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20: Vote For Molly Kestenbaum’s Doodle!

Posted by ridor9th on May 12, 2008

I have a confession to share with y’all. I love When I first heard of it, I dismiss it and prefer yahoo! But over the time, google has won me over with its consistency and accuracy.

And today, I was delighted to receive this information from a good friend of mine. Google simply affirmed what I liked the most about them. They find a way to relate with us all on daily basis even with the fact that they are one of the most successful internet companies in the world.

Google is hosting the Doodle 4 Google contest among the elementary, middle, junior high and high schools and it is open to the public to vote. Check the artwork by Molly Kestenbaum of Louis M. Klein Middle School in New York and I urge you all to vote for her Doodle! Amazing is it?!

How to view Molly’s Doodle? Click this link and click on vote. Then click on Grades 7-9. Look for region 2. Molly’s artwork is there. Then vote for her!



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21: Double Jeers to Matt Hamill & Eben Kostbar

Posted by ridor9th on May 11, 2008

Update: I found Eben Kostbar’s email address. Feel free to bombard and bury him alive! His email address is:

Update II: I made a vlog on this subject — it is not about the autobiography that Aidan Mack wanted it to be, nor Matt Hamill’s small company, small project or cheap-assed low-budget film production — it is all about the principle! Capisce?

Condescending. That is the word that first came to me when I think of Matt Hamill.

Double cheers to Amy Cohen-Efron for alerting the communities about Matt Hamill picking a hearing actor to perform as Deaf person in some cheap-assed independent low-budget film production. The result is that it sends a ripple effect to Washington and Rochester where Gallaudet and NTID/RIT subsequently cancelled the production’s attempts to hold the casting calls.

It prompted some silly people like Benis, Lolypup and Candy to whine about us standing up for what is right. They rather us to be passive and cower before these people. Shame on ye!

Matt Hamill then wrote on his website to slam Amy Cohen Efron, “It’s unfortunate that there is always a small portion of the deaf community that feels the need to protest the most trivial things in life.”

This simply reflects how stupid Matt Hamill can be when it comes to the issues within Deaf communities. The truth is that Matt is incredibly narcissistic. He thinks of his cock himself excessively. He does not care if his actions set our communities 20 or 30 years behind nor send a message to Hollywood industry that casting hearing people as Deaf in a major role and Deaf actors as deaf in minor roles are fine.

Hello? Remember blackface? YOu do not do that to African-American communities. And it is OK to do the same thing to Deaf Communities? Hello! Are you that *stupid*, Matt?

Matt attempted to turn the tables by portraying Amy Cohen-Efron as one of “extremists”.

Let’s face the music: Amy is knowledgeable about Deaf-related issues. Matt Hamill? Nyet! Amy knew the ramifications when one casted a hearing actor as deaf character in any film will deny the opportunities for Deaf people to work in film industry. Matt does not know an iota of things like that. He’s too busy beating up on others to show the world that he’s all tough.

Eben Kostbar, the hearing actor, who made a statement trying to appease the Deaf people on his MySpace profile, “In addition, through the process of reaching out to the Deaf Community, immersing myself in the Deaf Culture, becoming fluent in ASL and following Matt around for weeks, I have new respect and have fallen completely in love with the Deaf Culture, language and all its beautiful nuances. It was during this humbling process that I realized the debate of a hearing person playing a deaf role could be an issue. However, because of my new exposure and extensive dedication during this process I know I am 100% ready to live up to the high standards the deaf community deserves and rightfully demands.”

Wrong, Eben! No hearing person is ever 100% ready to portray as Deaf — they always fail. You did *not* fall in love with Deaf Culture and language — you only fell in love with Matt Hamill.

The whole point is that casting hearing actor in a major role as Deaf character *sends* a message out there that we will never be good as hearing people on any productions.

Eben was quick to point out with a smack of arrogance as if we owed him something: “However, please think of this: I helped birth a project, which will educate a large audience about Deaf Culture while at the same time presenting opportunities for the deaf community in front and behind the camera.”

This reeks of paternalism. This man thinks he is going to help us by doing us a favor. How paternalistic is this?

