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Posted by ridor9th on August 16, 2008

For the next 72 hours (2PM EST 8/16 to 2PM EST 8/19), the tiny entries will not be part of the countdown as it will focus on my thoughts related to the sports within 2008 Beijing Olympics. Sometimes it will include Deaf-related issues. Sometimes it won’t.

Does anyone understand the rules of 20km race walk? I stared at the event last night around 3 AM and could not barely understand as I saw the leader of the pack being disqualified and lots of walkers were warned with yellow cards, and some subsequently were disqualified … I’m serious, these butts — they probably are solid as a rock.

I think it has something to do with the techniques of walking as to differ itself from the running. Whatever it is.

But the walkers are quite vicious. They snarl at each other, tossed water on themselves and others as well. I like to walk, but not that fast.

I swear that in New York City, many female senior citizens qualify for these 20km race walk!



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One Response to “No Countdown For 72 Hours”

  1. Proud Canuck said

    Hi R: Here’s the basic rule I got from the IAAF and other sources…

    IAAF rule:
    Race Walking is a progression of steps so taken that the walker makes contact with the ground, so that no visible (to the human eye) loss of contact occurs. The advancing leg shall be straightened (i.e. not bent at the knee) from the moment of first contact with the ground until the vertical upright position.

    Judges are to watch the walkers, but it’s not an easy task to do as they have to ensure that walkers’s feet actually made the contact to the ground (heel to toe, no exceptions) with straight legs… that’s why the walkers look a bit funny racing like that.


    If you’re into historical stuff, here’s the link from an avid fan of walking:

    Enjoy the reading… you can google it on the internet at anytime for other sources of info.

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