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30: Food For Your Own Thoughts

Posted by ridor9th on April 26, 2008

Many years ago, this particular scene from a certain issue made a profound impact on my perspective of the world in general and which I acknowledge and embrace this approach towards everyone else in particular. My views of the society has been forever altered after this particular scene. In fact, I can remember word by word of this particular scene.

Imagine this. This woman stood on the floating remains of a former planet, now destroyed — only its debris, rocks scattered in a cold, open space. The faint glow of purple shimmered off from these debris, served as a reminder of a glorious world, now dead.

The woman closed her eyes and bowed her head and thought, “When will it ever stop? When will we ever have peace?”

The familiar but ancient voice came out of nowhere delivered the profound message with this:

“Maybe never. Maybe Love can never conquer Hatred. The struggle between the two may be integral to what we are. But there are small victories. The conquering of our own hatreds. The discovery that our means are superior, at least for us. And in this existence, perhaps these are the only victories to be had.”

* * *

Observant of things in life, I agreed with this message. Now try to apply this to the image which I am enclosing of an incident that happened in Baghdad.

Suicide Bombers Suck!

As you can see, so much violence, so much conflicts … in order to conquer Hatred, you gotta conquer your own hatreds first.




7 Responses to “30: Food For Your Own Thoughts”

  1. Karen Mayes said

    Good philosophical posting. I like it.

  2. Candy said

    I did too. 🙂

  3. Jean Boutcher said

    One of Egypt’s most ancient 400+ commandment, one of which Moses later borrowed for his Ten Commandments, is the simplest philosophy in plain English:

    “Love your neighbours.”

    Vergil says: Amor vineit omnia et nos cedamus amiori”
    (Translation from Latin:
    Love conquers all and let us yield to it [love]).

    Your blog is great.

  4. Jean Boutcher said


    Why was your post placed in EXTRA??? Why not on the
    front page?

  5. *Boston said

    Excellent posting.
    Now I know why you are doing this.

  6. ridor9th said

    And I await yours, *Boston!


  7. Postmark said

    “The Arabs will stop fighting us when they love their children more than they hate Jews.”

    Golda Meir
    Former Israeli Prime Minister

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