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40: My Thoughts On Television & Film

Posted by ridor9th on February 27, 2008

Have you noticed that the television animated programs are no longer restricted to children? Many of these shows are designated to target the teenagers and above. For example, The Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons and The King of the Hill.

I’m a fan of The Family Guy. This show pokes fun at everything else in particular. Stewie on a mission on killing his own mother but always failed. There is much love in this dysfunctional family of 5. Oh, I must not forget Brian. Make it 6.

But i find it very amusing that there is no uproar about Pleakley, a character on Lily & Stitch whose some bizarre alien characters crashed and settled down in Kauai, Hawai’i. You see, Pleakley is an one-eye alien character who enjoys cooking, taking care of children, wears wigs and dresses. You see, Pleakley is male alien who was trying so hard to pass as a woman.

Lilo, Nani, Stitch and even worse, the guy that Pleakley often flirted and cajoled him as his companion, Jumba does not mind at all. Of course, Nani protested that she does not like Pleakley raiding her closet and wore her clothes.

You’d think that maybe Pat Robertson or Dr. James Dobson would protest about this like Rev. Jerry Falwell did with the Teletubbies?

What of Jack Jason?  Some of you knew that Jack Jason is Marlee Matlin’s interpreter for  more than 20 years.  Sometimes I wonder if he’s really a certified interpreter?  It seems to me that he is more in promoting Marlee Matlin’s career than as an interpreter.  Anyone care to discuss on this subject?

The reason why I mentioned this is because it is third time that I received an email from Jack Jason (indirectly or directly) asking us to mention about Marlee Matlin’s upcoming film.   This strikes me very odd that he would go around and promote Marlee — no interpreter would do such a thing like that.

The way he signs, I can tell that he is CODA.  But the question begs to be answered — is he certified to interpret?  Methinks not.  Anyone else?

What of Russell Harvard?  Russell Harvard acted in “There Will Be A Blood” which a gifted actor, Daniel Day-Lewis – the current winner of Academy Awards’ Best Leading Actor, starred.  Heard that the film is champ.  Time to netflix this film when it is ready.

It is interesting to note that in the past, if you want to see a deaf character in films and television, you’d see Marlee in this, that and there.  But today?  Marlee does not have to be the only Deaf actress to portray — you can find Shoshannah Stern, Russell Harvard et al.  Is it nice?  Of course.

Call it parity if you want to.   I’m glad they’re there.  Their presence assured us of what we protested against the producers who preferred to hire hearing actors to impersonate as Deaf characters in the films — assured us that what we did was absolutely right thing to do.

Message to Kokonuts:  Please, Bill Gates said that the keyboard will never disappear.  Get that through your skull.  Apparently, you need a lobotomy or two.

To Bonnie Roberts:  I salute Bonnie Roberts who died unexpectedly last night of brain hemorrhage at 72.  She lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  My sources has indicated that she is a huge fan of  Godspeed!




7 Responses to “40: My Thoughts On Television & Film”

  1. Ridorlive fan said

    Hey, a DEAF friend went to Microsoft for a meeting with Bill Gates. He personally asked Bill Gates if the keyboard will ever disappear? He replied NO!

    Kokonuts, your name as Kokonuts is pretty self-explanatory! NUTS!

  2. ben vess said

    “There will be Blood.”

    No “A” in it. 🙂

    Der Sankt

  3. hedor said

    remember kokonuts has a big butthead. He definitely is a deficit thinker! He only wanted to mock ASL user for not having keyboard and hoping asl user could not have cpu.

  4. hedor said

    Oh by the way, I DO remember in about 1995 or 2000’s Bill Gates said Keyboard never dies.

  5. Davy said

    intersting about Jack Jason but I never thought that he is CODA ….. is that true fact….I don’t know.


  6. Sharon said

    For the record…Jack Jason is a CODA, and a certified interpreter. He was an instructor of Sign and Interpreting at Ohlone College (I was his student — back in the late 70s). He was first hired by Marlee to be her interpreter just after she filmed Children of a Lesser God (before she won the Oscar). He has been her interpreter and business partner and friend for some time now, and he develops projects for her through their Solo One Productions company. He wears multiple hats, which I can appreciate makes things appear confusing — but it’s really not. ‘Nuf said?

  7. Rip said

    Marlee refers Jack Jason as her “business partner”. I understand his wife is an interpreter for middle school students.

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