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45: Barack, Clinton, Huckabee, McCain & Romney

Posted by ridor9th on February 1, 2008

Decisions must be made sooner or later. We gotta vote. The 2008 Decision eventually will torture all of us through the spring, summer and fall in time for the election in November.

I personally am not looking forward to the negative barrage of public relations upon the candidates. It is nasty just like and’s incessant entries on Unfitney Spears, really!

After Perez made fun of Unfitney’s lull performance in Vegas where he pointed out the size of Spears’ tummy. Now we are getting reports that she is taking laxatives. Great job, Perez.

Again, I digress! Let’s get back on the track.

I was alarmed when a friend of mine told me that he asked several Deaf friends of his whether if they will vote for a new President this year. Many said no because they did not want to be “blamed” for voting the wrong President.

What the f…?? Are you kidding? I’m not going to lecture anyone else about this but c’mon, millions of people throughout the world does not have the right to vote like we do. And you decline to vote because you are afraid of being blamed for electing a lousy President like GW Bush?

This is simply mind-boggling thing to deal with. People who do not vote or wishes not to vote is beneath my dignity. Period.

If things did not go your way, you cannot say “Don’t blame me, I did not vote!” You may be as well as being blamed for not doing enough.

Why do you think many politicians dismiss Deaf Communities? Why do you think Hillary Clinton did not bother to show up at Maryland Association of the Deaf Conference in Rockville? Because we lack the political clout within this country.

We must register. We must vote. We must come together as one clout. This is the only way for politicians to take us seriously. Why do you think these politicians go after AARP or NAACP?

Let’s talk about these so-called presidential candidates. Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Bill Richardson et al has bowed out of the contest.

For Republicans (Eww!), you see John McCain, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

For Democrats, you see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Who do I pick? It is too early to say. But for sure, Romney, McCain and Huckabee certainly are not the epitome of what it takes to be the next President.

John McCain? Do not forget John McCain resigned from Gallaudet’s Board of Trustees in response to the fact that the Board of Trustees terminated Dr. Jane K. Fernandes during the 2006 Protests at Gallaudet. John McCain felt that the Board of Trustees were wrong to terminate Dr. Fernandes.

This is the same man who was a member of Gallaudet’s Board of Trustees but virtually did not show up at any Board meetings at Gallaudet.

Just remember this: John McCain did not support you during the Gallaudet Protests.

Mitt Romney? This guy is too creepy for my taste. I don’t find his views attractive. Plus, he’s anti-gay. So screw him.

Mike Huckabee? God. Did you see his eyes? I swear he was staring at someone next to me while speaking to me on television. That’s how I see with his eyes — it is kinda crooked, don’t you say? Plus, his family portrait as the Governor of Arkansas certainly do not help. Even worse, early in 1980s, he thought that all people afflicted with HIV/AIDS should be quarantined away from the public (!!). Plus, Mike Huckabee’s son was arrested for bringing a gun to the airport and was fired as a camp counselor after killing a dog.

You know how they say about little teenagers killing animals. They kill animals, then they go on to kill humans. Look at Jeff Dahmer, ’nuff said. Simply said, Huckabee is too weird.

Hilary Clinton? Well, I’m not sold on her. But I’ll attend a political fund raising party on February 8 in Richmond. Why am I not sold on her? She serves on The Congressional Hearing Health Caucus which sided with AgBAD, the so-called organization whose its goals is to decimate American Sign Language and Deaf Communities across the world by claiming that hearing sounds are better and braying with their voices are better — let’s borgize all Deaf children with cochlear implants!

If Hilary Clinton wants to win the Deaf-centric individuals across the nation, she has to resign and disavow that caucus. But so far, I’m not sold on her.

As much as I want a woman or African-American to win the President — it is time for the United States of America to get with the program — after all, Pakistan had a female Prime Minister before we did! What a horror story!

It is certainly OK to flip-flop on certain issues when time indicates the need to do so, Hilary seems to flip-flop quite frequently.

Again, I’m not sold on her. She has to extend her hand into our community to prove that she meant well. But so far, she’s siding with these ones who attempts to teach Deaf children on how to bark like a dog, bray like a donkey or yowl like a cat!

What of Obama Barack? This man is young. Inexperienced, maybe. But I like him. Did you see this link? It sounds attractive. It appears that this man is perfect. But there is plenty of time between now and November.

There will be a scandal of some sorts that may derail the candidates between now and November.  The drama is only the beginning.

For me?  I’ll stick to when I needed a break from these 2008 Decision.




25 Responses to “45: Barack, Clinton, Huckabee, McCain & Romney”

  1. Sonny said

    What about Ron Paul?

  2. Don’t forget that England elected Margaret Thatcher as the first female Prime Minster way before Benazir Bhutto as PM. You wouldn’t care for Thatcher but give credit to her when she told Reagan that Gorbachev wasn’t a bad guy at all and averted a potential nuclear showdown between USA and USSR.

