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17: Again, Do Not Trust Cops

Posted by ridor9th on July 30, 2008

Many years ago when I lived in East Village in New York, I had the pleasure of watching hundrds, if not thousands, of cyclists whizzing down First Avenue as a part of Critical Mass, the monthly gathering on the last Friday of each month to raise the awareness on cyclists’ rights to use the roads in the city.

The last weekend of August, 2004 was the weekend that ultimately turned me against Republicans, NYPD and GW Bush. Remember during the Republicans National Convention, the press mentioned that about 1,200 “protesters” were arrested on the first day of the convention?

They were not protesters. In fact, these “protesters” were nowhere close to Madison Square Garden where the convention took place! Madison Square Garden is on 34th Street and 8th Avenue. Critical Mass often whizzed down from Harlem to Houston Street on First Avenue. But that did not stop NYPD from putting the vans on First Avenue as a part of strategy to squeeze the cyclists into a small line so that the cops who hid in front of the vans — they were ready to yank the cyclists off from their bicycles.

The officers yanked all kinds of people including teenagers and small children off from their bicycles. And in the process, the officers smashed, trashed and damaged thousands of bicycles. There was a pile of bicycles which quickly grew to a large mound.

I was there. On sidewalk, that is on First Avenue and 12th Street — watching the whole episode that basically extinguished my faith in law enforcement ever since.

I was horrified. I quickly wondered, “What if Deaf people were part of this? We’d be maimed, crushed and injured.” And to top it all, the cops had the means to indict us with anything else in particular. They can invent a charge and waste my time, effort, energy and money in the courts. That moment, I realized that the cops harbors such power to trumpet the charges on anyone else in particular. Even you and I can’t come out of blue and charge them with anything — only they can do.

This is the same batch of New York Police Department whom lost their lives on 9/11 when the terrorists destroyed World Trade Center. This is the same group that the Americans viewed them as ‘heroes’. I do not view them as heroes — in fact, they were paid by taxpayers to do their jobs, that is to serve and to protect. Death comes with territory, like it or not.

Not many people knew that when these cops perished at Ground Zero, many widows went on to marry these cops’ best friends. It turned out that these cops has some kind of culture behind that Blue Wall where they cheated on their partners, best friends by sleeping with their women & men.

So noble. So heroic.


I just viewed this video and this simply affirmed my personal belief, first and foremost of all — I cannot trust any police officer. I don’t care if you are the son, the father or the best friend of a cop — whoopee! — it does not matter if your cousin’s father-in-law’s best friend’s uncle is a good cop. Does not matter at all.

Last month, I was at Arby’s ordering food for my lunch when I was tapped on my right shoulder — it was the local police officer trying to talk with me in ASL. Turns out that he has a sister who went to Gallaudet. Went or taught, I’m not sure. He was quite nice and his signs were shitty, to say the least.

But I was polite and brutally honest. I made it clear that I don’t trust cops, I don’t even trust him as well. I can read his face that he was bit hurt by that statement.

He went on to assure that he will not do such things to people, deaf or not. One positive thing about him is that he is college-educated. He went to the University of Florida, the nation’s No. 1 party school. But still, I told him that I still cannot bring myself to trust him or his group until they proved me wrong.

So far, the cops across the country has not proved me right. In Memphis, the transgender prostitute was attacked by a cop inside the precinct. In Ohio, a college student was tasered by a cop twice AFTER he was handcuffed.

And this link with the latest incident in New York where the so-called noble NYPD Officer Patrick Pogan attacked a cyclist out of blue. This scumbag, Patrick Pogan filed a compliant claiming that Christopher Long swerved his bicycle as a weapon into Pogan!

Just another reason why I do not trust cops.

Maybe The Fates has decreed that the perished cops at Ground Zero … was well deserved? Who knows.

What Do I Think of Deafhood? I am Deaf. What I experienced throughout the life defined me as a Deaf individual. And that is Deafhood. I’m 100% firmly behind the idea. It is not a cult. It is the way of life. I’m fine with it. There are parts that I wanted to define but could not come up with terms until I learned what it is: Colonialism and deficit thinking.

Ping! This were the ones that I wanted to pinpoint the issues that plagued us from day one. Deafhood is personal journey for each individual and how they wanted to incorporate one into their lives are cool.

