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17: Again, Do Not Trust Cops

Posted by ridor9th on July 30, 2008

Many years ago when I lived in East Village in New York, I had the pleasure of watching hundrds, if not thousands, of cyclists whizzing down First Avenue as a part of Critical Mass, the monthly gathering on the last Friday of each month to raise the awareness on cyclists’ rights to use the roads in the city.

The last weekend of August, 2004 was the weekend that ultimately turned me against Republicans, NYPD and GW Bush. Remember during the Republicans National Convention, the press mentioned that about 1,200 “protesters” were arrested on the first day of the convention?

They were not protesters. In fact, these “protesters” were nowhere close to Madison Square Garden where the convention took place! Madison Square Garden is on 34th Street and 8th Avenue. Critical Mass often whizzed down from Harlem to Houston Street on First Avenue. But that did not stop NYPD from putting the vans on First Avenue as a part of strategy to squeeze the cyclists into a small line so that the cops who hid in front of the vans — they were ready to yank the cyclists off from their bicycles.

The officers yanked all kinds of people including teenagers and small children off from their bicycles. And in the process, the officers smashed, trashed and damaged thousands of bicycles. There was a pile of bicycles which quickly grew to a large mound.

I was there. On sidewalk, that is on First Avenue and 12th Street — watching the whole episode that basically extinguished my faith in law enforcement ever since.

I was horrified. I quickly wondered, “What if Deaf people were part of this? We’d be maimed, crushed and injured.” And to top it all, the cops had the means to indict us with anything else in particular. They can invent a charge and waste my time, effort, energy and money in the courts. That moment, I realized that the cops harbors such power to trumpet the charges on anyone else in particular. Even you and I can’t come out of blue and charge them with anything — only they can do.

This is the same batch of New York Police Department whom lost their lives on 9/11 when the terrorists destroyed World Trade Center. This is the same group that the Americans viewed them as ‘heroes’. I do not view them as heroes — in fact, they were paid by taxpayers to do their jobs, that is to serve and to protect. Death comes with territory, like it or not.

Not many people knew that when these cops perished at Ground Zero, many widows went on to marry these cops’ best friends. It turned out that these cops has some kind of culture behind that Blue Wall where they cheated on their partners, best friends by sleeping with their women & men.

So noble. So heroic.


I just viewed this video and this simply affirmed my personal belief, first and foremost of all — I cannot trust any police officer. I don’t care if you are the son, the father or the best friend of a cop — whoopee! — it does not matter if your cousin’s father-in-law’s best friend’s uncle is a good cop. Does not matter at all.

Last month, I was at Arby’s ordering food for my lunch when I was tapped on my right shoulder — it was the local police officer trying to talk with me in ASL. Turns out that he has a sister who went to Gallaudet. Went or taught, I’m not sure. He was quite nice and his signs were shitty, to say the least.

But I was polite and brutally honest. I made it clear that I don’t trust cops, I don’t even trust him as well. I can read his face that he was bit hurt by that statement.

He went on to assure that he will not do such things to people, deaf or not. One positive thing about him is that he is college-educated. He went to the University of Florida, the nation’s No. 1 party school. But still, I told him that I still cannot bring myself to trust him or his group until they proved me wrong.

So far, the cops across the country has not proved me right. In Memphis, the transgender prostitute was attacked by a cop inside the precinct. In Ohio, a college student was tasered by a cop twice AFTER he was handcuffed.

And this link with the latest incident in New York where the so-called noble NYPD Officer Patrick Pogan attacked a cyclist out of blue. This scumbag, Patrick Pogan filed a compliant claiming that Christopher Long swerved his bicycle as a weapon into Pogan!

Just another reason why I do not trust cops.

Maybe The Fates has decreed that the perished cops at Ground Zero … was well deserved? Who knows.

What Do I Think of Deafhood? I am Deaf. What I experienced throughout the life defined me as a Deaf individual. And that is Deafhood. I’m 100% firmly behind the idea. It is not a cult. It is the way of life. I’m fine with it. There are parts that I wanted to define but could not come up with terms until I learned what it is: Colonialism and deficit thinking.

Ping! This were the ones that I wanted to pinpoint the issues that plagued us from day one. Deafhood is personal journey for each individual and how they wanted to incorporate one into their lives are cool.

What of MishkaZena? I can’t trust nor rely on her thoughts. Did you know that she attempted to contact one of my siblings in an attempt to dig up my personal information? My sister contacted me to tell me that MZ contacted her out of blue asking about me and my whereabouts. That raised a red flag. That was a sign that she is not to be trusted. Just my two cents.

Did You Know? My new cat’s name is Herpes.


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18: 2008 Decision, Stevens & MTV

Posted by ridor9th on July 30, 2008

2008 Decision: For the next few months, we will have to endure the bombardments of political ads everywhere else (Internet, TV, newspapers, magazines …) supporting and disparaging John McCain and Obama Barack to win our votes to get them in White House.

I just wanted to remind y’all that John McCain was on Gallaudet University’s Board of Trustees whom he rarely attended a meeting. When the Protests of 2006 erupted in Washington, John McCain derided the protesters and resigned in support of Dr. Jane K. Fernandes.

For that, John McCain will never have my vote.

