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23: Oil Companies Suck!

Posted by ridor9th on May 6, 2008

The gasoline price at Wawa Convenience Store is $3.62. The oil companies continue to raise the prices every week by blaming politics, man-made disasters and natural disasters in some parts of the world. If there is a cold front coming up your way, expect 3 cents to pop up. If there is a hurricane coming your way, expect 5 cents to pop up.

What alarmed me the most is that the NASCAR events failed to sell out the seats for these silly car races in Richmond, Martinsville and other cities for the first time in many years!  It sends a message:  These fans cannot afford to get gas, tickets, hotel rooms and food any longer.  This sends a message out there that … we are truly fucked.

No, ethanol gas won’t help. Biofuels won’t help. In fact, it drives the food prices up as well. It is alarming that the oil companies also received billions of dollars from our government in subsidiaries. Ethanol and these biofuels which the Bush Administration claimed that it will help with controlling the gasoline prices has been repeatedly disavowed by many scientists who warned that these will not solve but to increase the food prices. In fact, the full tank of SUV with Ethanol can feed 300 people for a year …

Let’s face the reality: We lost. The oil companies won. They trapped us in a cycle. If we run to Congress and whine, they may impose the gas taxes on oil companies. Guess what the oil companies would do next? They’ll raise the gasoline prices on us and say, “Blame Congress — they forced us to raise the prices!”

So the cycle shall continue.

Alaskans has warned us that the Tundra is thawing. Which means what? The soil in the northern part of Alaska which has been frozen solid for million of years has started to soften. This is bad news. Methane gas which had been buried and preserved by the Tundra will leak. What of Alaska Oil Pipeline — the soil will thaw and the pipes may rupture.

More oil prices to rise your way.

Who shall suffer the worst? The minorities. Including Deaf people. Let’s face the music, none of us worked in the oil companies — name one, please!! — when things get worse, who will be fine?

White, hearing men who runs these oil companies. And these millionaires.

You will not be fine. You will suffer the most. As you can see, the economy in this country has gone downhill. And what is Bush doing? Playing around. Candidates? Empty promises to fulfill. Regular people like us does not have a voice at all.

In fact, Congress listened only to the lobbyists. Not regular people like you or me. Our Founding Fathers would be horrified to see our government as of today. Especially with James Madison and Thomas Jefferson — they would be appalled to know that the Congress valued the lobbyists and corporations over “We The People” in general.

It is shame. That’s what you asked for wanting to have SUVs in the first place.

Maybe it shall be better if we abolish our federal government and replace it with a clean slate. This time, Congress should be dictated by the wishes of People, not by Corporations.




17 Responses to “23: Oil Companies Suck!”

  1. DeafSun said

    Time for all of you to look at Ron paul. I am going to vote him. He is right one but Media push him out of spotlight.

  2. E said

    LOL. Ridor thinks America exists in a vacuum. There are also global factors, but the biggest one is China. With over 1 billion people and their manufacturing sector rapidly expanding, they need energy too… so there is a large global demand for oil.

  3. cantcomplain said

    I am riding bus on regular basis. One nice about being deaf, I pay discounted fare…85 cents per way. If not for it, i would drive to work. Hearie fare is still too expensive… $2.05 per way.

    I own a small diesel car which has good gas mileage but I hardly use it. I owned a gas guzzling van then. thank god I sold it a few years ago.

    I pretty much agree with you tho.

  4. M said

    This would not be such a problem if Americans didn’t think they have a God-given right to drive gas guzzling SUV’s. They think this right is equal to freedom of religion and freedom of speech. If everyone drove more fuel efficient vehicles – the demand would be less – and the prices would be less. It really is that simple.

  5. Hedy said

    Wait and see…Truckers will strike. Oil companies love truckers. They will freak when truckers are going to strike and crash million dollars in stock and profits.

  6. Jeffrey said

    I think we need to start considering a good pair of Vibram soled boots…not a bad idea….
    Black Gold…
    Texas Tea…


    Good One, Ridor!

  7. Karen Mayes said

    Oh, I know, I know… ugh. It seems to me that the Bush admininstration, as it is approaching to its end, is unravelling and we are seeing problems popping up everywhere now, with foreclosures, school budget problems, etc. I know I can’t blame the Bush Adm. 100%…

    Even some school districts are thinking of scrapping the late buses all together to save costs… meaning parents would have to pick up kids from after school’s activities. My husband has an annual review coming up soon and we are hoping that he’d get a nice decent raise since we COULD use it, especially nowadays we spend more money on gas than food nowadays :o(

    Hopefully things will get better

  8. Hey said

    Life bitches.