What of MishkaZena? I can’t trust nor rely on her thoughts. Did you know that she attempted to contact one of my siblings in an attempt to dig up my personal information? My sister contacted me to tell me that MZ contacted her out of blue asking about me and my whereabouts. That raised a red flag. That was a sign that she is not to be trusted. Just my two cents.

Did You Know? My new cat’s name is Herpes.


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24 Responses to “17: Again, Do Not Trust Cops”

  1. Mishkazena said

    Your sister hedy asked me for help. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered.

    Now I know.. next time you need help, I wouldn’t go out of my way to help your family.

  2. Penny said


    Sometimes I do not agree with your blog but I must say I love your sense of humor. When you say some things funny you really made me laugh. You do have sense of humor…a natural gift. Your cat name herpes. Aw! Poor cat. Smile. Glad you are back.

  3. H said

    So far cops I met were decent enough. But it does not mean I trust cops. you never know what cops would do in stressful situations. Cops do get paranoid easily.

  4. anon said

    nothing’s new about ridor’s focus on negativity. penny, nothing’s funny about this.

    what about the good cops, who have served and protected their towns and cities? the number of cops that have done good far outnumber the dirty cops. hearing what you had to say was disappointing. dont discount the good cops. they are there to protect us-without them, we would have chaos.

    i feel bad for the cop that knew ASL. he puts his life on the line, and he’s treated like this?

    and to think of it, we wouldn’t need cops if there weren’t people breaking the laws. the criminals. the drug users. who came first, the criminals or the cops? i ask that criminals be ridiculed, not cops.

    as for the critical mass biking group, they probably were breaking the law, being a threat to themselves and public safety. i am certain the cops asked that they change their activities to make it safer, and only started to arrest them after the order wasn’t followed.

  5. RLM said

    MZ’s weakness is too caring about the deaf community. I do not think that MZ intentionally dig up personal information about you. That is between you and MZ.

    Ever many people asked my friends “Where is Ridor” or “What happened to him?” at the NAD conference. The Deaf America really care about you as a human being.

    I admire MZ, Amy Cohen Efron, Anne Marie Baer and other individuals raise such issues about the DBC. That is very healthy thing for our own community to inquire and confront some issues troubled any of us.

    That is very normal for the community infightings from time to time. Real healthy thing to do.

    Look at Deaf Israelis! They always bickered and pesked each other, then make up and hugged.

    Police officers are also human beings. No questions about handful of police officers get corrupted and egoistic and subvert laws to their own benefits.

    I recalled that one of the deaf elderly woman’s son-in-law turned into a police officer. That guy spent hours in front of his door mirror all days and nights to feel superior about hirself. In the end, deaf elderly woman’s CODA daughter divorced that guy few years after he became a police officer.

    Before the guy became a police officer. He was really a sweet-natured and joyful person. That guy turned an adulterer, arrogant, abusive and parnaoid and wary of people in general.

    That’s what I personally witnessed such transformation of someone became a police officer. Same things to other people I known of.

    Most important of all for us know how to interact, deal with and stroke the egos of people in blue uniforms and military uniforms.

    We sometimes have to get submissive for our own sake. That is called “survival” to get ourselves out of the hell hole or given situation.

    The best way is to not to provoke or get agrumentative with police officers. That comes from my own personal experiences.

    Your description of NYPD officers intentionally pushed cyclists off the road are awfully tragic and unacceptable.

    Of course, we have to play smart when come to the presence of police officers. They have the authority to play the angel of death and peace.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  6. joscasta said

    I am actually friends with three cops, and I have two cops that live in the houses either side of me. I have never felt safer.

    The cop friends, one is an undercover, one is a beat cop, and the other is a bike cop. They stop by when I host parties and jokingly tell me to turn down the music. They are just nice people, and they are not people who are on a power trip, like some cops I have met.

  7. dog food said

    funny reading you, RLM, trying to say a bunch of things in several small paragraphs. I like trying to figure out what you were trying to feel by saying all that.

    I’m frickin glad that there’s someone like Ridor, regardless of his quick judgements and brash nature, tries to stray away from the common group-think with deaf bloggers/vloggers. this aint the man who’d “stroke the egos of people in blue uniforms” nor these in $2 shirts.

  8. ridor9th said

    Anon: WTF? My cat is vicious. And gorgeous. I don’t want people to touch it — so hence, Herpes — this way, people won’t touch her.