I’m so glad that Gallaudet and NTID/RIT has decided to boot them out. Serves them right. On other hand, this production team claims that they will hold a casting call in New York City — I’m urging Deaf people in the area to protest and disrupt this one in New York City.

Something has to be done over there in New York City.

I want to thank Amy Cohen-Efron for alerting us about this disgraceful plans — let’s face the music: The film will flop, no question about it! We must boycott and bury this film to a point where it shall never see the light of the day.



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Interlude: Hawk Relay’s My Mother Rocks!

Posted by ridor9th on May 8, 2008

Last year, I had the pleasure of serving as one of the judges to pick the winners of Hawk Relay’s ‘My Mother Rocks!’ vlog contest. Because of the success with the inaugural contest, Hawk Relay has sponsored the 2nd annual of this contest for 3 categories: High school, middle school and elementary school.

Check this announcement by Hawk Relay:

Hawk Relay’s “My Mom Rocks!” Vlog Contest Winners Announced

Hawk Relay has announced its winning entries of 2nd annual “My Mom Rocks!” Vlog contest for Mother’s Day. The contest was a huge success with total of 186 Vlogs submitted! Winners were selected in three categories; High School, Middle School and Elementary School.

High School winner is Andrew Duncan from Damascus, Maryland. Andrew did his heartfelt Vlog about his mom not giving up on him while he’s growing up to be who he is now. He will receive $150 dollars. Andrew requests that another $150 dollars to be given to Kendall Demonstration Elementary School’s ASL Department.

Middle School winner is Capriella Fenicle from Carmel, Indiana. With bright & vibrant walls in the background, she exclaims that her mom is the most fun mom. She will receive $150 dollars. Another $150 dollars will go to her school.

Elementary School winner is Lynicia Maynard who hails from Washington, DC. Lynicia expressed that her mom rocks because she gave up life on island to relocate to Washington, DC so that she could go to deaf school. She will receive $150 dollars and another $150 dollars will go to Kendall Demonstration Elementary School.

To see the current winners’ Vlogs, go to & see last year winner, Juliana Bahan from Maryland as well. All Vlogs will be displayed on the website for one month.

Each contestant will receive a “My Mom Rocks!” t-shirt for participating in the Vlog contest.

All participants did a fabulous job explaining why their mom rocks.

Hawk Relay would like to congratulate the winners and thank all of the participants who submitted Vlogs for this contest. See you next year at 3rd annual “My Mom Rocks!” Mother’s Day Vlog contest!

To learn more about Hawk Relay, visit Hawk Relay website at

*  *  *

As you can see why I continue to use Hawk Relay’s VRS most of the times.  In fact, I consider Hawk Relay to be one of these top VRS companies out there.



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22: Not Again! $%&#@!!!

Posted by ridor9th on May 7, 2008

Many knew that I do not trust the cops. I avoid them as much as I can. Why? Because many, many, many, many cops trampled on Deaf individuals’ dignity from A to Z. Of course, mainly with the communication barrier that led them to trample, dismiss, disregard, subjugate and disparage Deaf people’s dignity.

Of course, not all cops are bad. But let’s be serious — the truth is that the bad experiences outnumbers the good ones when it comes to us with the cops. How to find a solution for ’em to deal with us? Workshop? Presentation? No. No! We already did. It does not work like that. Provide a workshop once a year or 5 years will not penetrate these cops’ minds. Most of ’em are high school graduates — not college-educated, which means one thing — they’re stupid in some certain areas! I repeatedly urged that the police departments to hire deaf people to work in the departments. Not as a cop but as a forensic scientist, technician, assistant or something like that. This way, they can interact with Deaf people on a daily basis to a point where they will learn to respect!

Last Saturday morning in Philadelphia, a cop was shot. I do not approve the killing of cop. At all.

Last night, the cops chased after 3 individuals and more than 15 cops were out for blood and they attacked these 3 individuals savagely. You can see this video for yourself. It was too much.

I am irked at Phildalelphia cops for swarming over 3 individuals — I counted 19. Some said 14. It was obvious that 3 did resist a little but mostly, they surrendered. But that does not stop these cops from beating, stomping and kicking 3 so badly that they were hospitalized. You can see 2 guys being severely injured– including one of their leg.

