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While I’m On The Subject Of Sports

Posted by ridor9th on August 16, 2008

In Lincoln, Nebraska, the Athletic Department at the University of Nebraska has dismissed two wrestlers from its varsity team. Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan stripped naked and masturbated for a gay porn website.

No, no, they are not gay. They are just straight men posing in nude to entertain gay men on the websites. Apparently, some students at Nebraska came across the website and identified these wrestlers and made a scandal out of Nebraska’s Athletic Department.

I checked Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan’s nude pics. They are quite hot. Paul and Kenny can contact me anytime if they wanted to.

Oh, the University of Virginia’s wrestling program is on the rise — Paul & Kenny, come over and you can shack with me. 😉



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3 Responses to “While I’m On The Subject Of Sports”

  1. :::chuckling::: said

    I read this off and ESPN picked this up. Very sad this has to happen. Paul Donahoe was 2007 NCAA Champion who failed to defend in 2008 but placed. I know many heterosexuals, athletic or not, would do anything to make a buck off curious heterosexuals, bisexual and homosexuals or vice versa. Many sports sponsored by NCAA (National Communists Against Athletes–think Brian Bosworth) including wrestling are non-revenue. They don’t get much (under-the-table, no pun intended) compared to those in revenue sports (think Reggie Bush with USC). There were similar scenarios involving few Division I athletes-students (sarcasm) only the two wrestlers were exposed.

  2. *Boston said

    Hey, I would love to check these sites out, care to send me the links via email? 🙂

  3. ridor9th said

    *Boston: Consider it done. Your comment is required as well.



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