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41: Kosovo Is Part of Serbia

Posted by ridor9th on February 22, 2008

kla.jpgI have a special interest in Serbia and its history, thanks to Dr. Donna Ryan at Gallaudet. Needless to say, my grade for Dr. Ryan’s Cultural Geography was excellent. In fact, my research paper on Serbia was one of best and cool assignments I ever had done in college.

And I do not recognize the independence of Kosovo.

Kosovo is part of Serbia. The United States must not recognize nor support the independence of Kosovo. It is hypocrite of us to do that. We fought the Confederates to keep the Union together. Serbia reserves the right to fight in order to keep Kosovo. Kosovo is integral to the soul of Serbia.

Imagine this: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia composed of one nation to declare the independence from the United States, would you do permit that?

No. These 13 colonies are integral to the soul, history and status of the United States. Kosovo Polje is the mainstay of Serbia as whole. In 1389, Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic (I still remember the name without checking to make sure it is right!) fought the Ottoman Turks who attempted to swallow Serbia and the rest of Europe in its ever-expanding conquests. It was the Battle of Kosovo Polje that ultimately stopped the Ottomans Turks from going far.

When Ottoman Turks conquered the area, they often snatched the male infants, children, teenagers and young adults and conscripted them into Jannisary. What is Jannisary? It is a system where all young males being brainwahsed with Islam and their loyal to Sultan — creating the standing army of the Ottoman Turks. When these boys became men, they can return home — but this time, their identity is altered. They are no longer who they are. They are Muslims, the majority of Serbia are Orthodox Christians.

Over the generations, the Muslims has settled all over the Balkan peninsula, mixed with Christians. However, the struggles began as soon as they spar with the Xians.

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is composed of ethnic Albanians who illegally immigrated into Serbia in the area of Kosovo on a goal to integrate Kosovo into Greater Albania. The KLA is attempting to do the same thing to Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

It is shame that GW Bush encouraged such a policy to wage battles against the terrorists and at the same time, supported the Kosovo Liberation Army, a terrorist/insurgents comprised of ethnic Albanians who illegally immigrated to Kosovo from Albania.

Imagine the illegal immigrants from Mexico coming in Texas and organized the Texas Liberation Army in an attempt to liberate Texas from the United States!

Same idea.

Russia is smart to stand steadfast with Serbia and I support Russia’s decision to stand with Serbia. I support Serbia. This is a terrible precedent — allowing the terrorists to organize a group to disintegrate the provinces and/or states of a nation.

Boot these ethnic Albanians back to Albania!




29 Responses to “41: Kosovo Is Part of Serbia”

  1. Ridor, every state in the union have the legal option/right to secede from the Union, as pointed out by the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

    So as long as the state have valid and sufficient reasons to leave the Union, as the state can point out the specific part of the Declaration of Independence, that the right of the people is to change government when the government have become too destructive to the people or to the state. Vermont and Montana are the two states thinking and proposing about leaving the Union.

    Secondly, Albania is actually still largely a Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian nation-state with a sizable secular Muslim population, forced upon by the Ottoman Turks in the medieval/Renaissance period. The Albanians have a long claim to the portions of land within southern Serbia, where Kosovo is located. The most important day for Albania is Nov. 12, 1912 when the country declared independence from the Muslim Ottomans, two years before the outbreak of World War I. Is Albania all Muslim? No. Look at its flag. Is a Muslim one? No. That symbol is very common among Orthodox Christian nation-states and the most popular proponent of that symbol is Russia, which traced its roots to the imperial Byzantine Empire, with the Russian Czars being the descendants of the Byzantine Emperors.

    The question about the Kosovo Liberation Army being a terrorist group or anti-Serbian resistance group is in disputes among experts, including the CIA. Sure, its tactics are horrible but the Serbs have been known to horrible to anyone who’s not a Serb in the Balkan region, even went so far to force non-Serbian peoples to acknowledge themselves as Serbians during the period of which it was known as Yugoslavia.

  2. ben vess said


    I’m curious–Did President Clinton help support the independence of Kosovo? Wasn’t Serbia formerly a part of a nation called “Yugoslavia?” So why support Serbia’s independence and not Kosovo?

    What’s the demographics of ethnic groups in kosovo??

    Der Sankt

  3. ridor9th said

    Robert: Yes, the tenth amendment is merely the formality to indicate that each state has the right to do per se. But I dearly doubt that the majority of the United States will permit such a thing like that. I bet you that if Montana or Vermont became independent — the sanctions and embargoes will go off so fast. Then the locals will wage the insurgent activity into Vermont and Montana. You cannot really use the legal document to hold down people’s feelings, Rob!

    C’mon, it is an open secret that Hawai’i was forced into becoming the territory and eventually the state of the USA. What’s the difference?

    Secondly, I never said that Albania is Muslim country. Be careful. I was careful not to indicate that — I have no idea why you jumped on that subject, dear.

    It is strikingly odd that you did not acknowledge nor mention that yes, the illegal immigrants has infiltrated Kosovo over the years to a point where Kosovo is now the majority of ethnic Albanians. It sounds like the similar thing in Texas, is it?

