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21: Double Jeers to Matt Hamill & Eben Kostbar

Posted by ridor9th on May 11, 2008

Update: I found Eben Kostbar’s email address. Feel free to bombard and bury him alive! His email address is:

Update II: I made a vlog on this subject — it is not about the autobiography that Aidan Mack wanted it to be, nor Matt Hamill’s small company, small project or cheap-assed low-budget film production — it is all about the principle! Capisce?

Condescending. That is the word that first came to me when I think of Matt Hamill.

Double cheers to Amy Cohen-Efron for alerting the communities about Matt Hamill picking a hearing actor to perform as Deaf person in some cheap-assed independent low-budget film production. The result is that it sends a ripple effect to Washington and Rochester where Gallaudet and NTID/RIT subsequently cancelled the production’s attempts to hold the casting calls.

It prompted some silly people like Benis, Lolypup and Candy to whine about us standing up for what is right. They rather us to be passive and cower before these people. Shame on ye!

Matt Hamill then wrote on his website to slam Amy Cohen Efron, “It’s unfortunate that there is always a small portion of the deaf community that feels the need to protest the most trivial things in life.”

This simply reflects how stupid Matt Hamill can be when it comes to the issues within Deaf communities. The truth is that Matt is incredibly narcissistic. He thinks of his cock himself excessively. He does not care if his actions set our communities 20 or 30 years behind nor send a message to Hollywood industry that casting hearing people as Deaf in a major role and Deaf actors as deaf in minor roles are fine.

Hello? Remember blackface? YOu do not do that to African-American communities. And it is OK to do the same thing to Deaf Communities? Hello! Are you that *stupid*, Matt?

Matt attempted to turn the tables by portraying Amy Cohen-Efron as one of “extremists”.

Let’s face the music: Amy is knowledgeable about Deaf-related issues. Matt Hamill? Nyet! Amy knew the ramifications when one casted a hearing actor as deaf character in any film will deny the opportunities for Deaf people to work in film industry. Matt does not know an iota of things like that. He’s too busy beating up on others to show the world that he’s all tough.

Eben Kostbar, the hearing actor, who made a statement trying to appease the Deaf people on his MySpace profile, “In addition, through the process of reaching out to the Deaf Community, immersing myself in the Deaf Culture, becoming fluent in ASL and following Matt around for weeks, I have new respect and have fallen completely in love with the Deaf Culture, language and all its beautiful nuances. It was during this humbling process that I realized the debate of a hearing person playing a deaf role could be an issue. However, because of my new exposure and extensive dedication during this process I know I am 100% ready to live up to the high standards the deaf community deserves and rightfully demands.”

Wrong, Eben! No hearing person is ever 100% ready to portray as Deaf — they always fail. You did *not* fall in love with Deaf Culture and language — you only fell in love with Matt Hamill.

The whole point is that casting hearing actor in a major role as Deaf character *sends* a message out there that we will never be good as hearing people on any productions.

Eben was quick to point out with a smack of arrogance as if we owed him something: “However, please think of this: I helped birth a project, which will educate a large audience about Deaf Culture while at the same time presenting opportunities for the deaf community in front and behind the camera.”

This reeks of paternalism. This man thinks he is going to help us by doing us a favor. How paternalistic is this?

I’m so glad that Gallaudet and NTID/RIT has decided to boot them out. Serves them right. On other hand, this production team claims that they will hold a casting call in New York City — I’m urging Deaf people in the area to protest and disrupt this one in New York City.

Something has to be done over there in New York City.

I want to thank Amy Cohen-Efron for alerting us about this disgraceful plans — let’s face the music: The film will flop, no question about it! We must boycott and bury this film to a point where it shall never see the light of the day.



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39 Responses to “21: Double Jeers to Matt Hamill & Eben Kostbar”

  1. RLM said


  2. jstruhar said

    waving BRAVO!!!

  3. Ben Vess said

    The movie is about his life. Not the Deaf community. You will have no part in producing, editing, distributing, and marketing this movie–so why do you think you have a say in how things are run?

    Ego, my friend, ego…Let’s just tone it down a bit.

    Ben Vess (the only blogger you named).

  4. *Boston said

    Well said Ridor!

    If the whole film flops, it is not to be blamed on Deaf community, it’s to blame Matt and his babe buddy, Eben.

  5. ridor9th said

    It is not about the ego. It is about how the film will make an impact upon Hollywood in the long run — something that you are not familiar with nor cared to argue about. Everyone knew that you’re too tense to deal nor think of ramifications to start with.

    Again, your comments are absurd as usual.


  6. Jeffrey said


    I’m in total agreement with what you’re saying.

    Remember what Barkley said about the role model controversy:

    “I think the media demands that athletes be role models because there’s some jealousy involved. It’s as if they say, this is a young black kid playing a game for a living and making all this money, so we’re going to make it tough on him. And what they’re really doing is telling kids to look up to someone they can’t become, because not many people can be like we are. Kids can’t be like Michael Jordan.”



    Hearing people can’t be Deaf people.
    Is the media jealous of Deaf People?

