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20: Vote For Molly Kestenbaum’s Doodle!

Posted by ridor9th on May 12, 2008

I have a confession to share with y’all. I love When I first heard of it, I dismiss it and prefer yahoo! But over the time, google has won me over with its consistency and accuracy.

And today, I was delighted to receive this information from a good friend of mine. Google simply affirmed what I liked the most about them. They find a way to relate with us all on daily basis even with the fact that they are one of the most successful internet companies in the world.

Google is hosting the Doodle 4 Google contest among the elementary, middle, junior high and high schools and it is open to the public to vote. Check the artwork by Molly Kestenbaum of Louis M. Klein Middle School in New York and I urge you all to vote for her Doodle! Amazing is it?!

How to view Molly’s Doodle? Click this link and click on vote. Then click on Grades 7-9. Look for region 2. Molly’s artwork is there. Then vote for her!



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15 Responses to “20: Vote For Molly Kestenbaum’s Doodle!”

  1. Scott H said

    I voted, so its your turn to vote.


  2. Renny Kassel said

    Done vote 4 Molly’s artwork! :o)

  3. Stevie12 said

    Voted for Molly’s artwork!

  4. MJ and John - Happy Signers! said

    Why should we vote for Molly? Why do you prefer hers over others? Thanks! 🙂

  5. anoy said

    MJ And John,

    Have u seen her artwork? If not then no wonder. If u have so, then ur dick.

  6. Cool! said

    I voted! Very creative! Thanks!

  7. Voted said

    Voted it 50 times! 🙂

  8. DeafChulo said

    Awesome! I voted for hers! (also did voted in other 3 grade groups)

  9. Ben Vess said

    I clicked on vote like 20 times. Does that mean I voted for Molly 20 times? There wasn’t any confirmation of my vote so I dunno if my vote went through…


  10. ridor9th said

    actually, Ben if you look above the click box, it’ll tell you if you already voted or not.


  11. Scott H said

    go to this link

  12. M said

    Vote for ridorto update his blog

  13. Oh, brother! said

    I know! Ricky’s period is so late. He’s taken up a new [boy]friend, perhaps …Prez. Robbie D. at Gally?

    M Says:
    June 9, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    Vote for ridorto update his blog

  14. M said

    He’s not going to report from the NAD conference this time? Geeze!

  15. Interesting said

    LOL damn fool!

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