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37: The Message for NCSD

Posted by ridor9th on February 29, 2008

No, I’m not going to congratulate Deaf people in North Carolina for the tumultuous week at North Carolina School for the Deaf. Why? Because your efforts are not finished. There are things that you need to do to ensure that the glory days of NCSD shall return to Morganton.

As of last night, Dr. Linda Lindsey is out as the Director of NCSD and will be re-assigned to some office in Raleigh. Whatever!

The (crushed) protest (Gotta hand it to Barb DiGi for her creative terms — mwah!) that prompted the NC Department of Human and Health Services to step in and held a town hall meeting at one of the nation’s most beautiful deaf-related buildings, Chapel Hall, with the parents, students and the staff members of NCSD Community.

It was a right step in removing the Director but it is merely a symptom of what is wrong at NCSD. Focus on the policy, folks! Change the policy to ensure that the campus is bilingual at all times. The next Director of NCSD must be fluent in ASL. Teachers must raise the expectations of its students.

Remember, removing Dr. Lindsey will not solve anything at NCSD in the long run if nobody steps in to change the policies.

It is evident that the NCDHHS, for years, kept ignoring the NCSD problems and when the media, especially with the blogs, got wind of this — their tails went under and for the first time in many years, they are addressing and facing the allegations and the needs to raise the standards at NCSD.

Listen, folks, NCSD is integral to Deaf Americans’ lives. Many Deaf people who did not attend nor graduate NCSD in Morganton has friends, partners and relatives that, at one point, is part of NCSD.

I knew of my friend in Bay Area whose her father and distant cousin attended NCSD. I knew of my friend in Minnesota whom her father attended NCSD. I knew of my friend’s in-laws who graduated from NCSD. I knew of one friend in Austin whom his father attended NCSD. One friend in Los Angeles who is attending CSUN — his mother went to NCSD. In addition, my mother, grandmother, cousins, uncles, great aunt and uncles attended NCSD as well. I could go on and on and on …

I think it is safe to say that NCSD is one of fewest deaf schools in the country whom has sent many outstanding citizens out in the public and mesh in all corners of the country and beyond. It is such a sad affair to see hearing people dictating the policies in the best interests of Deaf people’s lives. It is time to take ownership of the policies that affects us all in the long run.

Take it back.

By changing the policies with DHHS, NCSD and beyond, that is. That is when I shall congratulate. But not now, not today …




12 Responses to “37: The Message for NCSD”

  1. deafmama2girlsdeaftoo said

    We are working toward that… the policy and more.. I ain’t sitting down until my girls get the education they deserves in bilingual manners.

  2. Yes, R, you’re correct that NCSD plays a vital role in Deaf America. In 1967, for example, Maryland School for the Deaf acquired a new superintendent David Denton who was a school principal at NCSD. Denton brought his “culture” to MSD and his influence has steeped into the Deaf community in Maryland … Total Communication philosophy in particular. Denton was also resentful toward Deaf parnts and wanted them out of the school affairs by minimizing the importance of Parent-Teacher-Houseparent-Association and limiting the campus visitation by school alumni to sport events only. The weekly school assembly stopped abruptly. The students began to lgo home every weekend. We were heartbroken!

  3. DE said

    Correctmundo, Ridor. You said it.

  4. RLM said

    Good blog posting, Ridor!

    Carl, I learned something about Dr. David Denton’s attitude toward deaf parents in late 60s. Mr. David West, WVSD Secondary School for the Deaf principal, was a brother-in-law to Dr. Denton. West excitedly introduced me to Dr. Denton’s impromptu visit (personal visit) to the WVSD out of the blue at the gym. I dismissed Denton right away. Denton had unsuccessfully persuaded me to transfer to the Maryland School for the Deaf several time. I somewhat had vibes about Denton. I don’t know why!

    I remmy that many and many deaf people including the MSD students dearly worshipped Dr. Denton as the Father of Total Communication!

    DE, Good to see your comments on the Deaf Blogsphere!

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  5. matt said

    as i understand it, a parent caucus is formed or revived and alumni will have one seat with them…in addition to alumni association which is active but low in numbers…

    looks to me that people have some blueprints drafted that will lead to optimal learning environ for deaf students..

    please give them a few days to come around…

  6. RLM said

    Good blog posting, Ridor!

    Carl, I learned something about Dr. Denton what he done with the MSD community in the late 60s. Dr. Denton persuaded me several times to transfer to the Maryland School for the Deaf. I easily dismissed Dr. Denton every time whenever he had a chance of visiting the WVSD for his former brother-in-law, David West, the Dean of Student Living and Secondary School principal. I somewhat had vibes about Dr. Denton.

