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15: Only $50,000?!

Posted by ridor9th on August 4, 2008

Not a long while ago on another blogsite, I wrote an entry blasting the local cops in St. Paul for their brutality upon a Deaf individual, Douglas Bahl. Suffice to say, the local press in Twin Cities got the wind of several blogs/vlogs, including mine, that basically embarrassed the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office.

Doug Bahl had requested us to refrain from making judgments upon others and in the process, thanked us for raising awareness against the police brutality upon Deaf individuals like Doug Bahl.

Doug Bahl was ultimately convicted of a misdemeanor charge by whom?

Hearing peers, of course.

Basically, Doug was accused of physically assaulting the police officer (Rubbish, I don’t believe that!) which resulted in being roughened up including maced in his face. And left him in the cell for several days, denied him the opportunity to get in touch with his loved ones. It was bad enough that his wife actually thought Doug was abducted, missing or whatever.

When words got out that the local cops mistreated and mishandled Doug Bahl, the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office were quick to put the blame on Doug Bahl, implicating that he was responsible for his “fucked-up” actions.

Both departments, realizing the wrath of the press’ eyes upon them, conveniently improved the system in handling with Deaf people should it happen again in the future.

Of course, Doug Bahl wanted monetary compensation for emotional duress that was inflicted upon him and his family. City Attorney John Choi was able to say that it was Bahl’s fault all along. Oh, please.

Now Sheriff Bob Fletcher said that Doug Bahl wanted only money. So what?

Suing millions of dollars out of these departments would send a message that violating the rights of Deaf individuals are not to be tolerated. At all.

But Doug Bahl is suing for only $50,000?

C’mon, Doug Bahl, are you crazy? You should ask for a cool $10 million in the lawsuit!

Jeez Christ!



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16 Responses to “15: Only $50,000?!”

  1. silentredwolf said

    Gee, how nice of him, but does he knows that he won’t get whole 50 thousands? Probably he will gets around between 10 to 15 thousands and lawyers get the rest. He should sue more than that but anyway how nice of him.

  2. deb ann said

    I was smiling when you said he should ask for 10 million in the lawsuit. Yea, he should.

  3. Deaf Pixie said

    I hope Doug Bahl deserved for 10 millions lawsuit instead of being stuck and failed provided an TTY or .. he recieved too many black eye bruise over his body and head. he desrved to earn more than 10 millions for nothing to put him in jail more than 3 days which the police department were ingnored his request.

    Impossible to write down on note while he maced and assulted by the cops. Need quit! Quit assult.. Doug and their friend and family should assulted on two stupidest cop who put him hard time without evidence. Thank god someone saw they were assulted on Doug.

    Unfair! he should get more than 10 millions whenever!

  4. ridor9th said

    DeafPixie: No, Doug will not get $10 million. He asked for only $50,000. He should sue for $10 million!


  5. Deaf Pixie said

    I know .. Wait mintues!! My feeling that Doug should asking for 10 millions instead of 50 thousand dollar with a too many brutal by cop. It is not seem right $ amount!

  6. Bahl supporter said

    $50,000 is very small amount which is equal to $1.00. Better to obtain $10 million in your lawsuit, Bahl. Come on!!! Very expensive counts of brutal and lack of communication access when necessary like tty. Costy! You know, they laughed at you like you were in trash. Keep suing them. okay 🙂

  7. Penny said

    My sympathy goes out to Doug. I hope that I and many others like you will never experience getting beat up by cops. To see a baton always scared me. It must be scary for Doug to go through this horrible ordeal. It is quite obvious that Doug does not have a good attorney. I wish he had met two or three attorneys prior hiring one to accept his case.

  8. Penny said

    I would like to share something with you. When I learned about former President Bill Clinton was in our town and that we could get his autograph by buying his book. I decided to take my mother with me. We found out that we were in a very long line and while my mother and I were chatting (in ASL) The city police had instructed people in our line to go home because there were other lines that people made reservation to meet with the Clinton. Many of us were upset and did not feel we ere treated fairly but anyway my point here is that the cop sort of pushing me little too hard on my back while he saw that my mother and I were chatting each other. He pointed to me to go away. I wanted so badly to tell the police to show some respect and not to push me like that but when I could see his face…showed with brutal look I decided not create drama as I could not afford to leave my mother alone at the bookstore. You are right that some cops could be very mean and abusive. It is scary because we can’t tell who to trust and not to trust.

  9. jncutt said

    Seemingly this is somewhat a big issue out in that town that violates the ADA issue under Title 2. I am wondering why NAD’s Law Center has not stepped into this to lend major help to Mr. Bahl? Has Mr. Bahl’s State Association been involved to lend a helping hand? Did they communicate with NAD on this? If not, I would recommend Mr. Bahl to be represented by an Advocacy Inc in his town that works under the DOJ (Department of Justice). They sure will represent you! and fight for you in that case. This news has been everywhere via all links such as Deafread, newspapers, etc. on this case and I found it very interesting to see NAD’s Law Center not involved. Where is NAD’s Law Center on this to assist Mr. Bahl? If NAD can write a formal letter to Pepsi on the disagreement what AGB has wrote them, why not Mr. Bahl?

    I just found it very interested to see NAD not there to be involved.


  10. Rox said

    I don’t think it’s any of our business to tell him how much to sue for. If he’s happy enough with $50,000, so be it. It could also be a tactic to get this over with quickly. If he sued for millions, the battle would take years to finish.

  11. Rox: In order to make a dent in the Sheriff’s Office or the Police Department so that they will never do such a thing to Deaf people, one must sue millions of dollars — this way, they will know not to fuck with Deaf people.



  12. Rox said

    I’m not quite convinced. How do you know it won’t make them even more angry towards Deaf people?

  13. unknown said


  14. silentredwolf said

    Gee, you people, Doug will not get exact 50 thousands, he will get 1/3 and lawyers get 2/3 plus fee so he get around less 15 thousands. Doug will be happy? Naw, don’t think so. Come on, I will be happy for one million dollars.

  15. ridor9th said

    Rox: Why do you worry about that part? I worry about the legal part, you worry about their feelings.



  16. H said

    $50,000 Hmmm… I am not sure if any lawyer would take his case with that pitful amount. In my home state, anyone who wants to file lawsuit against government, he can only sue up to $100,000 or $200,000. I cant remmy which. Pretty small still tho. Most lawyers would not take it here because of too small $$$. So most of time people simply file claims against the governmment themselves in hope they can get something from it. It is kinda better than nothing. If they file against a private company, it would be unlimited. Odd isnt it? I dont know about tort laws in Minnesota. Hope he can change his mind to raise the amount of his lawsuit if the state has no limit.

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