. This show pokes fun at everything else in particular. Stewie on a mission on killing his own mother but always failed. There is much love in this dysfunctional family of 5. Oh, I must not forget Brian. Make it 6.

But i find it very amusing that there is no uproar about Pleakley, a character on Lily & Stitch whose some bizarre alien characters crashed and settled down in Kauai, Hawai’i. You see, Pleakley is an one-eye alien character who enjoys cooking, taking care of children, wears wigs and dresses. You see, Pleakley is male alien who was trying so hard to pass as a woman.

Lilo, Nani, Stitch and even worse, the guy that Pleakley often flirted and cajoled him as his companion, Jumba does not mind at all. Of course, Nani protested that she does not like Pleakley raiding her closet and wore her clothes.

You’d think that maybe Pat Robertson or Dr. James Dobson would protest about this like Rev. Jerry Falwell did with the Teletubbies?

What of Jack Jason?  Some of you knew that Jack Jason is Marlee Matlin’s interpreter for  more than 20 years.  Sometimes I wonder if he’s really a certified interpreter?  It seems to me that he is more in promoting Marlee Matlin’s career than as an interpreter.  Anyone care to discuss on this subject?

The reason why I mentioned this is because it is third time that I received an email from Jack Jason (indirectly or directly) asking us to mention about Marlee Matlin’s upcoming film.   This strikes me very odd that he would go around and promote Marlee — no interpreter would do such a thing like that.

The way he signs, I can tell that he is CODA.  But the question begs to be answered — is he certified to interpret?  Methinks not.  Anyone else?

What of Russell Harvard?  Russell Harvard acted in “There Will Be A Blood” which a gifted actor, Daniel Day-Lewis – the current winner of Academy Awards’ Best Leading Actor, starred.  Heard that the film is champ.  Time to netflix this film when it is ready.

It is interesting to note that in the past, if you want to see a deaf character in films and television, you’d see Marlee in this, that and there.  But today?  Marlee does not have to be the only Deaf actress to portray — you can find Shoshannah Stern, Russell Harvard et al.  Is it nice?  Of course.

Call it parity if you want to.   I’m glad they’re there.  Their presence assured us of what we protested against the producers who preferred to hire hearing actors to impersonate as Deaf characters in the films — assured us that what we did was absolutely right thing to do.

Message to Kokonuts:  Please, Bill Gates said that the keyboard will never disappear.  Get that through your skull.  Apparently, you need a lobotomy or two.

To Bonnie Roberts:  I salute Bonnie Roberts who died unexpectedly last night of brain hemorrhage at 72.  She lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  My sources has indicated that she is a huge fan of  Godspeed!



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41: Kosovo Is Part of Serbia

Posted by ridor9th on February 22, 2008

kla.jpgI have a special interest in Serbia and its history, thanks to Dr. Donna Ryan at Gallaudet. Needless to say, my grade for Dr. Ryan’s Cultural Geography was excellent. In fact, my research paper on Serbia was one of best and cool assignments I ever had done in college.

And I do not recognize the independence of Kosovo.

Kosovo is part of Serbia. The United States must not recognize nor support the independence of Kosovo. It is hypocrite of us to do that. We fought the Confederates to keep the Union together. Serbia reserves the right to fight in order to keep Kosovo. Kosovo is integral to the soul of Serbia.

Imagine this: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia composed of one nation to declare the independence from the United States, would you do permit that?

No. These 13 colonies are integral to the soul, history and status of the United States. Kosovo Polje is the mainstay of Serbia as whole. In 1389, Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic (I still remember the name without checking to make sure it is right!) fought the Ottoman Turks who attempted to swallow Serbia and the rest of Europe in its ever-expanding conquests. It was the Battle of Kosovo Polje that ultimately stopped the Ottomans Turks from going far.

When Ottoman Turks conquered the area, they often snatched the male infants, children, teenagers and young adults and conscripted them into Jannisary. What is Jannisary? It is a system where all young males being brainwahsed with Islam and their loyal to Sultan — creating the standing army of the Ottoman Turks. When these boys became men, they can return home — but this time, their identity is altered. They are no longer who they are. They are Muslims, the majority of Serbia are Orthodox Christians.