I know they’re pissed off about these thugs who might killed one of their own — but c’mon, they were paid not to do that but to uphold the laws. The cops should be prosecuted for beating, stomping and kicking these 3 who were accused of murdering a cop.

Good job, Philly cops — all the more reasons to stay away from cops. At all costs. Just visit and type “police brutality” — self-explanatory.



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23: Oil Companies Suck!

Posted by ridor9th on May 6, 2008

The gasoline price at Wawa Convenience Store is $3.62. The oil companies continue to raise the prices every week by blaming politics, man-made disasters and natural disasters in some parts of the world. If there is a cold front coming up your way, expect 3 cents to pop up. If there is a hurricane coming your way, expect 5 cents to pop up.

What alarmed me the most is that the NASCAR events failed to sell out the seats for these silly car races in Richmond, Martinsville and other cities for the first time in many years!  It sends a message:  These fans cannot afford to get gas, tickets, hotel rooms and food any longer.  This sends a message out there that … we are truly fucked.

No, ethanol gas won’t help. Biofuels won’t help. In fact, it drives the food prices up as well. It is alarming that the oil companies also received billions of dollars from our government in subsidiaries. Ethanol and these biofuels which the Bush Administration claimed that it will help with controlling the gasoline prices has been repeatedly disavowed by many scientists who warned that these will not solve but to increase the food prices. In fact, the full tank of SUV with Ethanol can feed 300 people for a year …

Let’s face the reality: We lost. The oil companies won. They trapped us in a cycle. If we run to Congress and whine, they may impose the gas taxes on oil companies. Guess what the oil companies would do next? They’ll raise the gasoline prices on us and say, “Blame Congress — they forced us to raise the prices!”

So the cycle shall continue.

Alaskans has warned us that the Tundra is thawing. Which means what? The soil in the northern part of Alaska which has been frozen solid for million of years has started to soften. This is bad news. Methane gas which had been buried and preserved by the Tundra will leak. What of Alaska Oil Pipeline — the soil will thaw and the pipes may rupture.

More oil prices to rise your way.

Who shall suffer the worst? The minorities. Including Deaf people. Let’s face the music, none of us worked in the oil companies — name one, please!! — when things get worse, who will be fine?

White, hearing men who runs these oil companies. And these millionaires.

You will not be fine. You will suffer the most. As you can see, the economy in this country has gone downhill. And what is Bush doing? Playing around. Candidates? Empty promises to fulfill. Regular people like us does not have a voice at all.

In fact, Congress listened only to the lobbyists. Not regular people like you or me. Our Founding Fathers would be horrified to see our government as of today. Especially with James Madison and Thomas Jefferson — they would be appalled to know that the Congress valued the lobbyists and corporations over “We The People” in general.

It is shame. That’s what you asked for wanting to have SUVs in the first place.

Maybe it shall be better if we abolish our federal government and replace it with a clean slate. This time, Congress should be dictated by the wishes of People, not by Corporations.



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24: What Of Men? Prosecute Men!

Posted by ridor9th on May 1, 2008

More and more authorities are going after women who operates the prostitution rings and/or escort services. The owners, managers and/or prostitutes are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Men? None at all.

Women are doing what they are supposed to do — Hello! Economics 101 dictate what? Supply and Demand! Whose fault is this? Men, men, men and men. Not women — they just provide the supply.

Gov. Elliot Spitzer resigned as the Governor of New York after he was identified as one of the clients. But he was not (and still has not) indicted at all. Only the owner of the escort services.

Our big, bad government prosecuted Heidi Fleiss and Deborah Palfrey. But our government won’t prosecute Senator Vitter (R-Louisiana), Harlan Ullman and Randall Tobias who used the escort services to demean women in general.

Today, Deborah Palfrey committed suicide because she won’t go to the prison which she was found guilty for operating an escort service.

Statistically, women are 10 times more likely to be prosecuted for things related to prostitution than men. Why is that? All women did was to satisfy men’s urges and they are being punished for that. Who should be punished? Men with their primal urges, really.

Shame on our government for going after the wrong targets from the start.




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