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28: Do YOU Observe The National Day Of Silence?

Posted by ridor9th on April 28, 2008

Lawrence KingDo the Deaf Schools across the nation and Canada gets to observe the National Day of Silence last Friday on April 25, 2008? So far, I had not heard nor seen any information. I can bet one of my testicles that no deaf school in this country is part of this observation at all.


In fact, 6,800 schools and colleges across the country took part in observing the National Day of Silence sponsored by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) last Friday on April 25, 2008 in promoting the awareness and to end the harrassment on individuals of their sexual orientation by taking a vow of silence entirely the day. The 25th of April, 2008’s National Day of Silence was also in the memory of Lawrence ‘Larry’ King who was shot dead by Brandon McInerney in Oxnard, California.

It was said that Lawrence King was 15 years old 8th grader who had been bullied by Brandon McInerney, one of the popular guys in E.O. Glass Junior High School because Lawrence was effeminate and gay. Recently, he came out of the closet and started wearing girl boots and make-ups in complimenting with the school’s mandated uniform policy. Bullied by Brandon and others for months, the school did not make efforts to prevent the torment. Then one day, Lawrence King have had enough of that crap. So he struck back by teasing and flirting Brandon in front of others. Even Lawrence asked him to be his Valentine in front of the students, hence humiliated Brandon.

The next day, Brandon murdered Lawrence in the computer lab at the school.

Where were the teachers, counselors, parents and say, church leaders in doing an effort to stop the homophobia in schools? Church leaders won’t touch this subject because they hid behind the so-called claims that God does not condone homosexuality and that they reserve the right to express their beliefs, sowing their hatred upon gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders by doing nothing about it in the first place. Many teachers, administrators, counselors and parents do go to churches, I’m sure and yet, they do nothing.

That’s why Lawrence King is dead.

Similar to the incident that happened at my alma mater, VSDB in Staunton, Virginia. One lesbian student whom jumped off the 4th floor of Bass Hall, the girls’ dormitory in killing herself — marked the first suicide ever happened at VSDB in 169 years. She killed herself after getting dumped by her girlfriend. Actually, common sense dictates that after getting dumped by her girlfriend, she felt lack of support from anyone else in particular — teachers, staff, students and her family — so what else is better to do other than to kill herself? Off the 4th floor she went and got what she wanted.

I once accused VSDB and Mary Murray for carrying the years of silence on the mistreatments of GLBT students in VSDB. She was college-educated, for god’s sake, and did not bother to stem the past transgressions in curling these behaviors that ultimately led to this student’s suicide.

Am I absurd? No. You see, Staunton is a religious town. In fact, if you drove to Staunton on Route 250 or Route 11, you’ll see scores of church spires all over the place — perhaps, by every block! That town is truly the paradise for Xians, literally! Of course, it influenced the administrators, teachers and staff members to silence and allow the societal problem escalate which claimed this Deaf female student at VSDB. I know because I was there at VSDB. The teachers, administrators and staff members made it clear that being gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender is disgusting and if you are one, you better keep it to your own or face the consequence while they turn their backs upon you!

I’m sure this kind of mentality is very common at many deaf schools across the nation where many administrators, teachers and staff members chose not to do something but to perpetuate things of that nature.

However, last Friday, I was invited by Virginia Commonwealth University”s QueerAction to give a presentation about my experiences as the infamous Ridor of Deaf and Gay Blogger and the relationship with Deaf poeple across the country, Canada and the world. This presentation was in part of GLSEN’s National Day of Silence activity at VCU.

I had a blast time. I truly enjoyed it very much. Thanks, Amanda Zoe Reidinger!

Now this question begs: Out of 6,800 schools and colleges, did a deaf school participate? I hope there is one. But the cold reality is that there won’t be one. If there is one, I’ll sell my testicle, though.

Shame on y’all!




9 Responses to “28: Do YOU Observe The National Day Of Silence?”

  1. Anonymous said

    I know that any public or private school here did not have that! Why?

    Because they were CLOSED for a week last week! Smart move.

  2. *Boston said

    Excellent blog Ridor…

    As far as I know here in Massachusetts, there are schools that participated in this Day of Silence, not The Learning Center for Deaf Children. I doubt they did it. I can find out from one staff who works there. I can’t speak for other Deaf schools here in Mass: Beverly School for the Deaf and Clarke School for the Deaf.

    I’m utterly disgusted with this whole idea of turning your backs on children especially gay children. I’ve had patients coming to the unit who experienced similar situation as Lawrence. We, the staff, give them our support and educate them about the history of GBLT. Most of times, they had no idea about their history. It’s really sad. We need to continue educating our patients to respect others and embrace the diversity.

    Thanks for this excellent article!

  3. Julie Rems-Smario said

    Thank you so much for writing this article. My son’s high school is one of the few public schools that has Gay-Straight Alliance and support groups for parents of Gay children. CSD, Fremont also has Gay-Straight Alliance. There is much work to do locally and nationally. Keep writing like this to bring up awareness that there is ZERO excuse for abuse.

  4. Candy said

    I wasn’t even aware of this at all! How about reminding us of this next year eh?

    Ya know, no one should ever be treated different. And we’re seeing the same thing everywhere regardless. It’s even more sad, when it is a matter of life and death, based on who you choose to be.

  5. ridor9th said

    Candy, why should I remind you? Are you smart enough to read the newspapers?


  6. Candy said

    oh yeah, but, I didn’t see that in the papers either..not even online. Don’t remind us then, see if I care.

  7. ridor9th said

    Candy, well. I was doing an experiment to see if any Deaf individual would come up on their own to be ‘inclusive’ by making sure that the Deaf schools participate in events like the National Day of Silence — but no, indicates that the blogs/vlogs are obsessed with CIs and “woe is me being Deaf and you being hearie…”



  8. Silly Tony said

    Ridor, it might be off the point. But tell us what do you think of a new aggregator named DeafSide coming out soon in May? Seem like a good thing to you?

    Silly Tony

  9. ridor9th said

    deafside? well i cant think of it until i see it first.


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