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44: What’s Wrong With DeafRead? NAD? AgBAD?

Posted by ridor9th on February 1, 2008

This weekend in San Francisco, there will be DeafRead Conference which I wish I can be part of. But no, that is not to be. I wish the contestants best of luck (except for MishkaZena!) in their endeavours. My pick for the Deaf Blog of the Year? LaRonda Zupp.

What do I think of I admit that I used to check like 3 or 4 times per day last year. This year? Probably two or three a week. Why? The site has been saturated with lots of blogs who wants to hear noises and bray like a donkey. These characters simply do not reflect what I would like to check out, I’m not looking for blogs/vlogs where I have to listen to their fantasies of being able to hear the sounds. It is overrated, trust me.

There are important things to do than to fix my ears or to enhance my voice so I can bark to accommodate their needs. These current blogs are still part of Deaf Community, I admit that. But their mentality is shrewd, no question about that. Most of them were tarnished when they were brainwashed by hearies who indoctrinated them with different viewpoints that puts them in conflicts with other Deaf people’s goals.

CI this, CI that, CI there and barking this, that and there — it is such a bore to deal with. It is like reading Paotie, Roehm, McConnell or even Britney Spears’ diatribes all over again, again and again. Instead of exchanging information to work for strategies to find solutions and to remove the colonialism effects that hearing people has sustained upon us all from day one, many blogs are merely bickering and repeating the questions. It created such an unnecessary division and confusion.

And it kinda drove me away a little. Not only that, I got emails/IMs from friends and readers who told me that they hadn’t hit in weeks mainly because they are “out of touch” with what these readers wanted to read.

I don’t think DeafRead is out of touch with Deaf Communities. I mean, it just aggregates! But the problem is that DeafRead needs more bloggers/vloggers who can infuse the DeafRead with interesting tidbits that is more reflective of true Deaf people throughout the world. I’m not fan of Cy Butts’ vlogs but she is right — there is discord within DeafRead — Something is going on with All I know is that there are certain but few bloggers who are thrilled with the direction of DeafRead going astray to an extent.

That’s why I read like 2 or 3 times per week. On daily basis, I read what? PerezHilton, Towleroad, I Probably Hate You, WildLeather, rvablogs, Tmz and RichmondCityWatch.

But I’m confident that the conference in San Francisco is going to be great one. So I guess when the 3rd Conference happens, third time might be a charm for me to make an appearance.

Now on other hand, I want to congratulate Karen Putz of A Deaf Mom Shares Her World for blogging about the denial of service at Steak n’ Shake Restaurant in Bollingbrook, Illinois. Tragically, she is not the first nor the last one to experience the problems. Even with her speech, she could not yowl using the speaker at all. Makes one wonder whether if learning speech is really necessary in the first place? Nah, I doubt so.

I hope the manager at Steak n’ Shake (God knows I love the chocolate milkshake over there!) gets reprimanded or even better, fired. That would send a message out there — do not fuck with Deaf people. We are tired of being pushed around for decades and few things in life do piss us off. Thanks to the the medium of blogs/vlogs, many of us are empowered to speak out and do something about it. In other words, we are like these abused dogs at Michael Vick’s home, we shall bite if we feel offended/threatened by you.

But it is quite scary to read the comments on The Consumerist where some hearies blasted Deaf individuals with such blatant, ignorant comments that you could not afford to ignore. I can’t ignore these comments — it simply tells us what kind of hearing people are … out there. It brings such a chill up my spine to wonder how much stupidity reigns in this big, bad world ruled by … hearies!

Remember last summer when I called Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf as AgBAD instead of AGBell as Shane Feldman and Jamie Berke insisted that we respect their preference. I disagreed.

To them, by calling them AgBAD, it generates negative response. They do not want that. They wanted to win people to support their AVT program, the oralism concept, the legal borgization of Deaf children and the destruction of American Sign Language. And I prefer to call them AgBAD instead of AGBell.

Why? Because in the long run, it’d generate negative impact on the organization. That is what I wanted. Don’t call them AGBell. Call them as AgBAD since they started attacking us in the first place.

And these AgBAD fools are at it again! They are encouraging their members to contact Pepsi Co. to protest the release of Bob’s House on Super Bowl Sunday and that they should encourage the focus on the “miracle of having sounds”.