Ain’t This Amazing?! In less than 50 years, the United States managed to go from suppressing African-Americans’ civil rights to the day we might have an African-American President of the US?!

Progress. You gotta love it!

Good Riddance, Ted Stevens! Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) was instrumental figure in establishing the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) when he pushed to pass the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 in Congress in order to get the fundings.

US Deaf Sports Federation is affiliated with the USOC. The USOC prohibits the USDSF from getting corporate sponsorships without the consent of the USOC. For example, Coca-Cola is already on the USOC’s approved list, therefore the USDSF cannot ask Coca-Cola’s rival, Pepsi-Cola to sponsor.

To make things worse, the USOC declined to fund the US Deaf Athletes to compete in Winter and Summer Deaflympics. I was told by an official with US Deaf Sports Federation who went to Washington to ask Sen. Stevens to do something by persuading the USOC to help out with the USDSF.

Sen. Stevens refused to help out and in the process, he made several shocking and degrading comments directed at US Deaf Sports Federation which stunned several USDSF officials in Washington.

Today, the Anchorage Daily News has reported that the federal grand jury in Washington has indicted Sen. Stevens on seven counts of corruption charges.

Payback is bitch, Stevens!

MTV: True Life’s “I Am Deaf”: *Yawn*. Did you get to see the episode of MTV’s True Life: “I am Deaf”? I just saw it recently. Nothing is new with it. Why did not MTV focus on the positive side of being Deaf? They chose a couple of individuals who are generally isolated from the values of Deaf Communities at large.

“Amanda” went to Towson University. “Chris” went to Mountain Lakes High in New Jersey. Mountain Lakes has a reputation of having an outstanding mainstreaming program in New Jersey. But the episode focused on their frustrations, struggles and their desire to fit in the hearies’ society.

Ever notice that the TV programs tend to portray us in negative light? Don’t bother to criticize my intelligence — I studied the History of Deaf Community and Mass Media under Dr. Schuchmann!

It irked me to no end when the shows chose not to feature the students at, say, Maryland School for the Deaf, Gallaudet University, NTID/RIT or California School for the Deaf – Fremont?

No, MTV preferred to feature the negative views of Deaf individuals. That is quite tiresome, don’t you think?

Perez Hilton Mentions ‘Sign Language’: Interesting, is it?  Anyone from Australia mind talking about this link?

Pop Quiz About Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet: Yes, we all knew that this man can hear sounds and bark with his voice. But do we consider him “Deaf”?

As for me, I consider him to be a true “Deaf” person mainly because of what he did for us. I think, to endow a hearing person of “Deaf” status is highest complimentary of all ages.

So … do you think he is “Deaf” to us all? Discuss.



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19: Shocking, Is It?

Posted by ridor9th on July 29, 2008


No, I’m not even in rehab. I just had been very busy these days. Plus, there are other things that I have to do than blogging. I know, I know, I know! You guys are so desperate.

Actually, I blogged somewhere else outside of Deaf Blogosphere. It is for me to know and for you to find out. Only 2 or 3 Deaf pals knew where it is.

I was merely following the orders not to blog for more than 30 days to focus on myself. Which I accomplished. I felt much better, motivated and amused… to an extent.

What else is new with Deaf Blogosphere out there? Nothing new, really. The same ole vicious cycle of deaf-bashing upon each other.

Ahh, I see that people like Mike McConnell, Ben Vess, Barry Sewell and Norman Dawson attempted to ambush Ella Mae Lentz, David Eberwein, John Egbert and Barb DiGiovanni by spinning and disparaging the information to make these great people look bad.

The AIM conversation? Please. It was all about semantics, really. And taken out of context. Barry Sewell capitalized on this by using McConnell, Vess and Dawson to spearhead the assault on DBC leaders.

What do I think of this? Tasteless.

And boring. Yes. Boring! The incessant assaults upon the Deafhood leaders from day one is not even appalling nor shocking, it is quite tiresome and boring. In fact, I hadn’t read in a long time. I had been surfing other means like, and since my time is quite restricted these days.

DBC already made it clear that they are not against speech. They are against the ideology of *Oralism*. Oralism does *not* permit sign language.

Today, many of you attempted to spin around and say that it is matter of “choice”. To me, that logic is absurd, period. How can it be a matter of choice if the AgBELL do not provide the full resources of deaf-related issues including the use of American Sign Language? That is what the DBC is fighting for.

Now with Sewell, McConnell, Vess and Dawson going at it, it is good thing that I stay away from Deaf Blogosphere and focus on other things for the time being.


Because you guys bore me already! I’m sick of hearing the same things from people like you out there talking about the same things all over again, again and again.

Thank God for Perez Hilton and Matt Drudge!

What The Heck?! Check this link and tell me if you can read what this guy attempts to sign in the first place? I did rewind and watch 4 times and each time, I burst out laughing. I could *not* fucking understand what he was trying to sign! (Where? Starting at 1:37)

How Nice! Two collegiate football players were arrested for stealing beer … at Club 216 in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday. Club 216 is gay nightclub. How do I know? I visited there … many, many years ago.

Oops! I forgot to add the link. My bad.

However, yes, I’m back. The countdown resumes. And warning: I’m not the same person you thought you knew the best. Be cautious. Ha.



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