    As for Obama? See my blog. Thought Obama has a sure shot at securing the Democratic nomination but his continued association with the Nation of Islam while receiving funds and supports from the AIPAC seem ambivalent and questionable.

  3. seekgeo said

    Remember, it is impossible to vote someone who you agree with 100%. I’m all for Hillary, I do like Obama but I’m all for Hillary for many reasons especially Health care and Iraq, I love her plans and have a lot of respect for her experience and so forth. Don’t forget to mention Bill!

    Sure, there is one or two I don’t agree for what Hillary did or for what she believes in which really nothing to me so… let’s look at bigger picture which is why I’m voting for Hillary.


  4. ridor9th said

    Sonny: I like Ron Paul. But it is UNLIKELY that he’ll win anything this year. 😦

    SeekGeo: Do you think the withdrawal date for Iraq is necessary? I do not think so. We invaded and we must take responsibility of Iraq for few decades.

    Rob Underhill: I’ll check your blog in few minutes.


  5. tomwillard said

    I find Hillary Clinton is very clear and right on with her goals. I enjoyed watching some of the videos on her website (they’re not all closed-captioned, though they should be) and I loved when she said the Bush administration “can’t organize a two-car parade” — it was a refreshingly blunt acknowledgment of reality.

  6. tomwillard said

    I forgot to include the link to her videos. It’s and you will see the CC symbol to let you know which ones have captions.

  7. C said

    Ridor9th, you were right about responsibility of Iraq for few decades. Actually, it doesn’t matter who Republicans or Democrats will win this year, it’s still required to take responsibility in middle east, but still some bullshit excuse to create new war against iran and others for next few decades. Thanks to 9/11 at NYC for a big lie about war and Thanks to FIXNEWS, CNN for big time Punk’d us. Fuck you, BUSH. no no no…i just… He’s just puppet President, not his fault. He don’t want to be JFK number 2. FUCK you to “secrecy” by rule President Bush.

    I vote nobody. All ex President and new President are just fucking be puppet.

  8. tar2006 said

    Go Hillary!

    Ridor, I thought your comment on Mike Huckabee was one of the most funniest and save my day. It was soo good one and you’re able to defining it which it was extreme good one..


  9. Rene Visco said

    You wrote, “It is certainly OK to flip-flop on certain issues when time indicates the need to do so…”

    Are you crazy? We need accountability from our elected officials. It’s NOT OKAY to flip-flop unless one said it’s a mistake to be on a wrong fence of an issue.

    Flip-flop is NOT COOL at all.

    Go Obama!

  10. ridor9th said

    Rene, it is OK to change your mind on certain issues but not quite FREQUENTLY or TOO OFTEN.

    There is this well known phrase, “Time changes, you get used to it or get dust.”

    You may have some policies that you supported but over the years, you learn new things and you can change your positions.

    I used to be pro-death penalty, now I’m not. I used to be anti-guns, now I’m pro-gun. Does that means I’m not cool in your book, Rene?


  11. Sweden said

    Nice seeing you back! 🙂
    Great to see what Barack says in the film about ADA etc. Up to subtitles 🙂
    In the other films/vlogs there are no subtitles It became more trustworthy! Maybe not his fault, but he could demand it.
    What do you think?

  12. Sweden said

    Sorry I mean less trustworthy

  13. m said

    Hillary Clinton’s health care plan would be economically devestating to any family making under $50,000 and to any single person making under $30,000. If her plan passed the homeless rate would double if not more. While she doesn’t mention enforcement of her plan on her website, you know she has one. It would just likely be so unpopular that she won’t unveil it until after she is elected. Her health care plan does nothing but prove she is in the pocket of the insurance companies. I’m not wild about Obama’s plan, but it’s a damn site better than hers!

    Also, she’s just a Democrat in name only. A Democrat is supposed to be friend to the working class and the unions. But, Hillary was on Wal-Mart’s board for six years. Wal-Mart! The corporation that has done more to cut the legs out of the working class than any other corporation on the face of the planet! Wal-Mart a corporation that will actually close down a store before they will allow a union in!

    And don’t forget that she DID vote for the war on Iraq. She claims President Bush deceived her, but 23 members of Congress voted against the war. Every damn thing that has happened in this war, Senator Byrd predicted before the war ever started. If 23 members of Congress knew it was all a big lie, why didn’t she? If she was deceived by President Bush it was because she WANTED to be.

    Then, AFTER everyone but the most delusional Republicons knew Bush had lied about Iraq, she DID vote to give Bush the benefit of the doubt on Iran and call the Iranian military a terrorist organization. This is knowing Bush doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt on anything!

    As for Obama’s lack of experience, what experience did Bill Clinton have when he became President? He’d been govenor of some backwater state. Big Whoop. Don’t forget that it was under Bill Clinton that the Republicons got unified and took back control of the Congress. All that has happened under Bush would not have happened, if that had no happened first.

