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19: Shocking, Is It?

Posted by ridor9th on July 29, 2008


No, I’m not even in rehab. I just had been very busy these days. Plus, there are other things that I have to do than blogging. I know, I know, I know! You guys are so desperate.

Actually, I blogged somewhere else outside of Deaf Blogosphere. It is for me to know and for you to find out. Only 2 or 3 Deaf pals knew where it is.

I was merely following the orders not to blog for more than 30 days to focus on myself. Which I accomplished. I felt much better, motivated and amused… to an extent.

What else is new with Deaf Blogosphere out there? Nothing new, really. The same ole vicious cycle of deaf-bashing upon each other.

Ahh, I see that people like Mike McConnell, Ben Vess, Barry Sewell and Norman Dawson attempted to ambush Ella Mae Lentz, David Eberwein, John Egbert and Barb DiGiovanni by spinning and disparaging the information to make these great people look bad.

The AIM conversation? Please. It was all about semantics, really. And taken out of context. Barry Sewell capitalized on this by using McConnell, Vess and Dawson to spearhead the assault on DBC leaders.

What do I think of this? Tasteless.

And boring. Yes. Boring! The incessant assaults upon the Deafhood leaders from day one is not even appalling nor shocking, it is quite tiresome and boring. In fact, I hadn’t read in a long time. I had been surfing other means like, and since my time is quite restricted these days.

DBC already made it clear that they are not against speech. They are against the ideology of *Oralism*. Oralism does *not* permit sign language.

Today, many of you attempted to spin around and say that it is matter of “choice”. To me, that logic is absurd, period. How can it be a matter of choice if the AgBELL do not provide the full resources of deaf-related issues including the use of American Sign Language? That is what the DBC is fighting for.

Now with Sewell, McConnell, Vess and Dawson going at it, it is good thing that I stay away from Deaf Blogosphere and focus on other things for the time being.


Because you guys bore me already! I’m sick of hearing the same things from people like you out there talking about the same things all over again, again and again.

Thank God for Perez Hilton and Matt Drudge!

What The Heck?! Check this link and tell me if you can read what this guy attempts to sign in the first place? I did rewind and watch 4 times and each time, I burst out laughing. I could *not* fucking understand what he was trying to sign! (Where? Starting at 1:37)

How Nice! Two collegiate football players were arrested for stealing beer … at Club 216 in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday. Club 216 is gay nightclub. How do I know? I visited there … many, many years ago.

Oops! I forgot to add the link. My bad.

However, yes, I’m back. The countdown resumes. And warning: I’m not the same person you thought you knew the best. Be cautious. Ha.



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17 Responses to “19: Shocking, Is It?”

  1. Steve said

    Who’s on first….which person is the first baseman?….Mr. Who is the name of the first baseman. That kind of confusing! Heh.

  2. RLM said

    Welcome back, Ricky! Yea, this deaf football player signed real weird for “football player”. I said “What?” to myself.

    How did two collegiate football players steal beers at Club 216. Could you kindly elaborate this one for me?

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  3. Hello Kitty Fan said

    Welcome back, Ridor. Welcome back.

  4. RLM said

    I checked out the latest incident at the Club 21 with the larcency charge against two college football players for reaching out to get beer bottles behind the bar stand. One player was underage – 19. That explained their irrational behaviors for stealing beers.

    Remaining questions what and why two football players were doing at the gay establishment in the first place, especially the annual membership and admisson fee like $30 per year and $13 for non-member. Everyone hetro or gay could be anywhere at strictly hetro bar or gay bar. Who cares?

    Both football players must be really desperate to get some alcoholic drinks since one of them were underage. They justified the theft of beer bottles since paying $13 admission fee or annual membership fee.

    How typical of male rednecks, especially Southeastern Virginia!


  5. Actually, Charlottesville is located in the center of the state. And Charlottesville is located in Albemarle County which is regarded as the most liberal county in the whole state. In fact, it is known as the blue island out of red sea.

    Club 216, because of Virginia laws, can operate ’til 6 AM as long as it has membership. If it is regular nightclub, it must close at 2 AM.

    c’est la vie.


  6. deafread is becoming deafcrap lately

  7. observer said

    Hm. What you choose to do and where you blog is really of no great interest to me. So please don’t accuse me of trying to invade your privacy here.


    This question is begging to be asked, based on what you wrote: Which is it? You blogged elsewhere or you didn’t blog at all?

  8. I did not blog here for more than 30 days but I did blog SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    Dig it?


  9. Silly Tony said

    Welcome back, Ridor. No caption or subtitle on that football news video?? That sucks! We should not watch that video except to read the article.

  10. LaRonda said

    He lives! Hi Ridor! Good to see you again. Rock on.

    ~ LaRonda

  11. *Boston said

    Welcome back Ridor!
    Hope you had a really good break from all of this crap. You missed nothing. Just typical rantings, Ridor-wannabes, trivial stuff going on and redundant bashing on DBC which is a broken record…blah blah…

    Soon the Deaf world will silence and heads turn to one direction… looking at the door with bright light beaming through the seams, reading to open its doors to! 🙂

    LOL… good to see you back, truly.

  12. Steve V. said

    So please tell us…what’s your opinion on “Deafhood”? MZ hates it.

  13. Steve V. said

    ops… I forgot: Welcome back!

  14. Jimson Weathers said

    Those miscreants amuse me to no end (McCONnell, “Ben-Wa Balls” Vess, SEWERell, and Dogshit Dawson).

    I look forward to when each have aged and matured. They are still children; don’t let them tell you otherwise.

  15. Steve V. said

    i agree with Jimson Weathers, esp. that no good crazzy sob Sewerell. He should be ashame of himself.

  16. Mishkazena said

    Steve V, no, I don’t hate Deafhood. There are different versions of Deafhood. We all have different deafhoods, based on our upbringing, our empowerment, self-identity and full acceptance of whom we are.

    The American interpretation of Deafhood is somewhat different from Paddy Ladd’s book on Deafhood. I’ve learned a lot from Ella., who is an excellent and passionate teacher. I never get bored whenever she discusses about Deafhood concepts. Most of the concepts are unique, making me look at things from a different angle. From a sociocultural perspective, the concept of deafhood is profound and thought-provoking. Some ideas I didn’t agree until I spoke with other Deafhood believers and what they said made more sense, leading me to re-evaluate my thinking. I still don’t agree with all the concepts completely, but the philosophy itself has a lot of validity. Even though I am getting a better idea, I am still learning and now have begun reading the Deafhood book. However, not everybody’s deafhood fit to one cookie cutter. Not all will identity with the concept of Deafhood, for a variety of reasons.

  17. “It is my dream to become a football player.”

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