    If you think it is negative, more power to you.

    As for cops putting his life on the line FOR me at Arby’s — PLEASE! There was no burglary, brawl or anything else and he assumed that being a cop permits him to interact with whoever he wants. I was simply being honest to tell him that I don’t feel comfortable with any cops.

    Yes, there are good and bad cops. I think bad, ignorant, arrogant and stupid cops outnumbers smart and good cops. Even some good cops will protect bad cops in the name of solidarity!

    By being blunt and honest with what I think makes me negative? More power to you. I think I already left enough balance of positive and negative views on everything else. You chose only to focus on negativity. Not my problem, really!


  9. Edward Nugent said

    Not all cops are bad, there is some good cops out there.

  10. cnkatz said

    I read your post, liked it until the last paragraph. Was it needed?

    You have the gift of blogging and don’t squander it if you want to be a successful blogger.

    There are words for a certain time and place. Do spew opinions on issues, deaf and not.

    Refrain from the impulse behind the last paragraph, if I may ask . . .

    The countdown is down and carpe diem, transform yourself, shed some snakeskin, and become even better.

    Got my drift?

    Go well.

  11. Life Goes On said

    And, I read about asshole cops rallying for Democratic causes. Many cops, regardless affiliations, aren’t to be trusted. Many cops, regardless affiliations, are to be trusted. As was Corky’s recurring theme–life goes on.

  12. Good grief…Here we go again…

    I feel I must point out a blatant discrepancy in your post. That Critical Mass incident you spoke of from 2004 WAS a protest, and it was acknowledged as such in the papers. It was termed “RNC (Republican National Committee) Critical Mass”. Here is a link for those who want the TRUTH about this incident:

    As you can read in there, the riders were warned well beforehand to observe the biking laws, and so forth. The first 2 hours of the ride went peacefully, then began to grow more out of control, with bikes even stopping traffic at cross streets to allow the bigger mass of riders to ride on through. That is impeding traffic.

    I’m sorry you seem to have such a hatred and distrust of law enforcement, truly. But you repeatedly continue to smear all officers with the same tar and feather brush for the actions of a few. I’m the son of an ex-cop, and I can tell you right now, those officers whom you speak of ill in this post are the exception, not the norm.

  13. ridor9th said

    cnkatz: it was supposed to be amusing. no biggie deal.

    eddie: you can claim things from the media — I *was* there. You were not there. I know what I’m talking about. I don’t care if you’re the son of a cop — you did *not* live in NYC. I did.

    I can go on and on and on about the police brutality across the country and you can claim that Critical Mass was wrong but I see them doing it on the last Friday of each month for 3 YEARS PRIOR to RNC fiasco. It was well knowledge among the city folks that Critical Mass dominate the roads between 7 PM to 10 PM on that particular day.

    Each time you try to use the media or NYPD’s statements to bolster your arguments, the faster I dismiss your claims all along. I lived there, you did not. Period. The claims that the bikers impeded the traffic flow is ridiculous. Telling that to NYC residents, they will laugh at your face.

    check this link for more problem associated with NYPD pigs.


  14. I remmy one thing..I were very so shock from deafnewspaper..I just warning all of u wake up please..Listen let me story okay..One guy good friend of deaf guy did admired tell want warning all deaf ppls watch out of cops okay..One deaf guy were in jail,He were robber something…How cops were been agreed talk behind about deaf guy…That night day..Cops did come his prison,s room how cops help hold him then what happen the cops did raped deaf guy in prison room..What wrong do cops do that raped deaf guy no reason…That deaf guy were killed by himself from bolt on the pole lines power volt shock burn him off fall out pole… Now do u feel shock and how your feel inside??? Look what i say..How do u feel that..Do think trust cops I do not trust cops yes some good be nice show recpect that all..Please must bigger careful all of u yourself be careful..Thanks your sharing bye..Take care yourself all of u

  15. anon said

    Ridor: I’m very much looking forward to the protests at the DNC this summer in Denver. Rumors say that the protestors are collecting and storing urine to use against the cops. That should be a lot of fun!

    It’s 1968 all over again!

    Ridor, mind telling me about what the cops did at the 2004 DNC Convention? Was there a free speech zone encased with barbed wire and all that?

  16. How about the incident in NYC in which 3 critical mass bikers beat up on a 13-14 year old kid? How about the incident in Seattle where a bunch of CM bikers surrounded the van of an old lady and began rocking it almost to the point of tilting it over?

