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13: About Martin Ritchie

Posted by ridor9th on August 20, 2008

Oh lord.

Word gets around that Martin Ritchie is going to star on Oxygen Channel’s Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Martin Ritchie is Deaf. At first, I did not recognize him … I realized, “Oh, my gosh.”

I knew Martin when he was a toddler. He was quite hyperactive kid but relatively nice boy. He used to live in Virginia back then and my folks and his folks socialized at a local deaf club. Nice kid, really.

Few information about Martin …

Martin is gay. Just like me.

Has Deaf sister, Elsie who is at Gallaudet.

Martin has hairy chest but he shaved it! He shaved it — I preferred the hairy chest dudes. Smooth is so effeminate. C’mon, Marty — don’t do that! I never understood why men wanted to shave their chests … it is simply unattractive. If I want a smooth woman, I’ll go for Erin Whitney!

I wish him the best with the competition on that show — Janice Dickinson can be a total bitch but she meant very well. I am sure he’ll succeed in the long run. Marty deserved the best. He went through some tribulations and I really wanted him to emerge victorious in this manner.

Oh, yeah, it is an open secret that Martin also featured as “Pauly” on a certain gay porn website. I saw him in nude. Not bad — Nice size. Not that it is wrong to do porn. I think Martin won my respect and admiration for posing himself in nude! I mean, how brave is that? Especially coming from Deaf family?!

I heard that the main reason why he did this was to get offthe streets, one fella defended Martin by saying that Martin was homeless for several years and that I should not mention the fact that he did do a gay porn website. In fact, someone IMmed and emailed me last night to pressure me to take the entry off.

I’m distressed that Marty Ritchie was homeless for the time being. I kinda wish that he contacted me or my folks — they’d take him in for the time being. My folks probably loved Elsie and Marty more than me and my siblings! 😉

After considering their request, I’ve decided to modify the entry to assure Martin that it is OK to pose nude. Everyone else literally does that these days. And no, I’m not taking this down.

Update: I recalled seeing a picture of Marty and Elsie on Mom’s refrigerator many years ago. I went back to search for it — voila! Here is the picture of Marty when he was 10. He certainly grew up a lot. By posing this picture, I think it is a proof that my folks adored Marty and Elsie…

I saw Marty’s interview on the website and he mentioned that his favorite celebrity is Ricky … Oh, yeah, that’s me. I’m his favorite celebrity! 😉 That was a joke, fools.

Ha! Probably that Ricky Martin, though. But still, Ricky Martin?! I prefer Colin Farrell, Marty! Nevertheless, the interview was fun. After seeing him being interviewed, I already marked August 26, 2008 at 10 PM on Oxygen Channel to check Marty Ritchie in action.


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19 Responses to “13: About Martin Ritchie”

  1. *Boston said

    Saw his website and his interview on Oxygen… it’s going to be quite interesting season, I’m trying to figure out who “Martin” is and I think the show will bring either good or bad side of him, only way we can do is wait and see… 🙂

    Thanks for posting this article…

  2. Daniel said

    Wow.. i just checked his website. he seems like a smart guy. its obvious that he came from the unfortunate place, it is in the past. it is not his fault for doing the porn which i heard from the sources that he’ve had no choice regardless he lived in the shelters and was homeless 4yr ago. so it was taken two years ago to get his own place.
    Its going to be quite amazing to see how he succeed in janice dickinson modeling agency! and that he has a good life now. wonder how he transformed himself like that. i am definitely going to watch him on Oxygen!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!!!

  3. RLM said

    Why in the world, Martin shaved off his hairy chest??? Well, he will learn his own lesson for shaving his chest hairs which will be coarse later in life.

    Anyone deaf done in the porn industry will not change my feelings toward them. I greatly admire them very much! I never done anything like being in the porn movie as I always dreamed of.

    That could happen to anyone, who become homeless. At least, Martin did pull his own weights off the street.

    The Deaf America ought to root for Martin Ritchie for Oxygen’s Janice Dickerson Modeling Agency and beat out other hearing guys!

    You have my vote, Martin Ritchie!

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  4. RLM said

    I recently checked out what Martin Ritchie really look like in total nude.

    His body was not really toned and muscular in his past porn movie what he appeared on Janice Dickerson’s Modeling Agency tv show. His balls really was pretty big. As his being circumised is real plus in my book.

