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Posted by ridor9th on August 16, 2008

So far, the US is leading the medal chart with 54 with China’s 47. But it is misleading. China led with 27 gold medals while US has 16. Take Phelps’ 7 gold medals away, US would have only 9 gold medals.

It was said that China’s goal was to get on the same level of caliber play that the United States has been for years and from there, to dominate the level. It looks like China is accomplishing this task.



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6 Responses to “Medal Count”

  1. DT said

    What do you expect when they populate 1/5th of earth……1.2 billion to 300 million in USA.

  2. Disagree said

    No, i don’t agree with you! They have 1.3 billion people as opposed to USA’s 300million. I am more impressed with USA!!

  3. ridor9th said

    Disagree — your logic amazes me to no end!


  4. ridor9th said

    DT — again, China has 1.3 billion while USA has 300 million — but their government contradicts: Democracy and Communism which dabbled heavily with capitalism. One would believe that democracy would outperform communism in terms of performance in everything else.

    It appears that China’s Opening Ceremony has buried Atlanta’s Opening Ceremony — Muhammad Ali to ignite the fire? *snickers*

    YOu can argue that China has 1.3 billion while USA has 300 million when it comes to athletic program — that is inexcusable. Less than 25 years ago, China joined the IOC and in less than 20 years, they had transformed its athletic programs from nothing to the level where USA is.

    1.3 billion — about 750 million are peasants, so only 400 million left, it is pretty much same with US’. Your understanding of what’s going on in China is quite limited.


  5. Matthew said

    So far, the US is leading the medal chart with 54 with China’s 47. But it is misleading.
    You can say that again! At this point, the U.S. is still ahead, 72-67 (with 22 golds to China’s 39). Head to head, the U.S. has totally dominated in swimming (12-0 in golds), while China has done the same in diving (5-0 and counting). Additionally, China has won 7 golds in table tennis, judo, and badminton, sports in which they are traditionally strong. They’ve also won 7 golds in gymnastics, a feat of somewhat dubious validity given the continuing controversy surrounding the participation of clearly underage (16<) gymnasts.

    There’s still a lot of action to come, and Team U.S. should reap more medals in track & field, volleyball, women’s soccer, softball, wrestling, and of course, basketball. So, while they’ve made a good showing, I’d say the Chinese still have a ways to go. BTW, in the 2006 Winter Olympics, the U.S. out-medaled the Chinese, 25 to 11 (9-9-7 to 2-4-5).

    I guess the one thing we can agree on here is that the 1996 Atlanta Olympics opening ceremonies pretty much sucked by comparison. Those bubbas even messed up the parade of nations, which at times was embarassingly disorganized.

  6. Ian Parker said

    @Ridor9th: I agree with you. The Chinese have done a phenomenal job at bringing their athletes up to Olympic caliber. May events remain, but there are many events where other several other countries excel, so we may see some upsets of the “giants” as it were.

    Over on my site, I wrote an argument for weighting the medal scores because I think that would provide a more accurate representation of the accomplishments by each country. I don’t believe that population is the sole deciding factor in athletic excellence in these sports, either.

    I do think that the basketball in the Olympic games is a joke ever since they allowed NBA players to participate. But that’s just my opinion.

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