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38: Bad News Fer Y’All

Posted by ridor9th on February 27, 2008

I have a terrible news to share with y’all. I’m not a fan of vlogs. If you like it, good for you. But not me.


There are circumstances that I don’t feel comfortable with vlogs. Don’t get me wrong. I like some vloggers out there.

Whenever I am on the computer, I like to be in control of what I read, see and move. The vlogs are the only ones that I cannot control. If you want to understand nor engage in a civil discourse, you have to watch the whole vlog in order to understand. I have no time for that. I prefer blogs because I can speed or dismiss this, that and there.

With vlogs? There are too many deaf vlogs out there — I simply cannot view one by one — so I simply stop watching them. Not only that, the quality of deaf vloggers are dismal, to say the least, to a point where it made me uninterested in viewing vlogs lately.
My greatest beef with vlogging is that many vlogs lacked the information on how long one is. My time is limited. I have a life outside of Internet, thank you very much. I needed to know if it is 2-minute or 8-minute long so that I can view or ignore. The lack of counter information has kinda drove me away from viewing many vloggers out there.

Yes, vlogging is here to stay. I will not deny that. But it does not appeal to me at all.

Sorry, pals.



P.S. One friend told me to check this interpreter’s sign name for Barack Obama. I checked the video and I think the sign name is very cool. What do you think?


25 Responses to “38: Bad News Fer Y’All”

  1. Todd said

    Hmm – not a fan of the sign for Obama… Seems too muslim in nature, almost like Osama Bin Laden…

    I know Obama has been fighting to dispel the myth he is not a muslin for quite some time.

  2. LaRonda said

    Thank you for the feedback. I always put down the time of my vlogs, but they do tend to be long. I’ll work on shortening them, which is something I’ve been wanting to do myself anyway. I also provide a transcript with each vlog so readers can choose to read or watch. Again, i appreciate the feedback and I can relate.

    ~ LaRonda

  3. Rene Visco said

    I would agree. Short and sweet always works! Less than or up to 3 minutes is ideal.

  4. seekgeo said


    Who cares what you think?! *grins* Videos are very popular especially in youtube. There are many hearing vloggers out there have longest videos of all which usually between 10 to 30 minutes and yet they get over 100 comments.

    One of Jes’ favorite hearing vloggers, she always go over 10 mins on every videos and no one seem to mind. For me, when it comes to entertainment, I don’t care how long it is as long as it gives me the entertainment but if you talk about politic or to share your opinion about one certain subject then stick to the point and make it short.

    But then again, it is always up to everyone how they want to do their videos. I did the poll a few months ago asking everyone if minutes does matter to them, 73% voted that it doesn’t matter as long as it is entertainment.


  5. Rip said

    Some vloggers say same things over and over again. I prefer reading blogs as opposed to watching vloggers making fools of themselves.

  6. Sonny said

    Same here. I don’t watch vlogs. The only vlogs I watch are the Olson brothers. Minnesotans rock!

  7. smokey said

    Well, I don’t think I can afford Vlog for my stories as I don’t have a budget for special effects. The only energy I can spare is my fingers on the keyboard. Smile!
    Deaf Anthology

  8. ben vess said

    I totally agree with you–I prefer blogs over vlogs mainly because I can read them on my phone–skim through the bullshit…

    Vlogs are very restrictive. For the most part, vlogs seems amateurish. There are some vlogs I would watch but most of them seem like they’re videotaped during the 80’s.

    Not everyone is made to be on television.

    Der Sankt

  9. anna s said

    Yep, I am one of those who prefer blogs over vlogs eventhough I am a native ASL signer. I have more control over blogs and I can skim through, read as fast as I can without mising out details, or ignore it if it does not appeal to me. Vlogs, I have no patience for but with some exception of a very few vloggers I like who make theirs intellectually condensed such as the controverisal Schroeder.

    But vlogs are good for some viewers who prefer ASL over English for better understanding.