    I could go on and on about them as well, they are not above the law either. What I find abhorrent is your attitude towards cops in general more so that against this particular cop. I still maintain the video doesn’t show all the facts, because there were plenty of opportunities for the cop to rush other bicyclists before this guy, so it makes me wonder if perhaps it was because this cyclist did something before coming into range of the camera?

  17. Silly Tony said

    Another blog shortly after the pah-coming-back blog. That is great. Although I enjoy your entertaining stories, I gladly know we don’t have to agree with you. That is what makes your blogs interesting. Cool. Bad or good cops – they are human beings. But I would not totally trust a cop, especially an organization or a system. I would just be alert. I was awakened in awe by a saying when I read something years ago. A mentally ill vietnam veteran once told his children, “Never trust anyone!”. It gave me a different perspective — I live my life by being alert and cautious and yet still can be pleasant to people in general.

    Deafhood is a new word to me. I define it as how a deaf person lives her/his life in both worlds. I had a good childhood, and I do have a good deafhood – deaf school, deaf friends, hearing family, deaf community, experiencing audism and hardship, living with hearies and non-signers, communication, technology, and acknowledging the infamous crab theory.

    Your cat, your business. But herpes is not something I can joke about. In my mind, I know people lost beloved ones to AIDS. Would I name my dog AIDS or HIV? No.

  18. Silly Tony: These days, there are means to protect yourself from STIs. It is called responsibility. Herpes is preventable.

    Go and watch “The Adventure of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert” and understand why I named my cat Herpes.


  19. Eddie: The van that the CM nearly tilted is because the old man attempts to run down the bicyclists. I would have done the same thing.

    Listen, listen — I have friends who engaged in CM. You do not. You just live in Kentucky and rely on the local papers about things that happened somewhere in NYC or Seattle. Rubbish.

    As for this particular video, if a cop wants to flag a cyclist down — he could have yell or flail his arms to slow it down — nah, he just randomly attacked this particular cyclist and filed a false report.


    As for me distrusting many cops — not my problem. I already had the share of problems with cops whom blatantly lied in my face. They are incompetent, lying and uneducated at its best.


  20. I have no problem with calling him out on filing a false report, that is fine. You keep missing my point, and that is, unless you were specifically there, you can’t speak to what happened in the moments leading up to the video.

    Yes, I do live in Kentucky, and I do rely on finding out what happened at some events, just like you, from the media. However, unlike you, I do not choose to basically imply that cops who died on 9/11 were fated to because of some transgressions (real or imagined) of other cops. That was just crass and uncalled for, and you are wrong for doing that. That was the whole point.

  21. RLM said


    Please read my latest comment on your blog what really happened to me few months ago.

    I am still shaken by the military police treatment what the overzealous cop put his arm on my neck very hard for about 5 minutes. I done nothing to provoke or trigger that kind of police brutality.

    I was lettin’ go after an eyewitness disputed the claim of two gruntled individuals.

    I learned that the ADA law is not applied to the military at all.

    Many cops are “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” personalities anyway. I do encounter many good cops. No questions about it!


    I tried to give both sides to every given issue. I know that is kinda annoying for me to write such small paragraph. I am in very tight time to compose comments. Gotta go now.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  22. dog food said

    Sorry RLM; i didn’t mean to sound like an ass when i criticized your means of writing posts. I think you’re cool, and i love your cat. Its been a long time since we last had a cup of tea.

  23. Sister of Cop said

    My brother is a cop and was in Iraq fighting for our country. He works hard defending the city from criminals, etc. To go as far to say that police victims of 911 deserved their death, your comments is disgusting and totally uncalled for. Sure, you chose not to trust cops but there are good ones and bad ones. Unfortunately, you are doing to cops like others are doing to deaf people like you and I – stereotyping. Just sick. You and many others don’t seem to realize that most police have a reason for their actions and what they see on the job is awful and it affects their personality, their opinion of life, etc. They see a lot more than what most of us see on a daily life. It’s fine if you have your opinions but at least have some compassion and have some respect for the dead.

  24. ridor9th said

    Sure, I have compassion for the dead. Does these cops have one? Fat chance.

    Your brother a cop? That’s what they all said.

    Whatever you say, dear, whatever you say.


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