Is this the same organization that Shane Feldman and Jamie Berke urged us to respect and engage in a dialogue?! The same organization that smeared, bullied, attacked and nearly destroyed us as well as misleading millions of hearing parents of deaf children about this, that and there! We are to be civil and show some respect? It is like showing some respect to Charles Manson of some sorts!

The best part is that Shane and Jame were the first ones who blogged about the AgBAD’s efforts to protest the Bob’s House — the same individuals who slammed some bloggers/vloggers for trying to take a stand against the AgBAD fools last summer on their respective blogs! Now they act like they are offended by AgBAD’s efforts.

Why? I’m not even surprised that AgBAD would do such a thing like this. Some decried that NAD is not doing anything about it — you’re dead wrong.

My sources has that by Friday morning (February 1, 2008), the NAD will release a press release supporting Pepsi Co. and challenge the AgBAD as well!

The gloves are off. Payback is bitch, AgBAD. Your manipulations are finished.

To show your support for Bob’s House, hit this link and thank them for Bob’s House! Do it in thousands. Let’s bury AgBAD for good!

With AgBAD’s efforts to smear and attack Pepsi Co., I hope their efforts will show the true colors to the media so that the NAD, Deaf Bilingual Coalition and Deaf communities can unify to cripple the AgBAD permanently. Stop them from misleading the public with misinformation. How? Stop playing nice.



P.S. Aaron Rose is so cute but his cued speech makes him look like a moron. I could not stop laughing at what he was trying to say. I’m sorry, Aaron. But it makes you look so stupid. Now check this link, especially between 3:44 to 3:48 — obviously, cued speech/ASL does not work. The kid simply gave up on the mother.


11 Responses to “44: What’s Wrong With DeafRead? NAD? AgBAD?”

  1. deb ann said

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I wish to be a part of the Deafread conference, too. Maybe if I can do for the next year.

  2. JohnABC said

    How’s about “miracle of having silent” instead of “miracle of having sound”

  3. DE said

    Amen. You said it. Amen.

    No more passivity… we are already being proactive, and this is just the start of the 21st century. The 21st century belongs to truth, justice, and the (Deaf) American Way.

  4. Ole Faithful Reader said

    I was thrilled with your blog. It’s exactly how I feel. You hit on the NAIL!!!! I am just appalled at AgBAD for “protesting” against the ad of Bob’s House. I totally agree with you with its smearing against ASL, and why we should not show the respect for them. I am sick and fed up with AgBAD. About Karen….I only wonder if she had not used her speech in the first place, things would go smoother for her? I learned not to use speech because I noticed that people just assumed that if I use speech, I can hear. That is a very hard concept for hearies to understand that even though deaf and hard of hearing people may speak well, it does not mean they can hear well. It is very frustrating in that aspect. Thank you for being there! I must admit that I am losing an interest in, too. I get sick of those articles about c.i., there, and here, blah, blah. Keep going, you rule! 🙂

  5. W. David Samuelsen said

    AgBAD is their OFFICIAL name, not AGBELL (it stands for Alexander Graham Bell Association FOR the Deaf).

    Glad to know Shane and Jamie are now looking foolish

    Payback time for AgBELL

  6. DeafRush said

    Welcome back! I’m so thrilled that you are back to blog. Sometimes, I disagree with your discussion. It is very health to “see” the dangerous discussion we need to have it on the table. I love Sometimes, it does not have many inspiring blogs or vlogs in a while. That’s why I love your blogging to shake us and feed the fire.

  7. NAD? said

    great, show me NAD’s letter! I wanna see it, ok thanks!

  8. NAD? said


    Amy Cohen Enfron mentioned how things started.. NAD helped it started

    however, i have an issue with NAD myself… guess an individual does not count while a major company like Pepsi counts??

  9. David Ennis said

    I thought that AGBELL stands for Assholes Go For BELL. Am I right???

  10. President of agBAD said

    #11. David Ennis, almost corrected! It should be Azzzhohlez Go BAD!!

  11. Emily Simmons said

    Ridor, you are absolutely right about peeps braying like donkeys with nothing planned and nothing accomplished.

    You are absolutely right, AGBad has walked all over us, wiping their scum off their feet upon our very core. They cannot stand to be considered “different”.

    We are viewed as a monstrosity. This is what happened when the Jews remained silent as Nazis went from town to town, eradicating them. AGBad has this same mind set as the Nazis, wanting to eradicate “sign language” and the Deaf gene.

    Well, it’s time… to change doormats and time to STAND up and SIGN them off.

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