    Good for Martin Ritchie being a top, not a bottom in that porn movie! That would devalue his porn profile if he do the bottom part.

    Did you know another deaf male gay individual appeared in gay porn movies? He committed suicide pretty long time ago which had done nothing with his porn profiles.

    Many gay porn stars and male strippers are really cool and nice people. I never look down on them. Those people are still human beings.

    I am going to rent the porn movie to watch Martin Ritchie in real action ASAP in honor of him for Janice Dickerson’s male modeling agency contest.


  5. ridor9th said

    who cares about marty being bottom or top, RLM?

    nothing is new with you. eternal horny, aren’t you?


  6. RLM said


    You have to understand how the gay porn industry works for top and bottom performers. “Tops” would be paid handsomely as compared to the bottom ones. That’s why Billy Brandt keep putting off doing the bottom part until he officially left the gay porn industry for good.

    I am trying to say that not many people really appreciate “vertisale” guys anyway. That’s what I have from my personal experience as many guys begged me to top them. *groan* I rather do more affection in the bed, not “blam-slam” sessions.

    Moi eternal horny all the time? Nah! I always am tired of guys throwing themselves at me everyday. I ever just got out of the nursing home with the walker last year. Guess what? A young Latino guy refused to leave me all alone and wanted to have sex with me on my walker. Oh boy!

    I also was followed by countless guys while I left the bar. Many guys confronted me why I went to the bar. Can’t I go to the bar to socialize and chat with guys without having sex?

    I really do not appreciate that you pigeonhole me as “eternal horny” or label me without really getting to know me as a person. I hate anyone, who just make assumptions about me without knowing the facts FIRST. Caspice?


  7. ridor9th said

    i am fully aware about the status quo surrounding the gay porn industry when it comes to bottom/topping — but let’s face the music: Nobody cares about it right now!

    Why talk about it in the first place, that’s what I mean!

    Young latino guy wanted to have sex with you on your walker — give him your walker!



  8. RLM said


    You surely made me LOL! I am no longer using the walker for past 8 months. I could walk on my own without any kind of assistance/device.

    I no longer able to strut or walk pretty fast as I used to. That’s what I mostly miss about my “Road Runner” walking. At least, I could walk. I would love to whack that hearing guy’s legs for not paying attention to the road while he drove downward. That would be out of the ‘Tales of the Crypt” like that 19 years old guy screamed for his life as I come in the monster form and whack his legs for his own good.


  9. B said

    how old is he now? Anyone know…im curious.

  10. Gabriel said

    Martin is 20 🙂

  11. MartyFan said

    4 years ago..

    he was 16 when he left? Why was he out of the house at 16?
    He looks so diffrent now.

  12. MartyFan said

    whats his site that everybody’s talking about?

  13. ridor9th said

    MartyFan: What are you talking about?


  14. Martyfan said

    Well, post #11 is that he (must have) left at 16 (people say he was homeless for 4 years). Either he left, or his family was homeless.

    This part is confusing to me :s

    And post # 12 is about how people are saying “i saw his site”. That’s my questions, what is the site everybody is talking about?

  15. ridor9th said

    Everyone is talking about Marty’s gay porn in two websites.

    That’s what it is.

    As for Marty, he was not homeless for 4 years. It was less than 2 years, I was told.


  16. MartyFan said

    OH! I GET IT NOW! Thanks 🙂
    Does anybody know why he left home? Family problems?

    Oxygen has a clip of the 2nd episode and he talks to Janice (she asks him what he thinks of the house, the people in general). But then again, the episode is on tommarrow 🙂

    Hey Ridor9th, untill when did you know him?

  17. ridor9th said

    I knew Marty since he was 4. But when he was 10 or so, I lost the touch with him after his father moved to Indianapolis.

    I kept in touch with his sister, Elsie. It was quite a shock and delight to see an ugly duckling blossom into gorgeous boy.


  18. g5sim said

    hohoho – I know its not Christmas but its almost like TV viewers are being sent a gift in the form of Martin Ritchie. He is like the most adorable thing in the whole Model House. Xian would be the pretties female Model House guest.

    I want to see how he blossom into a ‘supermodel’. Much need to be done on the physical part. The personality is there. And i think he is funny. Funny = 🙂 = GOOD = thumps up 😀

    And on the adult industry part, adult industry is all good. I see safe sex. All good. But looked ridiculously young in the photos and that’s spooky!

    Greetings from South East Asia 😉

  19. Josh said


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