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36: Important Advice For Politicians

Posted by ridor9th on March 12, 2008

Note: I had been very busy with other errands and I have so much to share but I decided to post small entries in order to share my thoughts and feelings on different things rather than large entry. I figure it’d be better if I do small entry and it’d help me to blog and do other things at the same time!

* * *

I had been observing the sex scandals among famous and well-known individuals — notably with Jerry Springer of The Jerry Springer Show and the now-resigned Governor of New York, Eliot Spritzer. Both were caught for their actions in engaging the prostitutes. Jerry Springer used a personal check to pay a prostitute — apparently, there was a police raid on the prostitute’s home which led them to find the personal check. Eliot Spitzer repeatedly moved large funds to different accounts which prompted the bank to notify the IRS/FBI of its suspicious activities. In turn, Spitzer arranged everything possible at Mayflower Hotel in order to satisfy his urges.

Mayflower Hotel? The same hotel where the Board of Trustees selected Dr. Zinser as the President of Gallaudet University 20 years ago this month which angered the students and prompted them to parade to Mayflower Hotel — flared the week-long protest which is the celebrated milestone in the history of Deaf Community — Deaf President Now Movement.  Oh, my.  That hotel seems to attract drama these days!

But I digress.

Things with karma always worked out the way it is. It is hysterical to know that Eliot Spitzer prosecuted the prostitution rings as Attorney General and at the same time, was a client of one as well — spent more than $80,000 in 10 years of fucking women!

For your information, Eliot is probably sorry with the fact that he was caught with his pants down and his stick poking in a prostitute’s hole but he probably does not regret the fact that he has been doing it for decades. He is just sorry that he got caught, that’s all.

Face this, Spitzer is human being but first and foremost of all, he is male. As you know, men are pigs (or dogs, if you insist!) and they never had, has and will stick to one hole for the duration of their lives! They wanted different samples all the time, like it or not. Oh? Of course, men will deny this and dispute this with me but they are lying.

The message is that your penis is more powerful than your brain, that is for sure. Let’s face the reality: Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and it shall remain to be in the future, like it or not.

But perhaps the most important advice for anyone who attempts to fuck a prostitute in the future?

Pay in cash, dear.




8 Responses to “36: Important Advice For Politicians”

  1. -Dylan said

    Actually, I think fishman is the world’s oldest profession, I meant, how did Prostitution makes money (fish) out of it?

  2. Silly Tony said

    Well written!!! If I had a daughter I would educate her about men’s weakness. We know a lion is a dangerous animal. Why can we automatically know that men are dangerously weak for sex? Simple as that!! No more surprises. Men need to be prepared for their consequences if they choose to do the wrong thing!

  3. patrick said

    Eliot is a dumbfucker. I am really glad that the “karma” has played well. I don’t think he should be getting off easily. He should be punishing like those who he punished. He got caught paying big bucks to a floozy for a cheap thrill. HA HA HA!

  4. *Boston said

    Good article Ridor…

    I always pay cash… winks.

  5. Matthew said

    Ah, but is it worth it, at any price?

    Hey Eliot:


  6. ridor9th said

    Matthew, sorry I don’t read Mann Coulter’s garbage.


  7. Frau said

    His wife prolly fu**ed the lawnboy, pool fella, garden man and UPS man.

  8. Matthew said

    Matthew, sorry I don’t read Mann Coulter’s garbage.

    Garbage? Careful Rickey – AC packs some serious heat!

    I’ve never seen *her* blogging described as ‘ragged.’ Incendiary perhaps, as ‘girly man’ John Edwards can attest, but most definitely not ragged. 🙂

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