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34: Support Marlee Matlin!

Posted by ridor9th on March 19, 2008

Call 800 868-3412 to vote for Marlee Matlin.  She is part of dancing competition on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

One thing I enjoyed the most about Marlee Matlin is her consistency with who she is.  From day one, she is very consistent in being firm with who she is.  Yes, she learned how to speak but that does not define her identity.  She does not call herself hard of hearing, deaf or whatever the term people tried to throw at her — she always said that she’s profoundly Deaf.  And that it does not hinder but enrich her life as whole.

Her identity is her own.  That is one thing I loved about her stance.  What she has been doing from day one is a prime example of what Deafhood is all about.  It is about one’s journey to discover the positive aspects of what it means to be Deaf.

Technology?  Sure, it helps.  But does it defines one’s identity?  Of course not.  When you remove the cochlear implants, you’re still Deaf.  When your battery for hearing aids went out, you’re still Deaf!  Having these things does not make you a hearing person — in fact, it makes you a freak more than anything else in particular.

Besides, who wants to be normal, really? To each hir own, the definition of normal is always different!

I personally do not understand nor care if some of you had shitty experience with Marlee once in your fantastical past, I met her once for a brief time and she was quite nice and funny.  I liked her better than Terrylene, that is for sure!

Today I watched the whole thing on that show, Dancing with the Stars — Marlee, like it or not, is a true representative of Deaf people.  She poked fun at her deafness like we all sometimes do.

“I’m profoundly, profoundly Deaf but I sleep great!”


This is why I am quite supportive of Marlee.  And you should be.  Remember what David Eberwein said about “Imagine the possibilities!”

Imagine this:  Deaf people coming together and support Marlee in voting and create a clout in voting and helping Marlee to win the competition?  Can you imagine the potential when the producers start to see thousands of Deaf people voting for Marlee week after week?  This could send a message to Hollywood that they might consider to get more and more Deaf actors to be part of its industry in the long run!

Again, I want to elaborate what Eberwein said:  Imagine the possibilities!

Marlee has made a lot of strides in Hollywood industry — just enough for the doors to open for people like Tyrone Giordano, Russell Harvard and Shahoine Reins.  I say, let’s unite behind Marlee by voting for her.

I did the vote and I expect you to do the same.

Bon Voyage!  I was saddened to learn that Jonathan Hall, the son of Dr. Percival Hall who was Gallaudet University’s second President, has passed away last month at the age of 96.  Not only that, Jonathan Hall was one of few people who can claim that they were born on Kendall Green.  Like it or not, Jonathan Hall is part of Gallaudet since the day he was born — he taught Biology and was the valued adviser for my fraternity at Gallaudet for many decades.  Thanks, Jonathan!




16 Responses to “34: Support Marlee Matlin!”

  1. I AGREE WITH YOU!!!! Marlee is a part of our community. What you said about her respond, “profoundly Deaf,” is exactly right. She is under so much of pressure, but she beautifully represents herself and our community. The thing about her reading lips or speaking went on and on when she got the Oscar award and it is over. Done with. She proved it by saying she is profoundly Deaf and signing on the show.
    Vote for our peer!

  2. Proud of MM tonight! said


  3. Julie Rems-Smario said

    Waving hands! Loved what you said about Marlee.


  4. dog food said

    jesus, she was so hot. you bet i was reading her hips.

  5. ron said

    Be nice to Terrylene, not need to mention “better than” and they both are better than you anyway!

  6. Silly Tony said

    I agree with you, Ridor. I adore Marlee despite whines from some of deafies and hearies. They are no better than that consistent actress. People, dont be hating! Let’s vote for Marlee.

  7. Davy said

    Ridor …… you got that right yea that is right what you said.

    “Technology? Sure, it helps. But does it defines one’s identity? Of course not. When you remove the cochlear implants, you’re still Deaf. When your battery for hearing aids went out, you’re still Deaf! Having these things does not make you a hearing person — in fact, it makes you a freak more than anything else in particular.”

    Again yep that is darn right!


  8. ridor9th said

    Ron: Nope. Not after the way I experienced with Terrylene, she’s maniac, that’s for sure.


  9. Patty said

    Yeah! She was awesome last night, wasn’t she?

    You can vote for her on the website…of course, I used all my votes for her! 😀

  10. Anonymous said

    MM was superb! Thanks thanks thanks for giving the phone number!

  11. DEAFTINA said

    Hey deafies, I don’t care if you all dislike or love marlee matlin..let’s just vote for her. Because our deaf world will still rocks!
    I saw MM dancing and i think that she do great job and she desevre all 9’s too.

  12. mom said

    No, I don’t vote for her, sorry.

  13. Sandra Goldstein said

    I am so sorry to say that Marlee is not totally deaf. She has one good ear which means that she can hear with one ear. Therefore she is not totally deaf. She speaks very well.

  14. ridor9th said

    Sandra, wrong. Marlee said she is profoundly, profoundly deaf. She’s still Deaf. You’re pathetic.


  15. *Boston said

    Marlee is Profoundly Deaf. Period.

    I know it. She is like me in many ways.
    I’m Deaf. Without hearing aids, I’m stone Deaf.
    Deaf. Period.

    I love music. Does that make me less Deaf? No.
    I own 2 iPods. Does that make me less Deaf? No.
    I wear hearing aids to work. Does that make me less Deaf? No.

    It’s true some of my vlogs, I signed to some music. Does that make me less Deaf? No.
    I didn’t attend Tent City during the protest. Does that make me less Deaf? No.
    Know why? I donated good amount of money to FSSA and I have several souvenirs.

    Like Ridor said “To each to their own”

    And that is what Deafhood is all about! I don’t understand why all the uproar in our Deaf community about that term. I embrace it. Does that make me Deaf? Yes.

  16. susan said

    Marlee rocks! I love her as she is and for who she is.. REAL!

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