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12: Many Things To Talk About

Posted by ridor9th on August 24, 2008

PPhotobucketThe Wilkinsons: IN the last week of June, my Great Aunt Mary Wilkinson died at the age of 85 in Clinton, Tennessee. Then 15 days later, my Great Uncle Arthur Wilkinson also passed away at the age of 89. Both are Deaf.

Mary was the sister of my Drandma, Virginia Pool Duncan. I cracked a joke with my cousin Mary that her grandmother is probably chatting with Drandma and Great Grandmother Fannie Norris and backstabbing whoever comes in their minds. Of course, Mary agreed.

The picture on your right contains Mary Wilkinson (left) and Virginia Pool Duncan, my Drandma.

Where Is Leah Katz-Hernandez?! Leah was one of the most hard-working activist during the Gallaudet 2006 Protests. I had the pleasure of getting to know her during the Unity for Gallaudet Protests at Gallaudet University.

I was delighted to learn that she is one of 8 Gallaudet students who will partake in Denver for Democratic National Convention (DNC) 2008. For further information on the progress of 8 Gallaudet students’ efforts to volunteer their time, energy and activism during the DNC in the last 7 days and in the next 7 days, you can check and bookmark this link. I did!

Paotie Is Arrogant: Did you notice something? The first four paragraphs of each entry always comes off with …

Denver – Good afternoon, everybody! [Paotie then will insert some lame-assed subject as if one would enjoy his comments]

I am not kidding you!


I’m just messin’ with all ya’ll. Can ya dig it, ya’know what I’m sayin’?

Anyway … blah, blah!

What a prick. I am not fond of Paotie — the looks of the blog strikes me off as pedophile for some reasons — he already mentioned that he likes to do the martial arts (it is nice word for brutal and bloody fights) and yet, his blog is more of child-like persona with a child’s words. His efforts to team up with losers like Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell to divide and conquer the Deaf Communities is equally repugnant.

PhotobucketAbout DBC/Deafhood: It was Mike McConnell who ultimately attempted to keep the status quo by bashing Deafhood/DBC leaders from day one. You see, Ella Mae Lentz, David Eberwein, Barb DiGiovanni and John Egbert made a lot of leaps and efforts to reach and educate people of social injustices upon Deaf individuals and communities. These days, the same people are trying to break the colonisation that has been inflicting upon us all from day one.

Mike McConnell and others knew that by pushing the issues in the face of ones who wronged us and demand them to stop, it will shake the status quo not only in Deaf Community but in hearing communities, especially with medical professionals! That is where Mike McConnell felt threatened by that. He teamed up with the losers like Barry Sewell and Joshua Dawson to continue attacking Deafhood/DBC leaders repeatedly in order to create discord and doubts among ourselves so that they can keep the status quo at bay.

Meanwhile, the ones that got away with everything else? Hearing people. They just sat down and patted on their backs for creating a group to do all the works within our own community to divide and conquer.

We must endure, we must drive and we must win. What Deaf Bilingual Coalition has been doing from day one is important. We must finish what we started. It is time for us to control our destiny.

Deafhood is a personal journey that each of us process of our own identity. One can align DBC with Deafhood. It is no big deal, really.

I salute John Egbert, David Eberwein, Ella Mae Lentz, Barb DiGiovanni and many, many DBC supporters for their efforts to make a statement for our communities. For decades, the AgBELL has dominated the medical professionals with the status quo that basically prevented Deaf people like you and me from putting our professional views of what it means to be Deaf individual. With DBC rolling, the eyes and ears are starting to open up and it surely will shake the status quo. It is matter of time before the medical professionals shall dump the AgBELL’s views in favor of the truth — because we ARE the ones that held the truth from day one.

Of course, it pissed Mike McConnell off.

Audiology & Speech Program: In Knoxville, Tennessee, ignorant pricks are celebrating that the Department of Audiology & Speech Pathology was saved from being eliminated at the University of Tennessee.