    KLA falls in the category of terrorism — you can dispute all you want — according to the people of Europe. They received monies from Osama bin Laden, ’nuff said! They distribute bombs, guns and antics. After the Kosovo War ended in 1999, the KLA went after Macedonia where the Macedonians defended themselves. See the pattern?

    These Albinos are zealots. Don’t recognize ’em, simply put.


  4. ridor9th said

    Ben: Clinton was nearsighted leader. He was quite wrong in supporting the NATO to suppress the Serbs from controlling Kosovo. He was just wagging the tail in getting involved with the Kosovo War probably at the time because he was trying to distract everyone else away from the infamous sex scandal: Monica Lewisnky.

    Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro used to make up of what is called Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia does not exist right the disintegration of provinces. Serbia *is* not Yugoslavia. Serbia is Serbia. You cannot question whether if Serbia can and why not Kosovo? Serbia is already *there* and Kosovo can’t, will not and must not be a nation of its own. Kosovo belongs to Serbia.

    Thaci is an insurgent leader who murdered Serbs and ethnic Albanians who disagreed with his vision. I support Russia and Serbia in crushing the KLAers if necessary.

    Demographics? Who the fuck cares? UK is on the way to have more Pakistani and Indians on the British Isles! You cannot use the demographics to permit the groups to use and manipulate in getting the lands from the government.

    I’d use Hawai’i, Texas, Arizona, California, Florida and New Mexico to claim that we must respect the demographics in order to declare their own independences.

    Don’t ever try to use that on me, honey.


  5. Yes, you did indicated that Albania is a Muslim country: Over the generations, the Muslims has settled all over the Balkan peninsula, mixed with Christians. However, the struggles began as soon as they spar with the Xians.

    Albania is a part of the Balkan peninsula. 😉

    I’m aware of ethnic Albanians migrating to Kosovo over the years as it is comprised of ethnic Albanians who have relatives from Albania, much like Mexicans in the US have relatives from Mexico coming into the US illegally. Historically and economically, Albania has been the poorest nation-state in the Balkans and in Europe. So would it make sense for some ethnic Albanians to migrate to other countries nearby for better living opportunities and still maintain ties to their homeland? My upstairs neighbor is a family of Albanians and they’re very nice to me. They miss Albania but just wanted better living opportunities.

    The question of KLA as to whether it is a terrorist group is in disputes, not according to me but to well-informed experts and the CIA. There are shadier issues about KLA’s intentions that aren’t 100% clear. It started out as a Marxist revolutionary group of the communist-ruled Albania, then it evolved into something else due to the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the conflicts that came out of it. I’m not defending the KLA but there are deeper issues involved that we have not even explore on and I know that the Europeans have issue with KLA but they have issues with the ways the Serbs do to the Albanians and other peoples in the past.

  6. ridor9th said

    Honey, I never said that Albania is a Muslim country – I merely said that Muslims DO live in the Balkan peninsula. Religion and economy plays a pivotal role in the Balkan states.

    But these troublemakers only wanted to take Kosovo for Albania.


  7. Tia said

    Just a thought. If the “illegal” Mexican immigrants were to try to organize with Texas…perhaps they would merely trying to get back the land that was taken from them by the Americans a couple hundred years ago.

  8. h... said

    what about giving land back to native americans. US immorally took their land.

  9. Ayala said

    These Albinos are zealots. Don’t recognize ‘em, simply put.

    Um… Aren’t Albinos people who lack skin, hair and eye pigmentation? I think you mean Albanians.

  10. M said

    Ridor, every state in the union have the legal option/right to secede from the Union, as pointed out by the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.>>>>>>

    And look what happened last time some states tried to withdraw from the union…. So, no. No state has the right to withdraw from the union.

  11. M said

    Tia – you might want to study your history a little closer. We didn’t “take” Texas from Mexico. Texas withdrew from Mexico and fought a war of independence against Mexico. The Battle of the Alamo was part of the Texan Revolution. Then, in the Battle of San Jacinto 800 Texans kicked 1600 Mexicans’ asses, and Texas became a Republic, and was it’s own country for 9 years before it CHOSE to become part of the United States.

    So, by your logic if Mexico had the right to take Texas, then England would have the right to come over here and take back the original 13 colonies.

  12. ridor9th said

    Ayala: You failed to see the sarcasm when I used that term.

    H: It’s too late — we can’t simply turn it over to Natives. Even the Natives would not want to run this country. So your expectations do not work at all.

    Tia: Please reread the history books.


  13. Todd said

    Yes, about Dr. Donna Ryan, I too have respect for her. I learned so much about American History from her. She’s a great American History teacher at Gallaudet University. 🙂

  14. Dar said

    Ridor!!! this is great intelligent entry 😀 i do not support the independence of Kosovo either. keep blogging about current events around the world!

  15. h... said

    it was an open question. i knew it wont happen anyway.

  16. M: And look what happened last time some states tried to withdraw from the union…. So, no. No state has the right to withdraw from the union.