  9. Matthew said

    Hey Ricky, ever heard of OPEC? How about supply and demand? Here is what O’Reilly said recently re this topic:

    The most important problem facing the USA right now is oil prices, and none of the candidates can do a thing about them. They say they can, but that’s complete bull. The oil cartel is going to charge as much as it can. The Arabs, Chavez and the others are going to gouge the world and we can’t stop them. The American oil companies are not going to build more refineries and the candidates can’t make them. Big oil sees the inevitable shift to alternative energy as going for the big dollars right now.

    The Democratic Party opposes most drilling, nuclear energy that liberal countries like France and Sweden have and aggressive action to protect foreign oil supplies. The Republican Party pretty much lets big oil do whatever it wants and refuses to rein in corrupt speculators who drive up the price of oil.

    So the next time you hear politicians say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it’s complete BS. If Americans want lower gas prices, cut back. Sell those SUVs, ride a bike when you can. If every one of us bought 10 percent less gasoline, prices would fall fast.

    Instead of pointing fingers, do your part and conserve!

  10. M said

    Again – if Americans didn’t think it was their God-given right to drive gas drinking SUV’s this wouldn’t be the problem that it is. Also, going solar is cheaper than ever before, and the cost of installing the solar usually pays for itself within 5 years.

  11. The sky-high cost of oil price (per barrel) is tied to the decline of the U.S. dollar as the major global currency. Several major oil-producing and non-oil-producing countries have dropped the dollar for the euro and a basket of other currencies in order to diversify its various assets, holdings and other stocks, in hope they could have staying powers, however, theirs won’t be much of a factor, since most currencies have been historically unstable. Furthermore, China and India are paying more money for barrels of oil, which can be a pain for the US oil companies have to pay more to import oil into the US.

    People blame OPEC. People blame SUV drivers. People blame gorebal warming. People blame Bush or oil companies. The truth is there’s no one or nothing to blame for high oil prices. It is really determined by market demands and available supplies in a competitive, speculative arena, where traders from all over the world are fighting for an inch of bidding for one barrel of oil, set at any price. It’s like a giant auction bid.

    However, the Bush administration, with experiences in the oil industry, know this all too well, if you would consider the 1973 oil crisis as the lesson to be learned, that is it. They are determined not to make the same mistakes by giving OPEC too much “carte blanche” over worldwide oil prices. The decline of the U.S. dollar can be an actual blessing in disguise, since other countries have dropped it and used the euro/other currencies already, they will be in for a rude shock when the U.S. dollar is poised a bullish comeback in the near future. It may be primed and timed by the Bush administration machinations for the summer’s electoral season for McCain and Obama/Clinton, when the national conventions will be held.

    It should be an interesting season.

  12. Karen Mayes said

    Ahhh… yesterday morning I stopped by a gas station… and it was $3.64 per gallon. After coming home from an appointment, I took a quick look at the station where I stopped a few hours earlier and my eyebrows went up… it jumped to $3.86 per gallon.

    Ugh. Makes me glad that I put gas in my car a few hours earlier!

  13. DeafShark said

    What about your good friend, Marc Burton as a gas guzzler from driving his SUV? Ouch!

  14. ridor9th said

    Marc Burton is an acquaintenance of mine. Does not mean that he’s my good friend, tard.

  15. dog food said

    M; not every American thinks the way you do. Get off your Un-American high horse.

  16. tsfiles said

    Oil companies aren’t raising prices. Your understanding of this issue (not to mention basic economics) is very superficial.

  17. Abu-diheh Siri said

    I have worked with big oil and continue to work for big oil companies. Many years ago we have been pretty stagnant in price with oil. We needed to make changes and help preserve the oil shortage by raising oil to a new level. We hope this will help people realize we will need to continue high gas prices and make individuals rethink what they need to do. Yes it sucks right now but it wil suck even more when gas goes to 6.00/gallon will this happen -yes- why because we can and we will to preserve the shortage. Plus I loved my bonus check last quarter and my wonderful salary they provide me. I think if people cut out all the things worth while and fun you will be fine. It’s like your working for big oil but just the opposite your giving us some of your paycheck and the things you like doing because you spend 8 hours or more at a job you can’t stand, which you should. Bend over some more because it’s time to lay some pipe, but not pipes for oil. We control that. So why you are at home because you cant afford to go anywhere-thing of me and my big fat home,fatty car, chicks everywhere, and most of all my fat ass job beeeeeeaaaatttcchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


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