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16: Six Degrees of Separation

Posted by ridor9th on August 4, 2008

You know, I do believe in ‘six degrees of separation’ theory. The theory can be explained through this link. Today, The Washington Post has an article about the research on Instant Messagers (IMs) which basically confirmed the ‘six degrees of separation’ theory not with 6 but 6.7. But it is relatively still close, anyway.

Basically, the theory is that by only six (or 6.7) degrees of separation, I basically can be connected to virtually everyone else on the planet. Maybe not with some cannibalistic groups in Borneo or in Brazil’s Amazonia! But who knows?

But I know that this particular theory is very real but certainly not six degrees of separation in Deaf Communities and my passion, Women’s Basketball. I’d swear that in Deaf Communities, we might have three degrees of separation among each other! As for women’s basketball world, I’d vouch that there are four degrees of separation.

Sometimes it is nice to have fewer degrees of separation amongst ourselves mainly because we are able to exchange, support and connect with wealth of information. Sometimes it brings nothing but heartaches and headaches. Take it from my experiences, friends.

I am a fan of Virginia Cavaliers Women’s Basketball for more than 20 years. I had the pleasure of watching players coming in and out of the program like Dawn Staley, Wendy Palmer, Tonya Cardoza and the Burge twins.

Here is the prime example of the four degrees of separation is that I knew Coach Ryan of Virginia. In turn, I am connected to Darlene Ewan. Darlene Ewan is a rabid fan of Maryland Terrapins, mainly because she was connected to her father, Alexander Sandy Ewan. And Alexander Sandy Ewan was a well known, loyal booster of UMD Athletics Department (He knew many coaches there including Brenda Frese [Pictured in her white/grayish clothes] who brought the National Championship to College Park). Count them all — it is four, I believe. I was never good at math, though.

However, if not for Sandy Ewan, I would not have a chance to get in touch with Brenda Frese and chat several times in the past. Get an idea?

I could go on with Michael Fischer of UMinnesota. I could go on … but you get the picture.

For years, I am aware of Coach Ryan’s antics. Coach Ryan is the Head Coach of Virginia Women’s Basketball program for 30 years. She tends to keep the recruiting business a secret. She tends to keep the game schedules a secret until late August. She tends to keep things related to the program away from everyone else in particular. It drives me nuts. But I’m stuck with her. I love her and her program too much to a point where I cannot simply dump her like that.

For years, I literally begged her to have a match-up with Tennessee Lady Volunteers during the regular season. I vividly recall her telling me in person that she does not see the need to do that because the NCAA Committee always paired Virginia Cavaliers and Tennessee Lady Volunteers in the same bracket! It is true. They played 9 times in the tournament, often in the same bracket. For years, I was basically resigned to the fact that the only times I shall see Virginia play Tennessee is during the postseason and preseason tournaments.

Boom! I was stunned to read the recent announcement by the press in Knoxville where Pat Summitt disclosed the schedule — Virginia is to play Lady Vols in Knoxville on November 17, 2008 — during the regular season! Of course, there is no comment on Coach Ryan’s part so far. Argh!

Of course, I’m thrilled about this particular game. Virginia has 4 returning starters while Tennessee Lady Volunteers lost the entire 5 starters from their national championship season.

This particular game on November 17, 2008 may be the turning point for the Cavaliers to pull the win. Who knows? I certainly hope for the best. After all, we have Lyndra Littles, Aisha Mohammed, Paulisha Kellum, Enonge Stovall and Monica Wright.

Not only that, Coach Ryan also recruited 4 players to play for Virginia starting this coming season: Chelsea Shine, Ariana Moorer, Britny and Whitny Edwards. The last two are fraternal twins from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Yes, Britny and Whitny without an “E” in it at all.

My credible source has indicated that one of these Edwards twins is legally Deaf. My bet is on Whitney Edwards, the 5’11 shooting guard. Oh, by the way, the twins’ father is none other than Blue Edwards.

This season may be the most gratifying one for me in a long time.

See what I meant about the degrees of separation? It is certainly a blessing to be Deaf and a fan of Women’s Basketball. If you have free time, be sure to attend one of these WNBA games in your towns.



UPDATE: It is Britny, the 6’1 power forward who is confirmed to be legally Deaf.

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2 Responses to “16: Six Degrees of Separation”

  1. Brance Long said

    Good article!
    I am rooting for Vols and look forward to see this game!!!

    Brance Long

    (Do I know you?, lol just kidding)

  2. Peachlady said

    I hate to tell you that I believe Tenn team will win. They always do, but I hope your team will beat the team.

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