The Department should have been eliminated in the first place. This department is one of many programs that inflicted the horrors upon Deaf children across the globe. These departments are the ones that often spread the misinformation about Deaf Education, especially with American Sign Language in order to borgize and oralize Deaf children for their own benefits. They never cared about Deaf children, only for themselves.

SCSDB Scandal: My source in Spartanburg, South Carolina has indicated that President Pam Shaw has asked the Board to accept her resignation after working only 7 months in office at South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind.

Why? Not because there is SLED investigation. Because Pam Shaw wants to institute the massive changes in Deaf Department which has not fared well in educating Deaf children. Very few Deaf students went on to college. Apparently, Pam Shaw’s efforts to change the system was met with fierce resistance by teachers at SCSDB.

By failing to have the support of teachers at SCSDB, what’s the point of staying at SCSDB all along? This is the reason that prompts Pam Shaw to resign as the President of SCSDB.

Shame on SCSDB!



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15 Responses to “12: Many Things To Talk About”

  1. deb ann said

    Excellent post, R-

  2. Dr. DonG. said

    Just to be fair, Ridor —

    Nothing wrong with Audiology and Speech departments/programs/people IF IF IF they will present FAIR, UNBIASED, BALANCED information about ASL, Deaf Culture & Community, Bilingualism and the REALITIES of trying to learn speech for Deaf/HH people.

    –Don G.

  3. ridor9th said

    Dr. DonG: I would AGREE but they do not do that at all. So this particular department should be shut down.


  4. RLM said


    Why you always assume that almost everyone to be a pedophile?

    Did you know that the term of “pedophile” is inaccurately coined? That meant “pedo” = child and phile = lover. It could meant that someone dearly care or love for the child/children. Nothing pervert or sexual about someone deeply care about children or child/children like school teachers and adminstration and child advocates.

    Several prominent authors could be labeled “pedophile” like
    J.M. Barren , “Peter Pan and Wendy” or Lewis Carroll, “Alice Looking Thru the Glass” known as “Alice in Wonderland”.

    The recent investigation to determine whether J.M. Barrie was really a pedophile or not. It revealed that this author was not definitely a pedophile.

    The best way is to call someone “child molestor” or “sexual predator” who is really targeting child/children. Comprendo?

    I have no sympathy for any child molestor or NAMBLA people or anyone, who prey upon children for their sexual gratification.


  5. RLM said

    Culturally deaf individuals ought to run the Audiology and Speech Departments across the country!

    More and more deaf individuals are majored in Audiology.

    One of the deaf “audiology” major recently told me how that person was really disgusted with the AGBell after seeing many things going on.

    As the Audiology and Speech Departments across the country to be totally independent from the AGBell and other audists. We would be all right! Culturally deaf people must do the audits of those departments from time to time and get paid like a kosher food inspectors.



  6. Jay Croft said

    It’s Pam Shaw, not Pam Ward. She was previously principal of the Alabama School for the Deaf.

  7. what?!? said

    RLM- WTF?





  8. ridor9th said

    Croft: Thanks for the correction — for some reasons, I confused Shaw with Ward. LOL.


  9. RLM said

    What?!? Says,

    I am trying to say that many people do not realize about the definition of “pedophile” in wrong way. Just break up word itself what it really meant.

    If we really want to call someone, who really prey upon children as sexual object or engage with any of them in inapproriate way is to call that person “child molestor” or “sexual predator”.

    Let’s do the hypotheorical situation – Call someone “pedophile”. That person would say “Sure thing, nothing wrong with being caring about child/children”.

    That’s what the one of leading prosecutor want to change the term “pedophile” to “child molestor” or “sexual predator” to clarify what we really meant.

    Someone happen to be the child advocate. He or she could be justified being called “pedophile”.

    Anyone, who really love movies, then we can call this person “cinemaphile”. The word of “phile” meant “lover” or “love”.

