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31: My Review on Sweet Nothing In My Ear

Posted by ridor9th on April 21, 2008

How come I hadn’t updated anything in days? Because I am bored with y’all. Because I can. Because I have better things to do, really. 😉

Otherwise, today, I had to blog. About this film: Sweet Nothing In My Ear which was featured on CBS-TV tonight.

What do I think of the plot? Much Ado About Nothing. Same, same, same, same. It reeks of’s drama with CI stuff which I have no interest in. Any discussion about the CIs can euthanasize me so faster than any lethal injection would do so!

However, I must grade each actor … you know me, I’m brutal and picky about these in terms of how they acted, portrayed, signed and yes, fingerspelled.

Jeff Daniels? Did you see his signs? Too choppy. Fingerspelling? Unreadable. Believable enough to believe that he’s the father of a deaf son and the husband of a deaf wife? No. Grade: F.

Phyllis Frelich? This woman roused me the day I first saw her on ‘Love Is Never Silent’ — Her facial expressions, her signs — everything about her? Who cannot dislike her? Grade: A.

Ed Waterstreet? Perhaps the most important ingredient in any deaf-related film is to fingerspell clearly — I mean, in clear and concise way where you can understand even the hands are about 4 inches in size on the television — Ed can do that. Grade: A.

Marlee Matlin? Top-notch actress in her own right. She did her best in dealing with a husband whom could not sign nor fingerspell well throughout the film. Grade: A.

Noah Valencia: Initially I thought Noah has the looks for films. I was wrong. There is something about his looks that does not seem to fit in. Maybe it is his growth spurt that does that. I feel there is something missing about Noah that could have done much better. Grade: C.

Shoshannah Stern: This woman is getting better as time passes by. This time, she speaks and shows her CI is simply funny. How she manages to do that is beyond me. Grade: B.

Deanna Bray: Nice actress — bit boring at times. But I hate the line where she uttered, “Actually, I’m hard of hearing.” Just shut up already! Deaf is deaf is deaf. Hard of hearing is just another term to exonerate themselves that they are not deaf. Please. Grade: C.

Plot? Grade: D. You know, the father, Dan Miller, whined that he has a deaf son, he wanted a child that reflects him — the one that can hear like him. My first thought was: Ahh, you don’t need to borgize Adam, just fuck Laura several times — get her pregnant several times — I can vouch that the likelihood of having hearing children are much higher should they get more children!

See?  There! Problem solved finish! That was so easy. I could have written it much better than ’em … I see that continues to be plagued with CI drama these days.  And you wonder why I read PerezHilton everyday?  I read once or twice a month.  That says a lot.

Ack! is going to sell the DVD of ‘Love Is Never Silent’ in June, 2008!  That IS the one I had been waiting for years.




14 Responses to “31: My Review on Sweet Nothing In My Ear”

  1. Ole Faithful Reader said

    Ahhh, you’re BAAAAACCCKKKKK. These deaf actresses and actors were simply great, and it was a treat watching them! Jeff Daniels must have tried so hard to learn fingerspelling at a short notice, but you gotta give him a medal for trying. The plot gave me a mixed feeling because it tried to present the both sides.

  2. KyDeafie said

    I think all of them, the Deaf actresses and actors are very good. Phyllis Frelich, the CHAMP! as Always! Yeah, I think Jeff Daniels is very good, not bad for a hearing guy at such a short notice.

  3. Rox said

    I agree, doesn’t it seem like deafread is focusing a lot on the medical aspect these days?

  4. Lantana said

    I thought the whole thing was g r e a t, including the commercials!

    Wonderful acting, to be sure. Hey, it’s a movie! It was entertaining and all of the deaf actors showed great CLASS. Maybe next time they can hire Marlee’s real-life husband and then we will see how HE does. No two marriages are alike.

    Marlee looks tired. She needs a break from work.


  5. Got Ridor ? said

    LMAO!! Welcome back, Ridor!! Good blog

  6. Got Ridor ? said

    LMAO!! Welcome back, Ridor!! Good blog

  7. Deb Ann said

    You’re back! Your post is so funny!

  8. deafk said

    Ok, ok, Ridor…

    I am changing my view on… right after an inspiration and a way to make friends through blogsphere.

    Well, I miss ya!


  9. “Sweet Nothing In My Ears,” who wrote it, any Deaf writers? We now know the story. Deaf Anthology will have its own version posted tonight or tomorrow. Can a Deaf writer come out with a better script? Well, let’s see!
    Good to have you back, Smokey missed you, jealous as your hibernation is longer than most bears, smile.
    Deaf Anthology

  10. Name withheld upon Request said

    I agree with you about Noah. It’s interesting that the other v/bloggers are sidestepping around this. I know he’s a great kid in person and all that but I was disappointed with his acting, but I think that’s more of the director’s fault more than anything else. At age 8, he should have had a least an opinion on the question of whether to have an implant or not. Also, he only signed one-liners most of the time, and I wanted to see him to have a conversation going back and forth, but it did not happen….that made me think that he was out of it the whole time.

  11. agree with name withheld said

    Linda Bove, consultant made a poor decision by picking Noah, second choice and changed the age to 8 from original age, 6 in the script. Noah as Adam looked so stupid as a 8 years old. His acting skills was ok.

  12. M said

    I didn’t watch it because I figured it was same old – wouldn’t the deaf child’s life be so much better with CI – crap. But, here’s my serious question. If he didn’t want deaf children, why’d he marry a woman with hereditary deafness in her family. Duh.

  13. BlueRocketPower said

    M, you should’ve see the movie. The Deaf woman does not have hereditary deafness. She was born hearing then had hearing loss.

  14. Nancy said

    I totally agree. This movie sucked. When are the Cohen Brothers going to make a movie about Deaf people? Thank you for saying what everyone else was too nice to say.

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