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22: Not Again! $%&#@!!!

Posted by ridor9th on May 7, 2008

Many knew that I do not trust the cops. I avoid them as much as I can. Why? Because many, many, many, many cops trampled on Deaf individuals’ dignity from A to Z. Of course, mainly with the communication barrier that led them to trample, dismiss, disregard, subjugate and disparage Deaf people’s dignity.

Of course, not all cops are bad. But let’s be serious — the truth is that the bad experiences outnumbers the good ones when it comes to us with the cops. How to find a solution for ’em to deal with us? Workshop? Presentation? No. No! We already did. It does not work like that. Provide a workshop once a year or 5 years will not penetrate these cops’ minds. Most of ’em are high school graduates — not college-educated, which means one thing — they’re stupid in some certain areas! I repeatedly urged that the police departments to hire deaf people to work in the departments. Not as a cop but as a forensic scientist, technician, assistant or something like that. This way, they can interact with Deaf people on a daily basis to a point where they will learn to respect!

Last Saturday morning in Philadelphia, a cop was shot. I do not approve the killing of cop. At all.

Last night, the cops chased after 3 individuals and more than 15 cops were out for blood and they attacked these 3 individuals savagely. You can see this video for yourself. It was too much.

I am irked at Phildalelphia cops for swarming over 3 individuals — I counted 19. Some said 14. It was obvious that 3 did resist a little but mostly, they surrendered. But that does not stop these cops from beating, stomping and kicking 3 so badly that they were hospitalized. You can see 2 guys being severely injured– including one of their leg.

I know they’re pissed off about these thugs who might killed one of their own — but c’mon, they were paid not to do that but to uphold the laws. The cops should be prosecuted for beating, stomping and kicking these 3 who were accused of murdering a cop.

Good job, Philly cops — all the more reasons to stay away from cops. At all costs. Just visit and type “police brutality” — self-explanatory.




7 Responses to “22: Not Again! $%&#@!!!”

  1. deafk said

    Yeah, I agree with ya!! Totally!


  2. Hello Kitty Fan said

    How about presentations AND hiring deaf? I agree, hiring deaf would be easiest.

  3. why? said

    one deaf working in police dept would not be enough for big cities. they should hire a bunch of deafies. that would be great.

    well they stomped on hearies too. dont they still understand hearies at all? they dont understand human rights period. Cops are trained to shoot as well as stomp on them.

  4. Andrea said

    I noticed cops alway beat on Blacks mostly – I am tired/sick of hearing of African-American citzens have been beat by cops. Cops should educate toward Blacks in America, period. Where is RESPECT toward Black???? That key is RESPECT/PERSPECTIVE. Why not beating on Whites if they are in hot pursuit like cops chasing Whites’ vehicle on freeway or street? COPS, Be grown up!!!

  5. It will be a matter of time before cops get caught on video of beating up the Deaf, who will be our Deaf Rodney King, will there be a riot in Deafhood as a result. Something to think about.

  6. Andrea said

    Police VS People. (I wonder…)

    You know, America has the HIGHEST crime from A to Z caught by law enforement than any country. Also, the people who are witness or in sercet call 911 as they are thrillers to make calls.

    Be Grown-up, People and Cops!!!

  7. Eddie said

    I’m the son of a cop, and this video makes me sick too. However, I see a lot of things from the police perspective as well (nothing that justifies this, don’t get me wrong), such as police officers being spit on by crackheads and AIDS-infected people, people trying to stab cops with needles, shooting at cops, and so forth. No wonder law enforcement is THE most stressful job to have. We, as a society, have lost respect for law enforcement, and vice-versa sometimes. It will require understanding, patience, and education on BOTH sides to make this type of situation a rarity. One thing I have heard, is that Philidelphia only requires a high school degree for it’s officers? That is amazing to me, as most law enforcement agencies I know of require a minimum of 60 hours of college before hiring. The more educated a police officer is, the less likely they will be to jump into a situation like this (not everytime, just more likely), and also they would be more likely to be receptive to training that focuses on dealing with all types of ethnicities and disabilities. Good post!

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