The Countdown To The Resurrection

The Countdown Begins In Search of

35: Good Riddance!

Posted by ridor9th on March 17, 2008

Bye Bye!

Note:  If you want to view the whole strip — click on the image itself.

The Deaf Blogosphere is much better without you, McConnell. Good riddance!

Indeed, there is God out there.  Hahaha!




4 Responses to “35: Good Riddance!”

  1. DeafJohn said

    YES! This is one most happiest moment of deaf community! Be gone!! McC’s Kokonut! Be Gone!!!
    BTW FYI He’s Republican fucker.

  2. Ann_C said

    Blogs/vlogs come and go in all kinds of blogospheres, DR is no exception.

  3. BLu1 said

    Please explain…what happened?

  4. ridor9th said

    Kokonut Pundits also known as Michael McConnell has decided to stop blogging.

    Good for him and wonderful news for us all.


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