    No shit, Sherlock! 😉

  17. Grega said

    I’m from Slovenia (one of the former countries of Yugoslavia). Quite young though (Slovenia became independent when I was 10 – in 1991) but I remember a lot, especially since we have relatives and friends in Serbia and I am often in touch with them.

    I make conclusions based on data I gather (excluding prevailing media) so I spend a lot of time reading various resources. Of course as I am familiar with stories from “the both sides” I’m more keen on searching more versions of the story.

    I also cannot help to see that the majority of opinions (being in favour of independence of kosovo) lack certain “data” and facts. These facts are based on demographic change during last century and are more important as it seems.

    And if you digg more you will often discover that what is proclaimed as radical action is often already consequence. This should lead us to expand our knowledge. And that’s exactly what you did. And I wanted to congratulate you on that 🙂 I was pretty surprised reading your opinion.

    interesting reading – starting points (especially the history part of kosovo):

  18. 10 Reasons why KOSOVO IS PART OF SERBIA

    1. Declaring of indipendence of Kosovo is illegal act and it is against the internatoinal law and against UN’s resolution 1244.
    2. Kosovo has always been part of Serbia.
    3. Serbs came on Kosovo in 8th century, albanians came later in 14th century.
    4. Albanians on Kosovo has always been maniority, and how can maniority decide about someone’s destiny, albanians was became majority later when they pushed serbs out of the Kosovo region.
    5. Kosovo as “democratic” and “indipendent state” can not survive economically.
    6. Agim Cheku, Hashim Tachi, Ramush Haradinay are people with a very dangerous criminal past. Agim Cheku is serious murderer, terorist, criminal, he killed many inocent persons. Hashim Tachi is drug dealer, narco boss in Kosovo area, murderer, war criminal, terorist, illegal distributor of arms, the butcher, in one word he is a serious criminal on freedom. Ramush Haradinay is mass murderer, he killed thousands and thousands of civilians : Serbs, Gipsies, and albanians loyal to Serbia’s authorities.
    7. Kosovo is Serbian version of Jerusalem.
    8. If Kosovo really became an indipendent state, I am shure that kosovoalbanians will destroy all the christian churches because that’s the kind of people they really are, they are worse than barbarians, they don’t know what is multiethnical society. Kosovoalbanians or should I say shiptars are don’t know what is civilized european behaviour. Albanians are rude and in head fucked up nation, they don’t know much about other cultures, other nations, other traditions etc.
    9. For many decades Serbia has invested bilions of dollars on Kosovo.
    10. It is the greatest injustice to take Kosovo from Serbia.

  19. Kosovo has never been a state, not in early or later history. Kosovo has always been a province. Just like Bavaria in Germany, Tibet in China, Cashmere in India, Abhkazia and Southern Osetia in Georgia, Kosovo is province in the internationally recognized borders of Serbia.

  20. Serbs are now the good guys and kosovoalbanians are now the bad guys.

  21. Serbs are not russian pudles, we only have traditionally good relations with russia.

  22. David said


    I’m curious–Did President Clinton help support the independence of Kosovo? Wasn’t Serbia formerly a part of a nation called “Yugoslavia?” So why support Serbia’s independence and not Kosovo?

    I will answer. Serbia and Montenegro were the last countries in “Yugoslavia” than Montenegro got it’s independance so basicly “Yugoslavia” stoped existing because only Serbia left. Sorry for bad english 🙂

  23. long life too albanian said

    oo comn we all not the tru whene u serbian are goin too stop ur dream that will never com kosovo is state indenpandet state and strong amry soon all i cen tell u serbians u goo wheere u bolong too rusia before ur juste make us mad whene we get mad we kick ur asss

    u all fuckn bitrch a pusy i fight on war here iknow how serbian fight they are fuckn pusy hahah scare soo much even in nite heheheh they never goo out they liek too stay in side lol i think vojodina need gett indpandet it desorve too be indpandet state sanqk too and presheva velgia have wqe say smoll serbia really smoll have u ppl know have off blegrad os part off albania we need take that back its urs smol serbia

  24. Boris said

    I do not understand why the US government recognized the independence of tiny nation of Kosovo in Serbia. Russian government was against that. Somehow, the US did not recognize the independence of two tiny nations of Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia. Let me give you the idea of map as Georgia is located at the southern most tip of Russia and is bordered by both the Black Sea and Azerbaijan. Anyway, it sounds like both nations are attempting to win over tiny nations. I really do not want to see the new redesigned map of many tiny nations in the world in the future?!

  25. UCK said

    Kosova is a indenpendet state fuck Serbia fuck Russia u are the same shit. And dont wite about Hasim Thaqi and out politician when u don’t have fact don’t make up tings uon ur own.



  28. Fuck Albanian Shiptar teorists. KOSOVO IS SERBIA.

  29. Shpat said

    Voice of truth you are man without reason you love serbia but you are wrong serbia is russia and kosovo is kosovo is independent now say what you want now. 56 countries accept are independent. you are that stupid that you will be crazy and you will go to the doctor because you will kick you self one day. Dont tuch kosovo because if Kosovo Liberation Army wake up you serbians are dad. And i’am waiting to be UNITED ALBANIAN than will will FUCK SERBIA

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