Over the generations, the Muslims has settled all over the Balkan peninsula, mixed with Christians. However, the struggles began as soon as they spar with the Xians.

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is composed of ethnic Albanians who illegally immigrated into Serbia in the area of Kosovo on a goal to integrate Kosovo into Greater Albania. The KLA is attempting to do the same thing to Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

It is shame that GW Bush encouraged such a policy to wage battles against the terrorists and at the same time, supported the Kosovo Liberation Army, a terrorist/insurgents comprised of ethnic Albanians who illegally immigrated to Kosovo from Albania.

Imagine the illegal immigrants from Mexico coming in Texas and organized the Texas Liberation Army in an attempt to liberate Texas from the United States!

Same idea.

Russia is smart to stand steadfast with Serbia and I support Russia’s decision to stand with Serbia. I support Serbia. This is a terrible precedent — allowing the terrorists to organize a group to disintegrate the provinces and/or states of a nation.

Boot these ethnic Albanians back to Albania!



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42: DPN 20th Anniversary

Posted by ridor9th on February 20, 2008

Greetings!  Can you believe that by next month, the first week of March 2008, we will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Deaf President Now Movement? This is very important milestone in the history of deaf community across the globe.  The very one that won the worldwide’s affection and the attention of the media.

We should and must celebrate this historical event that took place at Gallaudet University 20 years ago. Some people will say that DPN is insignificant except that it brought nothing but a headache that plagued Gallaudet during the reign of I. King Jordan.


DPN is not about Gallaudet or I. King Jordan! It is much more than that. The protests that occurred at Gallaudet made a huge ripple effects on deaf schools, clubs, organizations, agencies, governments, educational and yes, employment.

For centuries, Deaf people has been dismissed, disregarded and ignored by the society at large practically on everything else. For decades, Deaf people tend to accept the notion that the majority prevails no matter even with the fact that we were right and that they were wrong. Deaf people used to accept the whole package — injustice, inequality, discrimination, oppression and all that stuff that was perpetuated upon us all — without standing up for what is right.

Many would say, “They do not understand but one day, they will learn and let us do it.” That mentality has prevented us from standing up for what is right for decades. That is, until the pivotal moment in March, 1988 at Gallaudet University when the Board of Trustees chose a hearing individual to run the university over deaf candidates. That was when Deaf people said, “Enough is enough!”

Remember this: I. King Jordan initially was against the DPN protests in the first place because he was accustomed to the idea of being pushed aside in favor of hearing individuals.

When DPN occurred, it shattered the mentality and fought against the odds that were stacked upon us all in the first place. It prompted Deaf and hearing people to examine themselves in the process. The impact by DPN has upon us all is hard to describe. Deaf schools began to hire Deaf individuals to run the schools. Many government and non-profit agencies started to hire Deaf individuals for their qualifications.

The reason why the DPN Protests has evolved into its own Movement is because of its impact upon us all. It goes beyond Gallaudet or even I. King Jordan! Psychologically, mentally and spiritually, it ultimately prompted us to stand up for what is right instead of being passive about it.

One staff member at Gallaudet commented after I asked him what does he thinks of DPN, “The whole picture — the DPN was a small step in the right direction. It is like how we look back in the past and reflect. We see women and African-Americans fighting for the right to vote and they did it. DPN is a small step in the right direction and it may be the first domino to fall afterwards.”

Upon asking this deaf woman in the middle of America on her thoughts about DPN, she wrote, “I think DPN is alright but I’m not satisfied with it. We have so much work to do. IKJ was not a good leader. I hope in the future, it gets better.”

Because of DPN, more and more Deaf people are taking control of their lives and not to let anyone to trample your rights and dignity. We have more Deaf people with Ph.D degrees these days. We have more Deaf doctors, lawyers and so on. We had witnessed the increase of deaf employers in deaf schools, deaf-run agencies et al.

Let’s face this: Unity for Gallaudet would not be possible if not for Deaf President Now Movement!

