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29: Bomb This Damn Thing For A Change!

Posted by ridor9th on April 28, 2008

ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover is one of these popular TV shows that seemed to inspire the families each week on Sunday evenings.  Ty Pennington and his cronies riding on a bus selecting an unfortunate family to bulldoze their shabby homes only to build a brand-new houses for them.  And as is their trademark on the show, big bus would park by a brand-new house before the family arrives in a limousine and Ty would have the family and the crowd hollering, “MOVE THE BUS!”

The bus rolled over to reveal the brand-new houses for the families which often prompted the families to weep, stunned, fainted, or peed in their pants.  That scene always made me squirm or squeal for some reasons.  I always thought it was the funniest thing to see their reactions.

Then week after week after week after week, it gets dry so fast.  You see the different families doing the same thing …

What I would give to see is the family hollering the bus to move and when it moves, the house then explodes in front of a certain family —

NOW that is something I’d love to see!




2 Responses to “29: Bomb This Damn Thing For A Change!”

  1. Anonymous said

    I like that too. Send the idea to the ABC and see what they say? 🙂

  2. *Boston said


    I was hoping one day when the bus move and the mother would say “What a fugly house!”

    Some of the houses were umm, bit eyesore from the neighboring houses… especially in the bad section.

    I stopped watching it…it gets to be uber sappy. Yuck.

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