    DE, Good to see your comments on the Deaf Blogsphere!

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog

  7. Ole Faithful Reader said

    Well written blog. I have to agree that several people I knew came from NCSD. They made a lasting impression on me. It is awful time for deaf students to deal with the oppression at NCSD, but I hope they learn from this experience and go on in life successfully.

  8. Hello Kitty Fan said

    Not only that, but other well known alumni of NCSD are Claude Stout and his wife Judy Stout, Wilton McMillan, Dee Clanton Mary Gibbs Yeh, Rachel Stone, and many more. Almost all are administrators now.

    Ridor, you’re right – must continue what has been started! Long way from being finished!

  9. tfcheat said

    Ben Vess owed the NCSD community an apology! He is so stupid after all!

  10. DeafNC said

    Look at FSDB,CSD,ISD,SCSDB,ASD and other several of deaf school has been succesful grow more student,education and improving building etc but NCSD havent improved since last stopped improving was in 1997 while we all were in Junior/Senior. We have been fought over and over to get all NCSD to be improved only we had improved are NEW GYM (Underhill GYM floor , Color NAVY BLUE-orginially as old 1894 not light blue its NAVY BLUE/WHite/GRAY, Plus We have been complaining about main building dormitory has been old ,havent remodel since 1970 til finally its there as remodel from 1998 til opened 2006 thats too long and wasting $$$. What does have several president from 1997 til present have not take acting serious about NCSD campus,student, education . ! I am expect that Janet Mcdaniel will have to do better job for temp-acting director til state of NC is final choose who is willing to take act so serious about NCSD ‘s future and student’s wish!

    Look at NCSD need more STUDENT grow , Sports need more Grow, and other more .. I am EXPECT to have NEW SUPT coming soon with their A$$-OOF to get clean NCSD UP everything before North Carolina ‘s parents will notice about NCSD then start more grow and grow as OLD TIME in 1970 as 700 -800 student and now we have about 100 student THATS BAD!!! so keep this in your mind and spread this word to NCarolina and State of Raleigh, Gov will notice this is improving then will continue mroe and better better everyday then will trust with president!! so I am tiring of hear that NCSD has been Firing , resigned with in near every 4 to 6 year then losing president and new president that will lead State of NC will not trust with NCSD anymore then NCSD will have to be watching over with state of raleigh! I dont want that happend!! SO PLEASE KEEP EYE ON NEW NEXT PRESIDENT WITH THEIR SERIOUS ON JOB AND THINK OF NCSD!! KEEP THIS BALL ROLLING AND KEEP THIS NOSE CLEAN !!!! hey JANET MCdaniel -((Keep your old job and do not think about go over be a full time director))I prefer NEW President from other state that will advise more experince,improving , etc..

    Thanks Have a good day , Please researching with NCSD ‘s history and you will see why we had stopped succesful changing from 1894 til 1997 after that everything is screw! from 1998 til now !!! So I WANT THIS OLD BACK AS 1894 -1997 with large student ,staff, etc !!!!!!!

    Lets pray for NCSD to have a great president coming soon!!

  11. I_C_Voices said

    Ridor… Thank you for the post. It is true that NCSD alumni have had a positive influence all across the country, in many many places and positions. But that also has a negative side…

    How many NCSD alumni went back to North Carolina to empower the Deaf Community in NC, and to strengthen NCSD?? I fear the answer is “not enough.” I had plenty of experience in a Southern state, similar to NC. As soon as the BRIGHTEST students can leave that state, they go to Gallaudet, NTID, CSUN, etc, and never return home.. Why?? Because the oppressive atmosphere at home is so different from the liberal and open experiences they have had in their new home.

    My heart hurts for those students who DON’T have the opportunity to leave the state after they graduate, but are stuck without a choice and without a future “back home.”

    I hope NCSD will appoint a BiBi supporter as Superintendent (or whatever they want to call the position), but I fear there will be few (if any) qualified applicants for this job. NCSD has a great legacy, but I don’t see alumni rushing back to Morganton to become Captain of the sinking ship…

    Even Andy Griffith finally left Mayberry cuz there’s much more opportunity in California!!

    Doesn’t matter whose fault it was — NCSD is doomed, I fear.

  12. why do we need one? said

    NCSD is not the one school that deals with the oppression. Other schools are experiencing same thing. Good schools like CSDF ISD because of good supts. Heard about CSDR bad things happen now. Mal Grossinger not smart!!! Keith and John lost jobs because they forget to report on pipes. Both are Deaf. One hearing principal abused one Deaf boy and gone for one month. Mal let hearing principal back to work. Mal don’t know how to run CSDR.CSDF dumped him to CSDR! NCSD need to speak out.

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