Dr. Angel Ramos is coordinating the historical event at Kellogg Conference Center on March 8, 2008 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Deaf President Now Movement. Greg Hlibok, Tim Rarus, Bridgetta Bourne-Firl, Bobbie Beth Scoggins and many will attend and celebrate the 20th anniversary. There will be workshops and banquet on that day. For further information on this, check this link.

I’m disappointed that Dr. Davila, the current President of Gallaudet, and the Board of Trustees did not bother to acknowledge, recognize or support the celebration of DPN’s 20th Anniversary. From what I understand, the organizers are bypassing Dr. Davila to the Board of Trustees in getting them to recognize the anniversary.

Some speculated that the main reason Davila and the Board of Trustees declined to support the event because they felt that the sentiment among the students, faculty, staff and alumni are still raw regarding the IKJ/JKF mess that prompted the Unity for Gallaudet protests in 2006. Some claimed that it was due to a perception that DPN is a reflection of I. King Jordan who is viewed as a villain.

It was said that the Board of Trustees has failed to act in recognizing the 20th Anniversary of DPN Movement because they were concerned about endorsing this event that may implicate Gallaudet’s re-accreditation process with the MSCHE.

Either way, Dr. Davila should support, acknowledge, recognize or sponsor the whole thing because it is right thing to do. Personal or not, one has to put it aside and do the right thing.

If you’re in or near Washington, join the celebration on March 8, 2008 at Kellogg Conference Center. Gosh, 20 years flew by just like that.

Oh, by the way, I. King Jordan is not scheduled to be there. So no need to worry. The celebration is not all about him — it is all about you!

C’mon, Dr. Davila, show your bold leadership by doing the right thing.

I salute the protesters that made things happen in March, 1988. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What you did in 1988 inspired me to no end.



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43: Super Tuesday!

Posted by ridor9th on February 6, 2008

UPDATE @ Midnight EST

Today is Super Tuesday. It is Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries and Caucuses in 24 states. All day long, the media has distributed the results of primaries/caucuses in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia.

Alabama: For Democrats, looks like Obama Barack wins while for Republicans, it is tied between Huckabee and McCain at 39% with 43% of precincts counting.

Confirmed:  Obama and Huckabee.

Alaska: No report. Still wait and see.

Arizona: So far, no report.

Update:  Clinton and McCain has a sizable lead.  But too early to tell.

Arkansas: It appears that for Democrats, Clinton steamrolls as expected. Of course, our loony Republican, Mike Huckabee, as the Governor of this marvelous state that lacks a light bulb, is victorious in this state. No contest there.

Confirmed:  Clinton and Huckabee.

California: No report at this time.

Update:   Clinton and McCain has a sizable lead but again, too early to tell.

Colorado: No report at this time.

Update:  Obama and Romney leads for Democrats and Republicans but still too early to declare the winners.

Connecticut: For Democrats, it is pretty hot — no winners so far. Meanwhile for Republicans, McCain wins this one.

Update:  Obama pulls this one for Democrats.

Delaware: Obama is the winner of Democrats. Wacky McCain is the winner for Republicans.

Georgia: As expected, Georgia Democrats preferred Obama. Meanwhile, it is impossible to decide the winners of Republican primary between two nutcases: Huckabee and McCain.

Update:  Huckabee for Republicans!  Gawd.

Idaho: Obama led big 73% to Hilary’s 23% with 9% precincts counting. Too early to tell who will win this state. No Republican primary in Idaho until May.

Update:  Obama has a huge lead.  Looks like he steamrolls.

Illinois: For Democrats, Obama steamrolls. For Republicans, McCain also steamrolls.

Kansas: For Democrats, Obama seems to pick up this state. Republican has a caucus on February 9.

Confirmed:  Obama by a huge margin.

Massachusetts: Clinton for Democrats. Finally, other than these nutcases Huckabee or McCain, Romney picks this state. Of course, he is the Governor of Massachusetts!

Minnesota: Obama for Democrats. Romney leads for Republicans.

Update:  Obama and Romney maintains a comfortable lead so far.

Missouri: Clinton is leading in this state for Democrats meanwhile Huckabee is leading in very hot contest. Too early to tell if Clinton and Huckabee will win since the majority of precincts has not been counted.