    Yes, I already knew about Lewis Carroll being suspectedly defined as a “pedophile” due to his unnatural interests in Alice Lidsell. Carroll was not his real name, just a pen name. Caroll often photographed Alice ######### postition or obsessively drew Alice in her schoolgirl clothes or sexual poses.

    I really do not know much about the subtle references to “Alice in the Wonderland”. Many people assume that this classic children book was all about the use of recreational drug, etc.

    Maybe people of our time would misinterpret what the author intended for his literary works from hir own time.

    Many historical figures were found to be “pedophile” like General Montogemery, the founder of the Boys Scout. How ironic of the present Boy Scouts clamp down on “homosexual” adult counselors while the founder of that movement.

    I am not going into the issue about whether the Boy Scouts should allow any gay male adults to be the scoutmaster, etc. Okay?

    Many people misinterpreted the term of “deaf mute” to be an offensive meaning, but in the reality back in the late 1800s. Many deaf people were really proud of being called “deaf mute” like the nowadays’ “culturally deaf” or “D”eaf, etc.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  10. *Boston said

    Ahh good post! You and your aunt shared similar resemblences! Amazing.

    RLM: with due respect, regarding to pedophilia, there is NOTHING good about this, hypothetical or not.
    Just know that you are playing with the semantics about this word offends the survivors. Just leave it be unless you want to talk more about it on your blog which suits me fine Thanks.

  11. what?!? said

    ok.. rlm, you are totally missing the point.

    just because it ends with a common suffix that means LOVE doesn’t mean it’s a positive word. it’s used in court and in other situations where the law is involved (seriously, please… google “pedophile” and see what type of hits come up). defines pedophile as an adult who is SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to children.

    yes, pedophiles will pretend to LOVE their victims. you mentioned nambla.. there’s also pudela (sp?) that advocates loving relationships between older men and younger girls… sorry, but that’s classic pedophile speak.

  12. Steve V. said

    Getting back to the DBC/ Deafhood issue:

    I would like to include bloggers such as Misha Zena and Amy C. for giving People like Barry Sewell a platform to use for his anger. Shame on both Misha Zena and Amy C.! They both knew what was happening-yet they chose to support Barry Sewell.

    As someone said on Dr.DonG site ( I don’t remember who siad it): “They may have had a valid point…but flamming and baiting us is NOT the right way to present thier case”.

    And then when Barry published private IM conversations…it was too far. I will nevr belive Misha Zena again.

  13. Mary said

    Hey Ridor,

    Since I am on computer instead of my blackberry, I am able to comment.

    First of all, you know our Great Grandma Fannie’s last name is Pool. Norris was her maiden name and she went as Fannie Pool.

    And I did not agree with you when you said our Granny, Grandma were backstabbing, gossiping. I shrugged when you mentioned that.. I actually think they three have better class than doing that. They probably were updating each other with what they have been doing etc.

    Cousin Mary

  14. ridor9th said

    Cousin Mary:

    AS for the maiden name, does not matter at all.

    NOw you claimed that you did not agree … in fact, you did laugh when we talked about it via the videophone. I have witnesses to back me up on this subject. Don’t bother to twist this.

    It is well known to many that your grandmother and Drandma tends to talk about people from all over the country. It is part of who they are. Nothing wrong with that. They are bound to backstab anyone else in particular.

    Backstabbing is so normal in our lives — you do backstab me from time to time. And do I whine about it? Nah, I don’t. I don’t give a fuck if you talk behind my back. It is pathetic that you would be so constipated about the fact that our grandmothers do backstab and gossip about everyone else in particular. It is normal, honey.
    Don’t be so uptight about it.

    And get over with it, m’dear. Life is short and you’re lying to your own mother. How impressive.



  15. Ole Faithful said

    I truly enjoyed your blogs. It brings up different point of views on different subjects. Great job!

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