    I guess they found a pawn in Hamill.

  7. Candy said

    So Matt made a choice in who he wants to “play him” in this film, ergo, he’s condescending? Wow! That’s a f**ked up concept.

    Perhaps you’re still miffed that Matt wasn’t interested in ye?

  8. neecy said

    Its not casting hearing people who play deaf characters in movies/tv that pushes the Deaf agenda back 20 years, its THIS kind of attitude towards those who do so that pushes things back. If this individual is the one Matt wants to portray him in a movie about HIS LIFE, then by God, its his right to do that! When they make a movie about Ridor, you can chose who you want to play you, but you have no right to dictate who can or can’t play a CHARACTER in a movie! Likening a movie character to being racist is asinine.

    Look at the movie “MASK” with Eric Stolz, or even The Miracle Worker with Anne Bancroft and Patti Duke…there are so many wonderful, WONDERFUL movies out there with people who portray somebody different from who they really are. That’s what ACTING is. Don’t go knocking the fact that Eben isn’t Deaf because its not your choice to make. It reeks of “not Deaf enough” and we really don’t need that kind of attitude being shown from the Deaf community again. There’s enough people who are convinced that the Deaf community is filled with nothing but elitist, segregated egotists who believe that the world should revolve around them and their Deaf ways, and their way is the ONLY way, and that’s why for some its so hard to try to bridge the gap, when they’re confronted with this kind of attitude.

  9. ridor9th said

    Candy wrong! You are so stupid that you attempted to cram my throat with words that I never said — I *already* viewed Matt Hamill as condescending, homophobic more than 2 YEARS AGO — something that you never knew, you stupid newbie! i already wrote an entry a long time ago that I sneered at matt hamill because he is very homophobic — I know because I dealt that with him when i was Resident Advisor at Gallaudet and he was nuts. So, you, Candy, shut the fuck up when you do not know a thing or two. I was there and you were not there!

    Not because I find him hot — he is such a piece of shit and ugly fucktard for me to look at!

    Neecy, you obviously are stupid to a point where I’ll not dignify myself with a response.


  10. Hamill -OUT! said

    Way to go!

  11. DJ said


    The director of “The Miracle Worker”, Arthur Penn, later worked with the National Theater of the Deaf and told company members that he regretted casting a hearing (and sighted) person in Helen Keller’s role because he did not know that deaf actors were so capable at the time.

    Are you saying that it’s okay for a hearing person to be hired over a perfectly capable deaf person? Why not have a deaf person in this role? Why not?

    Matt did not make the call himself to cast the hearing actor– he is just doing the noble thing by supporting the producers who paid him for his life rights. Our job is to educate the producers… and if they cast a deaf person instead, I am sure Matt would support this decision.

  12. sociopath said

    thank god you guys are deaf, so you cant hear how stupid you sound:)

  13. Jean Boutcher said


    You are correct. “The Miracle Worker” was filmed BEFORE Stokoe proclaimed in the mid-1960s that ASL’s structure and syntax met (meets) the rules of the universal grammar.

  14. neecy said

    DJ – read Matt’s website – he chose Eban to represent him and that’s the way its going to be. Its HIS choice, and that’s the way it should be. Its not the choice of you, me, or anybody in the deaf blogsphere. He feels that Eban will best represent him – after all, he didn’t start learning sign language until he went to college at NTID. As someone who did the same thing, I fully support him, and understand why he feels the way he does. Who gives Ridor, or Amy, or anybody else the right to TELL him who should be casted? Its not their place. If they want a Deaf person casted in a Deaf role, they can make their own movie!

  15. Penny said


    I agree with you and Amy all the way…but do you know what? I really don’t care about Matt’s movie because his professional sport promotes violence. All of us are seeing many violence in this world. Burma…Government refused to allow countries to assist victims…Baffling! News showed few months ago about young adults beat up homeless people when they slept near shops…they beat homeless people with bat!!! Scary! Also some nuts have been assaulting gay people in S.F. not sure why News did not mention about it…Police beat up innocent victims…and many more…Matt’s career begets violence. I will not watch his movie and in a way I am glad that hearing actor will play him because I want our community set good role models for Deaf children. But again…I see yours and Amy’s point…if deaf people want to protest in NYC…great…write letters to production…great…I am still behind them but I do not care about Matt’s new movie.

  16. Penny said

    Ooops! I didn’t bat…I mean baseball bat, smile…

  17. Penny said

    Sorry error again…I didn’t mean bat…I meant baseball bat. 🙂

  18. Concerned Deaf Citizen said


    With due respect, you said it was an obscure low budget independent film? Then why care? Pick your fights.

  19. Concerned Deaf Citizen said

    BTW, what’s your beef with Matt Hamill in the first place? I saw in an old blog of yours that he supposedly said “fag”. You realize almost every male athlete talks like that? Unfortunately it’s the truth, so let’s hate all athletes.