Update:  Clinton leads so far, McCain leads so far — both are very hot contest with 88% of precincts counted.  Ack!

Montana: Democratic primary is in June. As for Republicans, another hot contest with Romney and McCain tying up. Stay tuned!

Confirmed:  Romney wins.

New Jersey: As expected, Clinton picks this state for Democrats while McCain wins for Republicans.

New Mexico: No report on Democrats as of now. Republican has primary in May.

Update:  No report so far.  Weird.

New York: Of course, New Yorkers are for Clinton! As for Republicans: McCain.

North Dakota: Obama for Democrats. No report on Republicans.

Update:  Obama and Romney wins.

Oklahoma: Clinton for Democrats. It looks McCain is going to secure this state, leading 37% with 81% of precincts counted — but anything can happen! Stay tuned.

Update:  McCain for Republicans.

Tennessee: Again, Clinton for Democrats. Hard to tell who will win for the Republicans. Stay tuned.

Update:  Huckabee is leading with 88% of precincts counted.

Utah: What the fuck? Too early to tell, but get this: John Edwards is *leading* for Democrats at this time. Because Romney is Mormon, he is slated to win big in this state for Republicans.

Update:  For Democrats, too hot to indicate the winner but Romney overwhelms McCain.

West Virginia: Democratic primary is in May. Mike Huckabee is victorious — of course, being from Virginia, I always think West Virginia as 3rd world state. It makes sense that they prefer Huckabee. 😉

This is fun, is it? I’ll do the analysis after midnight EST. And yes, I’ll update this after midnight tonight with my thoughts. I don’t dig Republicans except for Ron Paul. I am stuck between Obama and Clinton. Clinton has worked with AgBAD in the past. Despicable. We must let her know that she must break her relationship from this extremist, terrorist organization who terrorized Deaf Communities for decades!



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44: What’s Wrong With DeafRead? NAD? AgBAD?

Posted by ridor9th on February 1, 2008

This weekend in San Francisco, there will be DeafRead Conference which I wish I can be part of. But no, that is not to be. I wish the contestants best of luck (except for MishkaZena!) in their endeavours. My pick for the Deaf Blog of the Year? LaRonda Zupp.

What do I think of I admit that I used to check like 3 or 4 times per day last year. This year? Probably two or three a week. Why? The site has been saturated with lots of blogs who wants to hear noises and bray like a donkey. These characters simply do not reflect what I would like to check out, I’m not looking for blogs/vlogs where I have to listen to their fantasies of being able to hear the sounds. It is overrated, trust me.

There are important things to do than to fix my ears or to enhance my voice so I can bark to accommodate their needs. These current blogs are still part of Deaf Community, I admit that. But their mentality is shrewd, no question about that. Most of them were tarnished when they were brainwashed by hearies who indoctrinated them with different viewpoints that puts them in conflicts with other Deaf people’s goals.

CI this, CI that, CI there and barking this, that and there — it is such a bore to deal with. It is like reading Paotie, Roehm, McConnell or even Britney Spears’ diatribes all over again, again and again. Instead of exchanging information to work for strategies to find solutions and to remove the colonialism effects that hearing people has sustained upon us all from day one, many blogs are merely bickering and repeating the questions. It created such an unnecessary division and confusion.

And it kinda drove me away a little. Not only that, I got emails/IMs from friends and readers who told me that they hadn’t hit in weeks mainly because they are “out of touch” with what these readers wanted to read.

I don’t think DeafRead is out of touch with Deaf Communities. I mean, it just aggregates! But the problem is that DeafRead needs more bloggers/vloggers who can infuse the DeafRead with interesting tidbits that is more reflective of true Deaf people throughout the world. I’m not fan of Cy Butts’ vlogs but she is right — there is discord within DeafRead — Something is going on with All I know is that there are certain but few bloggers who are thrilled with the direction of DeafRead going astray to an extent.

That’s why I read like 2 or 3 times per week. On daily basis, I read what? PerezHilton, Towleroad, I Probably Hate You, WildLeather, rvablogs, Tmz and RichmondCityWatch.