    At least there are choices., I choose to skip 99% of the vlogs out there.

  10. J.J. said

    Yep, agree 100%

    This is why I was telling people to transcript their vlogs…I skim A LOT…and if what you want to say is GOOD I will watch it!

    Yes, also agree on posting how long…

    Yes, agree that 3 mins TOPS…if you can help it…and also get to the POINT!!!

    No more, “Umm…sorry I haven’t vlogged for a long time..been busy…blah blah…”



  11. deafk said

    ho, ooooh,

    after i read your article, i decided to type the transcript after all!



  12. drmzz said

    Yep, ye follow the English, fools. 😉 Agreed with vlog content these days, however, many H.I. blogs put me to sleep the same.

  13. Davy said

    The whole point is Freedom and Respect for everyone choice to do so. I am Glad this is United States American is Freedom but work for it to make the count HA!


  14. ridor9th said

    SG: Who cares about what I think? Well, many do echo what I feel, like it or not.

    The point is that many vlogs waste my time.


  15. *Boston said

    Hi guys,

    Obama name sign is quite different, not sure if I like it or not, will have to process that and see what my community thinks of that name sign… I know eventually we’ll come up with one like we do with all the past presidents.

    I’m a vlogger and I understand your feelings about watching vlogs. That’s entirely up to you and you do whatever you want. For me, I like both as long as the content is good. As for me doing my vlogs, it’s up to people to watch my vlogs. My vlogs reflect on my daily life and some people enjoy viewing them. It’s everyone’s preference and that should be respected.

    Have a good one!

  16. ridor9th said

    *Boston: Actually, I like watching your vlogs because it is concise, clear and simple. God, you actually have a common sense that says: GET TO THE POINT!

    That’s why you and few others are the ones I watched most!



  17. h... said

    do vlog or not to do vlog is your choice. no need to apologize for your not vlogging it. I agree with you some vlogs are horrible. I avoid some vloggers like plagues. Wish deafread could weed them out…. they could put best ones on first page, the rest on junk page. same with newspapers, etc…

  18. Good vloggers are either creative or short’n’to-the-point types or can be both.

    Most vloggers out there, deaf or hearing, are not either above.

  19. T said


    Looks like you’re trolling. What good does your opinion give me? or the blog community? Because you don’t like the majority of vlogs? Whoop dee doo!

    Vlogs express the diversity of sign language and the emotive aspect of what the person is trying to portray. That’s good enough for me.


  20. ridor9th said

    And your point is, T? No, you fail to grasp my point — the point is I do not like vlogging because I cannot *control* the vlogging. I care less if you vlog or not. I simply do not HAVE the time to view all vlogs. Time is everything to me. I prefer 2-min long than 11-min long of rantings.

    Is that trolling? Please. Get. A. Clue.


  21. T said

    Haha, thanks for the laugh, seriously. I do enjoy your blogs from time to time, but this post was definitely trolling. Talk about a rant.

  22. oh, brother! said

    People, who are Deaf and cherished, try please to get to the point quick. In vlogs, blogs or whatever, simply express your point. Within the topic group your case/point has topic context or reference; you are losing audience interest and credibility if you go on and on and on. Vlogs are Deaf Club not.

  23. Moi said

    I agree with ONE statement- “the quality of videos are dismal to say the least”

    you are one of the vloggers i happen to like. but no vlogging from you in a while.

  24. Ridorlive fan said


    I don’t blame you for not watching all vlogs. I have the same feeling but i also don’t read every blog INCLUDING yours. (no offense, my friend) Only few topics that would get me interested to read on.

    I do vlog but don’t exceed 4 min. I know that everyone have to have “time” to watch, that’s why I keep it short.


    Ridorlive fan

  25. Colin said

    Why is it a “Bad News” for us all? I don’t think we care what you think about vlogs… Bad news, the world doesn’t revolve around you, Ridor. 🙂

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