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24: What Of Men? Prosecute Men!

Posted by ridor9th on May 1, 2008

More and more authorities are going after women who operates the prostitution rings and/or escort services. The owners, managers and/or prostitutes are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Men? None at all.

Women are doing what they are supposed to do — Hello! Economics 101 dictate what? Supply and Demand! Whose fault is this? Men, men, men and men. Not women — they just provide the supply.

Gov. Elliot Spitzer resigned as the Governor of New York after he was identified as one of the clients. But he was not (and still has not) indicted at all. Only the owner of the escort services.

Our big, bad government prosecuted Heidi Fleiss and Deborah Palfrey. But our government won’t prosecute Senator Vitter (R-Louisiana), Harlan Ullman and Randall Tobias who used the escort services to demean women in general.

Today, Deborah Palfrey committed suicide because she won’t go to the prison which she was found guilty for operating an escort service.

Statistically, women are 10 times more likely to be prosecuted for things related to prostitution than men. Why is that? All women did was to satisfy men’s urges and they are being punished for that. Who should be punished? Men with their primal urges, really.

Shame on our government for going after the wrong targets from the start.





6 Responses to “24: What Of Men? Prosecute Men!”

  1. Candy said

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It is just how society is. Men were always expected to be able to do these things and get away with it. Women are still considered less than equals and even if we came a long way, there are some things that some women does that just doesn’t help much. Take for instance, the new Hard Candy album that Madonna came out with. ha! Well, at least we know how to supply the demand!

  2. *Boston said

    It’s really tragic to see Deborah Palfrey committed suicide…I wish she hadn’t so she could divulge ALL the information about the johns and who they are, they all need to be exposed to show that our very own government is fucking with us. Throw me into a jail with all the gang members and I know I’ll be fine rather than you throwing me into a jail full of Republicans.


  3. Ann_C said

    Maybe to do with our society. Men are seen as “pillars” of society and women are often seen at the low end of the totem pole (pun intended).

  4. M said

    They probably murdered her, so she couldn’t tell all.

    I had a client once who had exchanged sex for money/services – whatever. I said something about it being demeaning, and she said, “If you go out and lay down with a man and you’ve got nothing to show for it but a wet ass – then. shame. on. you.” Every woman who has sex is doing it to get something out of it – even if it’s just the love of that man. In times past women withheld sex to get what they wanted – marriage. Prostitutes are just more honest about it.

  5. ridor9th said

    M, interesting! I had a mutual friend in New York City who is also Deaf and she works as a high-scale escort but she explained that she does not engage in “second or third base” sex (blowjobs and fuck sessions, that is!) — basically, because her body is like a hourglass with massive boobs — she was requested by rich men to cook, serve and entertain them in nude at their residences for about 4 to 5 hours … she told me that she does this two or three times per week and made $5K to $8K out of that.

    Apparently, she said that men just wanted a nude woman walking around serving them drinks and appetizers as a mindless servant … and she obliged to do it. I also asked her if she has done second and/or third base as an escort — she laughed and said, “Many years ago! And never again! Men are freaks! No offense!”

    If I was such a hottie (as a man or as a woman) and in need of a quick cash, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Why? Why not? You live only once! LOL.


  6. R said

    Deborah Palfrey was “suicided” on May 1st as an act of sacrifice by those celebrating the anniversary. She has knowledges that could expose the high-leveled people among the powers that be. About seven years ago, Chandra Levy disappeared on that very day. You know what happened five months later. How? Because she knew.

    Connect the dots, Ridor.

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