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43: Super Tuesday!

Posted by ridor9th on February 6, 2008

UPDATE @ Midnight EST

Today is Super Tuesday. It is Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries and Caucuses in 24 states. All day long, the media has distributed the results of primaries/caucuses in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia.

Alabama: For Democrats, looks like Obama Barack wins while for Republicans, it is tied between Huckabee and McCain at 39% with 43% of precincts counting.

Confirmed:  Obama and Huckabee.

Alaska: No report. Still wait and see.

Arizona: So far, no report.

Update:  Clinton and McCain has a sizable lead.  But too early to tell.

Arkansas: It appears that for Democrats, Clinton steamrolls as expected. Of course, our loony Republican, Mike Huckabee, as the Governor of this marvelous state that lacks a light bulb, is victorious in this state. No contest there.

Confirmed:  Clinton and Huckabee.

California: No report at this time.

Update:   Clinton and McCain has a sizable lead but again, too early to tell.

Colorado: No report at this time.

Update:  Obama and Romney leads for Democrats and Republicans but still too early to declare the winners.

Connecticut: For Democrats, it is pretty hot — no winners so far. Meanwhile for Republicans, McCain wins this one.

Update:  Obama pulls this one for Democrats.

Delaware: Obama is the winner of Democrats. Wacky McCain is the winner for Republicans.

Georgia: As expected, Georgia Democrats preferred Obama. Meanwhile, it is impossible to decide the winners of Republican primary between two nutcases: Huckabee and McCain.

Update:  Huckabee for Republicans!  Gawd.

Idaho: Obama led big 73% to Hilary’s 23% with 9% precincts counting. Too early to tell who will win this state. No Republican primary in Idaho until May.

Update:  Obama has a huge lead.  Looks like he steamrolls.

Illinois: For Democrats, Obama steamrolls. For Republicans, McCain also steamrolls.

Kansas: For Democrats, Obama seems to pick up this state. Republican has a caucus on February 9.

Confirmed:  Obama by a huge margin.

Massachusetts: Clinton for Democrats. Finally, other than these nutcases Huckabee or McCain, Romney picks this state. Of course, he is the Governor of Massachusetts!

Minnesota: Obama for Democrats. Romney leads for Republicans.

Update:  Obama and Romney maintains a comfortable lead so far.

Missouri: Clinton is leading in this state for Democrats meanwhile Huckabee is leading in very hot contest. Too early to tell if Clinton and Huckabee will win since the majority of precincts has not been counted.

Update:  Clinton leads so far, McCain leads so far — both are very hot contest with 88% of precincts counted.  Ack!

Montana: Democratic primary is in June. As for Republicans, another hot contest with Romney and McCain tying up. Stay tuned!

Confirmed:  Romney wins.

New Jersey: As expected, Clinton picks this state for Democrats while McCain wins for Republicans.

New Mexico: No report on Democrats as of now. Republican has primary in May.

Update:  No report so far.  Weird.

New York: Of course, New Yorkers are for Clinton! As for Republicans: McCain.

North Dakota: Obama for Democrats. No report on Republicans.

Update:  Obama and Romney wins.

Oklahoma: Clinton for Democrats. It looks McCain is going to secure this state, leading 37% with 81% of precincts counted — but anything can happen! Stay tuned.

Update:  McCain for Republicans.

Tennessee: Again, Clinton for Democrats. Hard to tell who will win for the Republicans. Stay tuned.

Update:  Huckabee is leading with 88% of precincts counted.

Utah: What the fuck? Too early to tell, but get this: John Edwards is *leading* for Democrats at this time. Because Romney is Mormon, he is slated to win big in this state for Republicans.

Update:  For Democrats, too hot to indicate the winner but Romney overwhelms McCain.

West Virginia: Democratic primary is in May. Mike Huckabee is victorious — of course, being from Virginia, I always think West Virginia as 3rd world state. It makes sense that they prefer Huckabee. 😉

This is fun, is it? I’ll do the analysis after midnight EST. And yes, I’ll update this after midnight tonight with my thoughts. I don’t dig Republicans except for Ron Paul. I am stuck between Obama and Clinton. Clinton has worked with AgBAD in the past. Despicable. We must let her know that she must break her relationship from this extremist, terrorist organization who terrorized Deaf Communities for decades!