    As for Underthehill’s blog, it’s a bunch of crap. Your sources are about as credible as The National Enquierer or

  14. Let get this straight up.

    It is either you pull the trigger in your head or not.

    If you like Hillary, Obama, McCain, Huckabee because they are leading then you are shooting in your own head.

    If you watch too much TV or media covering the election then you are completely shot your head. Why? Media owns you.

    “Never let MEDIA choose for YOU!”

    “Never vote candidate because he is leading evenly you disagree candidate’s position!”

    “READ, READ, and READ is only way to save our America!!”

    I feel so shame to be American because many of us just vote Hillary because she is woman! Whoa research her position with issues. Obama because he is Black Whoa!! He isn’t completely black and evenly black community doesn’t really cherish him. McCain, other 100 years in Iraqi and worships Bush’s administration. Huckabe, He is broke and flip-flop just to take our vote for him. He is clearly targeted for being puppet by Media. Why you don’t like Ron Paul? God Help you!

    If you understand the key point of our economy then you are truly American. Ron Paul is our answer for all problems in America.

    READ, READ and READ on Ron Paul’s issues!! Research why he is saying it and I am very sure that you will be shocked how you were controlled by media.

    I 100% believe that Ron Paul will be our President. Simply we are seeking for truth while other candidates don’t give us a clear direction and playing around with words.


    Hillary? Oh please and who hell will pay Universal Health Standard? Tax hike, no thanks!

    Obama, I never trust him.

    Huckabee, famous for flip-flop.

    McCain is father of “lair and lair”

    Who is Ron Paul? A dark horse which he saves our American from media, big corporation oppression!

    RON PAUL!!


  15. Attention!

    Most of you were brainwashed by media big time!!

    Most of leading candidates are wealthy and they have more than million dollars. They could easily pay for closed caption and it would like a hundred bucks for them. Don’t buy them because they provide the disabilities access for us. READ and READ all candidates’ issue/ position. We are deaf and we are supposed to be elite at researching and English because we depend on our eyes to everything.


    Ron Paul


  16. M, methinks you didn’t really check out my blog which included a link to a blog that exposed the private connection between Obama’s campaign and the Nation of Islam, which led by Louis Farrakhan who called Judaism a gutter religion. When Obama was an Illinois state senator, he ran the 13th district in south-side Chicago where the Nation of Islam’s HQ and Farrakhan’s mansion are located. No non-black politician would ever get elected in that district without an endorsement and money from NOI. Moreover, NOI, beside few other powerful black organizations, is the biggest financial supporter of that district.

    You are just trying to ignore the issue, M. No National Enquirer source was used. 😉

  17. C said

    GoRonPAUL2008, you are right and wrong.

    Speaking of media, yeah i agreed


    I feel hilary will win this year because she is celebrity than others. She would not elected, but she would selected by “secrecy” That’s all.

  18. Davy said

    intersting all comments here. Ridor what is your feeling right now those all comments.


  19. tar2006 said

    You know what… I always have been like Ron Paul since he got in there. I agreed with him at the most because AMERICA IS AT SAKE! He was like… WAKE UP GUYS! I believe that Ron Paul should be deserved to be higher in republican candidates than others.. I like him, don’t get me wrong.. If he is Democrat, I could vote for him.

    So, I’m not Republican and I am purely 100% Democrat and in my own fate, I am voting for Hillary Clinton.
    – Tar

  20. confusing voter said

    what about Rudy from ex-Democrat?

  21. m said

    Underthehill, I did check the link and it linked to another blog. As for having NOI people working for him – he may or may not. But, maybe he didn’t hire them because they are NOI, but because they are good at their jobs. Have you ever been asked your religion when applying for a job? I haven’t. So, what makes you think he would have known or hired them because of their religion rather than their qualifications. If he find out there religion after and fire them, that is against the law. Maybe, unlike you, Obama believes in freedom of religion for everyone, and not just for people who agree with him.

    Now, I realize that the US Constitution is just a big piece of toilet paper to you, but Article VI of the constitution says: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

  22. *Boston said

    I’m for Obama.

    Lot of people here in Massachusetts (I speak for those who I associate with) are for Obama. We need new blood. New leader. New idea.

    Hillary is a bully. She and Bill would go “2 for 1” to those who cross their path. Is that how you want America to be portrayed as… “the bully” country of the world? Nah, I don’t think so.

  23. Good post– every citizen in this country has a responsibility to become informed on the issues, and then vote according to their perspective on these issues. You’re also correct that building political power is a way for us as a community to develop leverage on issues that are important to us.

  24. m said

    If Billary is really a two for one deal, then she should be disqualified because she has already done her two terms.

  25. I know eventally no matter we will come up with one like and we do with all the past president i understand ur feeling and watching vlogs.. Its everyone preference and should be respected.. Im voting for Obmama and i dont agree for what Hilary did dirty business and not follow Bill Clinton, and if you vote her so she is baby complain too much and Shes not worth person Have a Good Day !!

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