But I’m confident that the conference in San Francisco is going to be great one. So I guess when the 3rd Conference happens, third time might be a charm for me to make an appearance.

Now on other hand, I want to congratulate Karen Putz of A Deaf Mom Shares Her World for blogging about the denial of service at Steak n’ Shake Restaurant in Bollingbrook, Illinois. Tragically, she is not the first nor the last one to experience the problems. Even with her speech, she could not yowl using the speaker at all. Makes one wonder whether if learning speech is really necessary in the first place? Nah, I doubt so.

I hope the manager at Steak n’ Shake (God knows I love the chocolate milkshake over there!) gets reprimanded or even better, fired. That would send a message out there — do not fuck with Deaf people. We are tired of being pushed around for decades and few things in life do piss us off. Thanks to the the medium of blogs/vlogs, many of us are empowered to speak out and do something about it. In other words, we are like these abused dogs at Michael Vick’s home, we shall bite if we feel offended/threatened by you.

But it is quite scary to read the comments on The Consumerist where some hearies blasted Deaf individuals with such blatant, ignorant comments that you could not afford to ignore. I can’t ignore these comments — it simply tells us what kind of hearing people are … out there. It brings such a chill up my spine to wonder how much stupidity reigns in this big, bad world ruled by … hearies!

Remember last summer when I called Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf as AgBAD instead of AGBell as Shane Feldman and Jamie Berke insisted that we respect their preference. I disagreed.

To them, by calling them AgBAD, it generates negative response. They do not want that. They wanted to win people to support their AVT program, the oralism concept, the legal borgization of Deaf children and the destruction of American Sign Language. And I prefer to call them AgBAD instead of AGBell.

Why? Because in the long run, it’d generate negative impact on the organization. That is what I wanted. Don’t call them AGBell. Call them as AgBAD since they started attacking us in the first place.

And these AgBAD fools are at it again! They are encouraging their members to contact Pepsi Co. to protest the release of Bob’s House on Super Bowl Sunday and that they should encourage the focus on the “miracle of having sounds”.

Is this the same organization that Shane Feldman and Jamie Berke urged us to respect and engage in a dialogue?! The same organization that smeared, bullied, attacked and nearly destroyed us as well as misleading millions of hearing parents of deaf children about this, that and there! We are to be civil and show some respect? It is like showing some respect to Charles Manson of some sorts!

The best part is that Shane and Jame were the first ones who blogged about the AgBAD’s efforts to protest the Bob’s House — the same individuals who slammed some bloggers/vloggers for trying to take a stand against the AgBAD fools last summer on their respective blogs! Now they act like they are offended by AgBAD’s efforts.

Why? I’m not even surprised that AgBAD would do such a thing like this. Some decried that NAD is not doing anything about it — you’re dead wrong.

My sources has that by Friday morning (February 1, 2008), the NAD will release a press release supporting Pepsi Co. and challenge the AgBAD as well!

The gloves are off. Payback is bitch, AgBAD. Your manipulations are finished.

To show your support for Bob’s House, hit this link and thank them for Bob’s House! Do it in thousands. Let’s bury AgBAD for good!

With AgBAD’s efforts to smear and attack Pepsi Co., I hope their efforts will show the true colors to the media so that the NAD, Deaf Bilingual Coalition and Deaf communities can unify to cripple the AgBAD permanently. Stop them from misleading the public with misinformation. How? Stop playing nice.



P.S. Aaron Rose is so cute but his cued speech makes him look like a moron. I could not stop laughing at what he was trying to say. I’m sorry, Aaron. But it makes you look so stupid. Now check this link, especially between 3:44 to 3:48 — obviously, cued speech/ASL does not work. The kid simply gave up on the mother.

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45: Barack, Clinton, Huckabee, McCain & Romney

Posted by ridor9th on February 1, 2008

Decisions must be made sooner or later. We gotta vote. The 2008 Decision eventually will torture all of us through the spring, summer and fall in time for the election in November.

I personally am not looking forward to the negative barrage of public relations upon the candidates. It is nasty just like and’s incessant entries on Unfitney Spears, really!

