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39: Fire Dr. Lindsey Now!

Posted by ridor9th on February 27, 2008

In Morganton, North Carolina — the sleepy town that sits right next to the Appalachian Mountains and the hometown of North Carolina School for the Deaf. The same town where Tallie Antolin was killed by her boyfriend, Chris Lambert.

Great Aunt Mary and Grandmother VirginiaThe same school where I am much part of but did not attend nor graduate from. You see, many of my relatives on my mother’s side attended NCSD. You can see my Grandmother and Great Aunt attending NCSD in this vantage photo on your right.

Yes, NCSD has historical value to the state of North Carolina. But as a resident of Virginia, I know that history can only take your school so far. The ingredient to the success of Deaf schools are to incorporate bilingual education. That will free NCSD to improve, revamp and launch the series of Deaf Education to the next level.

Right now the mentality and attitude of administrators at NCSD upon Deaf students, staff members and alumni are downright disgusting and appalling. It was reported that the hearing administrators held the students in Chapel and denied them of their dinner as if they were detained in Guantanamo Bay like terrorists for hours!

And in the process, the hearing administrators suspended 13 students and 5 staff members as well as blocking anyone from entering the campus. It is true that NCSD reserves the right to deny the students to protest on the property mainly because NCSD owns it, not the students.

Linda Lindsey must be terminated. How long did she works at NCSD? 4 fucking years. Yes, my friends, count it — Four years. And she still has not mastered the use of American Sign Language at North Carolina School for the Deaf? It was said that Deaf staff members could not barely communicate with this so-called Dr. Linda Lindsey who often brought the hearing staff member to interpret for her.

How professional. It is clear that Dr. Lindsey has incredibly low expectations of Deaf students and deaf staff members at NCSD. She must be fired. At once.

The quality of Deaf Education at NCSD plummets to an all-time low. The number of Deaf students is at an all-time low. The pride of Deaf students at NCSD is very low. Wow. What a fabulous accomplishment by Dr. Lindsey to drench the audism upon the NCSD community as whole.

Let’s face the truth: Dr. Lindsey destroyed NCSD. And I do not think the Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) will terminate or discipline Dr. Lindsey at all. The truth is that the state of North Carolina does not give a fuck about the welfare and education of Deaf individuals.

Let’s see if anyone else in North Carolina will stand up for these maligned students who deserved the best at NCSD.

Update: Benis slandered me as a “notorious deaf militant” when I protested about Dr. Lindsey who did not master the use of American Sign Language in 4 years at NCSD — this boy needs to shut up. He left VSDB for MSSD because he feels VSDB was not good enough for him. He was booted out of MSSD because he could not respect the authorities’ decisions.

And yes, he graduated from a public school. Never finished a degree at Gallaudet. And he still goes around chiding people who are doing the right thing in the best interests of Deaf children.

I never endorsed the protests in the first place but you cannot deny anyone’s feelings. Sometimes the frustrations boiled over to the protests. Benis, it is amusing that you are so quick in accusing me as a Deaf Militant in an attempt to smear my reputation when I had not done such a thing to you in the past — you need to stop attacking people like me and start dealing with your own. Like your father.




10 Responses to “39: Fire Dr. Lindsey Now!”

  1. kbjensen said

    it is also the dorm. we are doing what we can and have been for a long time.

  2. DT said

    Yup, time to lance that boil!

  3. […] 39: Fire Dr. Lindsey Now!NCSD Suspends 7 Students and 5 Staff MembersNCSD suspends staff, studentsSchool Director Unable to Communicate with Deaf Students Sphere: Related Content […]

  4. I have written a response on my blog, All The Young Dudes.

  5. ridor9th said

    tony is coolest guy out there.


  6. ALAN JEFFERS said


  7. Opening the can of worms, and revealing the true facts at NCSD.

    Want to know more visit the link below

  8. Felicity H said


    I think your blog is a fake. It looks like it was written by a NCSD administrator who is attempting to sneak in criticism of the students while pretending to be objective.

    I don’t buy it.

  9. Trez said

    Tis done, well almost. Lindsey is conviently being “transferred” to another position.
    Kudos, KB…

  10. Groo said

    What a quite bullshit story…frankly..I know ALL deaf school doesn’t really help their student or set up a goal, they simple toss them out when they reach their mantory age of 19 years old!

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