21 Responses to “43: Super Tuesday!”

  1. Stuck with no tv & radio! said

    Thanks for your quicky report! You are Super Deaf Reporter! Smwacks! (My big kiss)

  2. ASL Risen said

    Thank you so much for your update report and your updated email report about Missouri Vote Report! You are so wonderful respect some of us Deaf Working Night People! Why is this blog not on DR???? Strange! Shawn

  3. Just Me said

    It’s not on DR because it’s not deaf-related.

  4. m said

    Obama! Obama! Obama!

  5. Sonny said

    Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

  6. Steven Ripple said

    I’ll pick Clinton… But Obama is appealing. I hope they will work together at the end. They are refreshing and that’s what America needs. F*ck Republicans.

  7. Deaf John said

    I will celebrate either ways if Clinton or Obama wins. Enough with tradially white men for Presidents.

    We are going to put either first woman President or first black President. All thank to Bush! Hey!!! Republicans had their turn of putting America’s first Mentally Retard Presdient! LOL! McCain? Nah, he’s just a ol’ pissy pants. Yes, fuck Republicans. As for Ron Paul? Fuck him, He’s still a Republican.

  8. m said

    Hillary is just a Republican dressed up as a donkey.

  9. *Boston said

    Thanks for the update.

    I have been watching it closely and reading on

    Our state picked Clinton and Romney as candidates.


    Clinton, I can understand (I voted Obama) but Romney!? Don’t people here remember what he did to us as a Governor? Geez… I’ve got a name for those who voted Romney, they’re what I call “romtards”

  10. m said

    Here’s a blog that actually links to credible news sources about why you should vote for Obama and not Clinton:

  11. roquefort said

    republicans can kiss my sorry dirty harry ass. i hope they get taxed to hell.

  12. =WizardCat= said

    Hillary n Obama should be run out of this country , even Earth!

    They are Communists!

  13. m said

    Looks like the blog’s been parked again.

  14. Obama is an empty suit with a good speech. I’m glad the media is finally putting the brakes on its love fest with the guy.

    There are 100 U.S. Senators and I’ve never been able to figure out what’s the big deal about Obama.

    It all reminds me of Jimmy Carter. In 1976, Americans were fed up with the war and the Republicans and Watergate et al, and voted for a “fresh new face.” Unfortunately, Carter didn’t have a clue as to how to be President. He was swept away four years later by Reagan.

    Here we go again. What makes anyone think Obama knows how to be President? Just ’cause he makes a good speech?

    Charles Krauthammer said it all in The Washington Post:

    I loved the ending:

    “Democrats are worried that the Obama spell will break between the time of his nomination and the time of the election, and deny them the White House. My guess is that he can maintain the spell just past Inauguration Day. After which will come the awakening. It will be rude.”

    BTW, I’ve made a few $$ donations to Hillary Clinton but she really disappoints me the way she continues to not caption most of the videos on her website. If she doesn’t care about people like me who rely on captioning for information, then I don’t see the point in giving her any more money.

  15. Sweden said

    To Tom Willard, why not mail to Hillary Clinton (her mailaddress should be on her website) and point out for not captioning of the videos on her website? Tell her that Obama has it. See if it helps. 🙂

  16. Sweden … I did send a few emails to her campaign last year but never got any response. I also blogged about it — — and alerted them to it, but again, no response. It is disappointing. In my mind, how can someone handle the complexities of being President if they can’t handle such a simple thing as captioning their materials so everyone can see what they are saying?

  17. m said

    Obama is not just an empty suit. While he was in his state legislature he accomplished many things on behalf of the working class in his state. He has also accomplished a lot in his short time in Senate.

  18. m said

    Billary gets her butt handed to her in Wisconsin! Go Obama!!!

  19. Sweden said

    I read Swedish newspaper today that Obama is good for USA while Hillary is good for the world. What do you think?

  20. M (#17) ..

    Well, it seems that nobody is able to point to any specific Obama accomplishment, so please go ahead, fill us in since you seem to know the answer. Hell, at this point I’d settle for just one!

  21. PS .. I am dead certain that if the Democrats nominate Obama, we can start preparing for President McCain.

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