After Perez made fun of Unfitney’s lull performance in Vegas where he pointed out the size of Spears’ tummy. Now we are getting reports that she is taking laxatives. Great job, Perez.

Again, I digress! Let’s get back on the track.

I was alarmed when a friend of mine told me that he asked several Deaf friends of his whether if they will vote for a new President this year. Many said no because they did not want to be “blamed” for voting the wrong President.

What the f…?? Are you kidding? I’m not going to lecture anyone else about this but c’mon, millions of people throughout the world does not have the right to vote like we do. And you decline to vote because you are afraid of being blamed for electing a lousy President like GW Bush?

This is simply mind-boggling thing to deal with. People who do not vote or wishes not to vote is beneath my dignity. Period.

If things did not go your way, you cannot say “Don’t blame me, I did not vote!” You may be as well as being blamed for not doing enough.

Why do you think many politicians dismiss Deaf Communities? Why do you think Hillary Clinton did not bother to show up at Maryland Association of the Deaf Conference in Rockville? Because we lack the political clout within this country.

We must register. We must vote. We must come together as one clout. This is the only way for politicians to take us seriously. Why do you think these politicians go after AARP or NAACP?

Let’s talk about these so-called presidential candidates. Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Bill Richardson et al has bowed out of the contest.

For Republicans (Eww!), you see John McCain, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

For Democrats, you see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Who do I pick? It is too early to say. But for sure, Romney, McCain and Huckabee certainly are not the epitome of what it takes to be the next President.

John McCain? Do not forget John McCain resigned from Gallaudet’s Board of Trustees in response to the fact that the Board of Trustees terminated Dr. Jane K. Fernandes during the 2006 Protests at Gallaudet. John McCain felt that the Board of Trustees were wrong to terminate Dr. Fernandes.

This is the same man who was a member of Gallaudet’s Board of Trustees but virtually did not show up at any Board meetings at Gallaudet.

Just remember this: John McCain did not support you during the Gallaudet Protests.

Mitt Romney? This guy is too creepy for my taste. I don’t find his views attractive. Plus, he’s anti-gay. So screw him.

Mike Huckabee? God. Did you see his eyes? I swear he was staring at someone next to me while speaking to me on television. That’s how I see with his eyes — it is kinda crooked, don’t you say? Plus, his family portrait as the Governor of Arkansas certainly do not help. Even worse, early in 1980s, he thought that all people afflicted with HIV/AIDS should be quarantined away from the public (!!). Plus, Mike Huckabee’s son was arrested for bringing a gun to the airport and was fired as a camp counselor after killing a dog.

You know how they say about little teenagers killing animals. They kill animals, then they go on to kill humans. Look at Jeff Dahmer, ’nuff said. Simply said, Huckabee is too weird.

Hilary Clinton? Well, I’m not sold on her. But I’ll attend a political fund raising party on February 8 in Richmond. Why am I not sold on her? She serves on The Congressional Hearing Health Caucus which sided with AgBAD, the so-called organization whose its goals is to decimate American Sign Language and Deaf Communities across the world by claiming that hearing sounds are better and braying with their voices are better — let’s borgize all Deaf children with cochlear implants!

If Hilary Clinton wants to win the Deaf-centric individuals across the nation, she has to resign and disavow that caucus. But so far, I’m not sold on her.

As much as I want a woman or African-American to win the President — it is time for the United States of America to get with the program — after all, Pakistan had a female Prime Minister before we did! What a horror story!

It is certainly OK to flip-flop on certain issues when time indicates the need to do so, Hilary seems to flip-flop quite frequently.

Again, I’m not sold on her. She has to extend her hand into our community to prove that she meant well. But so far, she’s siding with these ones who attempts to teach Deaf children on how to bark like a dog, bray like a donkey or yowl like a cat!

What of Obama Barack? This man is young. Inexperienced, maybe. But I like him. Did you see this link? It sounds attractive. It appears that this man is perfect. But there is plenty of time between now and November.

There will be a scandal of some sorts that may derail the candidates between now and November.  The drama is only the beginning.

For me?  I’ll stick to when I needed a break from these 2008 Decision.



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