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32: Tell Me How The Wind Sounds

Posted by ridor9th on March 19, 2008

leslie’s novelHave anyone else read this novel before?

I did.

I was digging up few books out of a box that I had it stored away and sealed for a long time. I found this hardcover novel by Leslie Davis Guccione.

‘Tell Me How The Wind Sounds’ was published Scholastic, Inc. in 1989, primarily designed for teenagers to read the love story between a hearing girl and a deaf boy. Of course, it is fiction. I was amused when the book mentioned the issues that would be addressed in the book: deaf, interpersonal relations, vacations and physically handicapped.

But no mention of teenage love story? O-kay!

Really, it is absurd tale. It is more of paternalism/patronizing tale, really. One tries to read through the “tormented” mind of Jake, the deaf son of a local fisheman — please.

I attempted to reread the novel and I could not stop snickering the first 25 pages. It is typical teenager love story but with smack of paternalism upon Deaf people in general. According to the brief summary, it reads:

A summer teaches Amanda about life and love when she meets and falls in love with Jake, the deaf son of a local fisherman.


To me, Leslie attempts to do something to build a bridge between them and us but she did it with paternalism.

Grade? D-.

Interested in getting the novel? You can check this link.




12 Responses to “32: Tell Me How The Wind Sounds”

  1. deb ann said

    I’d like to read it, and I’ll visit the library to get one.
    Have you read, “Hurt Go Happy” by Ginny Rory. It’s a very good book!

  2. dog food said

    girls love mysterious guys. leave it to a deaf guy to poke the cake.

  3. Okay! Ridor finally came out… he’s straight, after all. His blog about a romantic novel from long ago is proof enough that he’s really into heterosexual love stories and probably secretly pines for a monogamous relationship with an actual woman, maybe a hearing one.


  4. ridor9th said

    Well, Underhill, sorry to disappoint you — it was Jake that I was drooling after. 😉


  5. DE said

    Hah- love your commentaries on various “works” pertaining to the Deaf. Keep that up.

    Yeah- the bookland is replete with a negative view of Deaf people. We are gonna conquer that corner of the world.


  6. What I find interesting is that the deaf character is male. Too often, deaf characters, especially in romance novels, novellas, and teen fiction, tend to be female. I’m half tempted to check this out, just to see how the author handles deafness via a male character.

  7. Tiffany said

    Hi Ridor! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and I’m a big fan. I don’t always agree with you, but you’ve never given me a reason not to respect you.

    I just finished watching “Cold Case” and I can’t wait to see what you write about it. I would love to analyze it with you, but oh well…here goes.

    What a crock, huh? Let’s study the characters, shall we?

    Good Guys:
    Andy – handsome, popular, once was hearing and a piano prodigy until his tragic illness left him Deaf. Seems to be happy, but we find out he was just in denial until a hearing “angel” wakes him up and makes him see that he wants to return to hearing and playing again.

    Emma – the hearing “angel” who comes to teach the poor deaf students to play the piano. She falls in love with the talented Andy, but their love can never last because his bigoted Deaf family feel they are too different. Her hearing dad doesn’t like the “cripple” boy either, but their relationship doesn’t end at his request.

    Bad Guys:
    Dean of Students – acts as an interpreter in inappropriate settings. Should not interpret for law enforcement!!! Breaks role every time and interjects her own opinion without letting the Deaf person explain for themself! Is seen as an enabler or a “bleeding heart” while also shown as the only hearing person who makes any statements in support of Deaf Culture and ASL. Contradictory much?

    Lena – psycho ex of Andy. She’s pretty and also has a cochlear implant. A hearing person’s dream? No…remember…she’s nuts. Her implant obviously didn’t work well since she can’t speak clearly or confidently and still resorts to sign language.

    Carlos – best friend of Andy. Says that he wants nothing to do with the hearing world and is happy being Deaf. Is that true? Are there people like that out there? Of course not. We find out that he also wants to be implanted and is crushed to find out that he is not a good candidate like his pal Andy. Can Carlos and Andy just be friends like before? No, Carlos is too jealous now and kills Andy.

    Okay…I could go on and on, but I won’t. Let me finish by saying that this in no way is a reflection on the actors that were in the episode. Thank Goodness that they were all ACTUALLY Deaf. They were all awesome and I was thrilled for their presence. The characters of Andy and Carlos were smoking hot! Shoshanna is always a beauty.

    I understand that there are people like the aforementioned “bad guys” in the Deaf Community. I just wish they could have shown a balance in the story. Give me a Deaf person who accepts others with implants (there are plenty out there). Give me a hearing person who tries to coerce a Deaf person into getting an implant that they sincerely are happy living without (they exist too).

    I can’t wait to read the blogs tomorrow.

  8. M said

    I think this blog has been parked again….

  9. Leslie Davis Guccione said

    Yowee! I assure you paternalism was the last thing on my mind.

    I set out to tell a simple summer story about teenagers at odds with each other, one of whom is the son of a lobsterman and happens to be deaf. Jake is not in the least tormented, and learns as much from Amanda as she learns from him.

    I had help from a deaf (male) teenager whom I’ve known most of his life and the hearing son of a local lobsterman.

    I’m sorry you think I fell short but it was a joy to write and well received. In fact I went on to write a 5 book series with a deaf main charater.

    Leslie Davis Guccione

  10. BlueRocketPower said

    Leslie Davis Guccione,

    Are you the same Kate Chester, author of “Hear No Evil” series?

  11. Leslie Davis Guccione said


  12. Ms. Guccione, I loved this book and I would love to read more of your works! I give it two thumbs up and I also plan to have my class read it…! I Loved it!

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