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Interlude: Hawk Relay’s My Mother Rocks!

Posted by ridor9th on May 8, 2008

Last year, I had the pleasure of serving as one of the judges to pick the winners of Hawk Relay’s ‘My Mother Rocks!’ vlog contest. Because of the success with the inaugural contest, Hawk Relay has sponsored the 2nd annual of this contest for 3 categories: High school, middle school and elementary school.

Check this announcement by Hawk Relay:

Hawk Relay’s “My Mom Rocks!” Vlog Contest Winners Announced

Hawk Relay has announced its winning entries of 2nd annual “My Mom Rocks!” Vlog contest for Mother’s Day. The contest was a huge success with total of 186 Vlogs submitted! Winners were selected in three categories; High School, Middle School and Elementary School.

High School winner is Andrew Duncan from Damascus, Maryland. Andrew did his heartfelt Vlog about his mom not giving up on him while he’s growing up to be who he is now. He will receive $150 dollars. Andrew requests that another $150 dollars to be given to Kendall Demonstration Elementary School’s ASL Department.

Middle School winner is Capriella Fenicle from Carmel, Indiana. With bright & vibrant walls in the background, she exclaims that her mom is the most fun mom. She will receive $150 dollars. Another $150 dollars will go to her school.

Elementary School winner is Lynicia Maynard who hails from Washington, DC. Lynicia expressed that her mom rocks because she gave up life on island to relocate to Washington, DC so that she could go to deaf school. She will receive $150 dollars and another $150 dollars will go to Kendall Demonstration Elementary School.

To see the current winners’ Vlogs, go to & see last year winner, Juliana Bahan from Maryland as well. All Vlogs will be displayed on the website for one month.

Each contestant will receive a “My Mom Rocks!” t-shirt for participating in the Vlog contest.

All participants did a fabulous job explaining why their mom rocks.

Hawk Relay would like to congratulate the winners and thank all of the participants who submitted Vlogs for this contest. See you next year at 3rd annual “My Mom Rocks!” Mother’s Day Vlog contest!

To learn more about Hawk Relay, visit Hawk Relay website at

*  *  *

As you can see why I continue to use Hawk Relay’s VRS most of the times.  In fact, I consider Hawk Relay to be one of these top VRS companies out there.




4 Responses to “Interlude: Hawk Relay’s My Mother Rocks!”

  1. hmm

    “Each contestant will receive a “My Mom Rocks!” t-shirt for participating in the Vlog contest.”

    last year, my kid was in it, still havent gotten a t-shirt
    contacted the school, they said nope not got – so I dont even bother to enter 2nd year in a row.

    and last year I felt was odd – person was LEADING The votes – yet did not win, what was the point of online voting last year I wondered…

    but congrats to HAwk Relay to get some children involved to say their mom rocks, but the main reason was to win 150.00 I guess….

  2. Inquiring said

    Is Hawk Relay currently using its OWN interpreters and OWN call centers. Private labeling CACVRS doesn’t count as a bona fide VRS.

  3. dog food said

    midwest guy; you’re sore over a stupid t-shirt, now you’re jealous of today’s winners getting 150?

    get a job!

  4. SLY said

    That is right Hawks doses not use their own interps. They are in partnership wiht CACVRS in michigan. CAC has other partnership with Viable and one from Canada. CAC is settng up another center in Ohio this year. But Hawk is dirty businessman because he doesn’t market is vrs much like Viable, Sorenson, Sprint and CSDVRS does. He uses his VRS business for his other businesses he has required his employeee and contractors to use his VRS to run up the hours to get a lot of $$$ from FCC after they ran up the hours. So he is not really VRS profider. He is a con man eating up FCC money.

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