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Are You Sick of Phelps-Mania?

Posted by ridor9th on August 16, 2008

I’m sick of seeing Michael Phelps everywhere else! Make. It. Stop.

His teeth reminds me of Michael Boucher!

Sure, Phelps has a nice body, smile and eyes. But seeing him on the internet, television and newspapers are getting to me. Even Perez Hilton is enamored of him. It’s driving me nuts.

I’d do him then I’d throw him in a trash can. Why? He’s tooooo tall for me. I don’t dig taller men.

You know what s odd? When Michael Phelps gets on the podium for the ceremony to pick up the gold medal and listening to the national anthem — often, the athletes would lay their open hand on their chest (heart) during the process, you know?

Except for Michael Phelps. He cupped his left breast. You can see his hand slowly groping/cupping his left solid breast during the ceremony. He was not putting his open hand on his heart. He was feeling himself.

He probably is in love with himself.

Hell, I would if I was him. 😉



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3 Responses to “Are You Sick of Phelps-Mania?”

  1. DT said

    I guess you don’t see/comprehend the significance of Phelp’s accomplishments so you dream of a sexual escapade with folks who wouldn’t even give you a second look. You taint the Olympics with your pollution. So much for a comeback by you. I thought that maybe you’d be a little more decent the second time around.

  2. *Boston said


    He’s freakin’ gorgeous and he’s entitled to do that whether anyone like it or not.

  3. ridor9th said

    DT, spoken like a true person who is completely constipated, rigid fucktard to start with.

    DT, people has different tastes in everyone else and I got my shares of guys (and gals) over the years. You must be so bitter enough to attack my compliments and innuendos upon individuals in general.

    Pathetic creature.


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