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26: Coincidence Or What?

Posted by ridor9th on April 29, 2008

15 years ago, a tornado touched down in Colonial Heights, Virginia — destroyed Wal-Mart.  Few were killed and the scores were injured.

That destroyed building eventually was converted into Sam’s Club as Wal-Mart moved about few hundreds yards south into a new building.  Between Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club emerged another shopping center contained Target and Best Buy.

However, in 1993, I was pissed off at the local television stations for failing to provide captions during the breaking news of a possible tornado in the vicinity — Richmond Times-Dispatch interviewed me and published an entry which embarrassed three local stations — WWBT, WTVR and WRIC.

Fast forward to today, a tornado just visited Target and Best Buy where 18 people were injured.  That is surreal because it is less than few hundred feet away from Sam’s Club where it was destroyed in 1993!

Meanwhile, only two of three TV stations provided the live captions the whole time — WRIC and WWBT.

Shame on WTVR.

On other hand, see what happened if you protest and do something about it instead of begging them to provide something critical, eh?   Think about it!




8 Responses to “26: Coincidence Or What?”

  1. hedor said

    Yea, I remembered that day when I was in Silver Spring, MD at time. I never forgot the phone line went down. nowhere to contact mom and dad until my sister Karen contacted and let me know they were okay. I saw last night on news about suffork, Va. Flashback in 1993.

  2. hedor said

    Hey! That TV in background, is survived today at home, correct?

  3. Hello Kitty Fan said

    I love that picture!

  4. Hey said

    What happened to the article #27? Removed from your blog. Why?

  5. I need to verify a couple of things before I return article #27 back.


  6. DeafJohn said

    Wow, u looked so gay! LOL!

  7. dog food said

    hmm, you look pretty hot

  8. James said

    I checked this site thru the rumor about your article #27, but it was missing. This article will DEFINITELY put some people at MSD on the hot seats!!

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