  20. ridor9th said

    CDC: I worked as RA in Peet Hall when Matt Hamill picked up a copy of newspaper on the couch many years ago. He did not realize that the newspaper is none other than The Washington Blade. Which is gay weekly newspaper in Washington, DC.

    When Matt realized that it is gay publication, he threw it over my head in the office which startled me to no end. He went on a barrage of homophohbic slurs which offended me to no end. Says a lot about who he is.

    So your argument about other athletes are ridiculous. Why? I have some friends who are athletes and they do not behave like that, honey. So please pick your fights when you know what I m TALKING about. now … FUCK OFF!


  21. observer said

    Ridor, I do think your hurling insults at people who disagree with you shows a deplorable unwillingness or inability to participate in meaningful debate. BUT you did what I, and MANY others, have longed to do for weeks – tell Candy to shut the fuck up. Thank you. Her thinking and approach are toxic. She’s always blaming the community without examining the issues. Thank you!

  22. Hello Kitty Fan said

    Ridor, beautifully written. One of your best entries to date.

    Someone asked why care if it’s a small film. It’s cos of the principle of the matter.

  23. Darla Thompson said

    Rigor, Way to go! I am thrilled this entry is posted! This is a good fight! Keep the Deaf Pride flag up high!

    To those Hoos, and their bullies: Deaf community are so closed due to many years of being bullying by Hearing/Oralist Club! It is time for us to be The Bully!

    However, get this:

    Black community fought with blood, Chinese fought with blood, and so did the Women society. Deaf community had always grant the Hoos’ world from the fighting. This may be most peaceful community. I feel this is time for us to be Bully weither you like or not.

    Candy, I always skip your comments, never worth any cent in reading them. You talks like a donkey! or a sheep!! They are the most stupid animals!

  24. Dan said

    Deaf cults are brainless and lifeless. They never be able to understand the real world is. Money is Money. Business is Business. Simple. Will TV or Movie investors be happy with deaf market? Look at this “tiny” deaf population! compared to the hearing industry world.

    I praised Matt as owner / co-producer and he controls hearing actors. Wow! It seems History-maker. Hollywood industries will look at Matt as respected person and marketable! He can make million dollars profits from the movie as long as he is close to hollywood / continue marketing to hearing community, NOT deaf community – it will flop.

    Is any DEAF producer or film-maker making MILLION DOLLARS??? Involve Hollywood business??? SEE! SEE!!!

    Understand? Maybe, it’s difficult time for Deaf cults to understand, until they become SENIORS or NEVER. Sorry for them.

  25. C said

    Matt should go obama’s house and be learn become to be gay with obama

  26. ridor9th said

    Dan, you’re retard. Anyone can read your comments and see how retard you are just like Peggy Tucker!


  27. ChrisH said

    Dan, ORAL DEAF CULTS are dangerous. They can brainwash you, out of reality world. Be careful

    “That being said, Matt is probably the only one that has lied repeatedly to our business and those that were close to us. He is also not man enough to reply to anyone that he’s screwed in the process.”

  28. ChrisH said

    Dan, “That being said, Matt is probably the only one that has lied repeatedly to our business and those that were close to us. He is also not man enough to reply to anyone that he’s screwed in the process.”

  29. ChrisH said

    Dan, you need to read site about Matt Hamill

  30. Always love your points!

  31. Deaf258 said

    Wow, you nailed it right on the spot, Ridor!

  32. No Name said

    It’s always good to see your blog again, I miss your RidorLIVE and that still stays on my all-time favorite bookmarks.

    Off the subject for a moment, would you please be kind enough to provide us with your thoughts and comments on Hillary Clinton after I read several sources that she’s a big supportive of AGBAD. For a start, read this link


  33. Eddie said


    You already know my thoughts on this, just wanted to post a comment to show I have been here on your blog. Very diversified, keep up the good work, even if we disagree from time to time! LOL


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  35. […] Matt Hamill Matt Hammil Vs Amy Cohen Efron Part 2 Support Hamill? Yes and No Go, Matt Hamill. Go! 21: Double Jeers to Matt Hamill & Eben Kostbar Open Letter to Matt […]

  36. FruitfulJay said

    Wow. That was one sad rant against a good man; Hammill might be a bit cocky but PLEASE be honest – how is it a bad thing to have a wrestler portrayed by another wrestler? Hearing ability (or lack thereof) isn’t a consideration. Give the guy earplugs for a few days, problem solved.

  37. ridor9th said

    What the fuck? Matt Hamill ain’t a good man. He is abusive, homophobic and stupid at its best. How good can he be?

    if you want to defend him, be sure to spell his last name *right* because it makes you look stupid.


  38. michael said

    Honestly you guys, I really can see where R is coming from about deaf people should be able to get into acting industry too. I really do believe that myself BUT if hearing people play the roles of deaf people, they have to “become” that person and I honestly think they’ll get a little bit of an idea how much of a struggle it is for us in everyday life and have a new look on things. But I really do agree on the whole letting deaf people in too.

  39. michael said

    And sorry but Dan you are what makes us look stupid. Fix your grammers. You make it look like deaf people never go to school or learn how to write in a proper way.

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