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Boycott Jamaica!

Posted by ridor9th on August 18, 2008

It appears that Jamaica has dominated the men’s and women’s track in Beijing. It is my duty not to acknowledge, congratulate nor applaud Jamaicans’ efforts in winning the medals. Jamaica’s Usain Bolt broke the world record in 100-meter while three female sprinters swept the 100-meter.


Because Jamaica fostered the aura of homophobia. It is a country where people bashed and murdered gay people as its leaders ignored the cries of ordinary gay people in Jamaica.


Because they were taught to hate gays and lesbians.

I sneered at Jamaica, Jamaicans and at the tourists who supported Jamaica by visiting the island, supplying money to the same people that oppressed who I am.

So fuck you, Jamaicans.



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10 Responses to “Boycott Jamaica!”

  1. Steven said

    I am with you, Ridor. I will never set my foot in Jamaica. My mother wanted me to go with her on a cruise to Jamaica next year. I flatly refused. After explaining to my mother why, she changed her mind and refuse to go too!

  2. *Boston said

    Never in million years I will put my foot on the island of Jamaica.
    Look at the history and cruelty treatment on gay residents.
    No thanks.

  3. helene said

    the US had similar policies in many areas until recently…and have you seen the movie boys don’t cry…that happened in the US within the past decade…there is no mass exodus to leave the US…there are other redeeming qualities to the country…and a thriving if undercover gay community.

  4. Kurt said

    “It is a country where people bashed and murdered gay people as its leaders ignored the cries of ordinary gay people in Jamaica.”

    You are an ignorant idiot. How many cases of Jamaicans murdering gays because of homophobia do you know? I live here and I know of none, and I follow the news closely. When gays are killed in Jamaica, the first reaction of the stupid international press is homophobia while it’s usually the case of a jealous boyfriend. I can name some in recent times: Safa, who was a television host for a while, killed by an ex-boyfriend; Peter King, an ambassador killed by 1 of his lovers and a Roman Catholic Bishop, also killed by one of his lovers. Check before you speak and don’t talk rubbish.

  5. ridor9th said

    Helene, that is where you are wrong. The US has the leaders who will speak out for us. There are groups within this country that does prosecute the homophobic individuals for the killings, beatings and so on.

    Look at the vicious ones who killed Brandon Teena of ‘boys don’t cry’ — where are the guys that killed Brandon? They are in *prison* for ever. Get this? In Jamaica, the homophobic killers does not get prosecuted, jailed or scolded for slaying gay people!

    So fuck off!

    Here are the links that should dispute your claims that Jamaica is good:,8599,1182991,00.html

    Your claims that Jamaica is good for gays — please.

    Fuck off already!


  6. Kurt said

    You dumb faggot…did I say it was good for gays. All I said is that you’re chattin shit you stupid homo. I don’t want you in my country…you’re a dumb piece of shit that chats too much. You run and point to stuff that are inflated by the press…and by the way you gobble down everything you read I’m going to assume u’re an American. Fuck me?…fuck you dumb ass…Jamaicans don’t get locked up for slaying gays?…How many ordinary Jamaicans you think have slain fags? It’s rare…a beating every now and again goes unpassed. As for slayings and murderers in Jamaica on a whole…how many do you think have been arrested?

    So don’t inflate your argument to make us look bad and your ass loving self look good. Our culture is heavily against that nasty lifestyle and hopefully it will stay that way.

    Murdering gays….you’re so stupid & ignorant.

  7. ridor9th said

    Kurt, go and suck some bananas in Jamaica and wallow in poverty for all I care!


  8. mike said

    I’m a firm believer that gays are born the way they are,and through no fault of their own.Although it’s almost impossible for us straights to understand how anyone could ever have a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex,and the Bible does frown on such actions, i cannot condone violence towards gays. Let God be the judge. There was a time when it was illegal in the US for a white to marry a black,these laws were made by man and are flawed,like many man made laws are.
    Gays are not a danger to society,and hetros can never be “turned” into a gay.

  9. Mrs Cock said

    Ridor you are a fog and you are not welcome here your life style is yours and not mine.
    Next you talk about poverty oh no most jamaican live better life than you (fog,battyman)the new don’t show everything.It’s been years since we killed a gay (fog,Battyman)man they live here and we don’t trouble them unless they look and actlike they want to bright up with it.Oh lesbians are welcome we have the big cocks here for them.Too much batty man deh yah.
    Fuck off mi live here you don’t

  10. ridor9th said

    Go wallow in poverty for all I care, you fucktard.


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