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Interlude: Don’t Forget To Watch Marty Tonite!

Posted by ridor9th on August 26, 2008

Tonight on Oxygen Channel at 10 PM EST.

When you’re done watching, come back and discuss.

Update: The premiere of Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency’s fourth season got off to a huge mess. All “preexisting models” who were featured in the previous season were not included. Martin Ritchie made the cut and is one of 15 models who will live in this luxury house along with Janice Dickinson.

No question, the reality show will be so chaotic in the long run with Dickinson shouting at everyone else in particular except for Ritchie.

There had been very, very, very brief cameos of Marty throughout the show. I’m kinda disappointed. But Marty seems to be very happy with what he is doing. I’m so thrilled for him. You cannot help but root for Marty.



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13 Responses to “Interlude: Don’t Forget To Watch Marty Tonite!”

  1. Swoooooooooned! said

    Accompanied by Dickinson, Marty was interviewed by both hostesses Hottie and Kathie Lee Gifford on “Today” yesterday at 10:30 a.m. So handsome he could crack the lens of the camera! Golden hair! He demonstrated sign language. I hope he will someday become a movie star! He would have more fans than Tom Cruise!

  2. Hello Kitty Fan said

    Does Marty speak well? Or does he prefer to sign?

  3. ridor9th said

    Hey! He does not speak. He prefers to sign BIG-TIME!


  4. Disagree said

    how the fuck can he survive this show?

  5. got porn? said

    I haven’t seen the show but hey, I’m wishing him the best.

    got milk?

  6. hedy said


    you jealous? He survived homeless and oppressed therefore, he survives this show. He is an amazing guy who does not give up his dreams—modeling for Guess Jeans and others. I am all for it!

    Really sad to see some people do not want a deaf person(nonlipreading or CI or whateverconnected to hearing world)to success and cracking the door to open! Disagree, please turn around and begone!

  7. ridor9th said

    Hedy is right — disagree — I find your comments to be quite offensive and inane at its best.

    Your comments implied that Deaf people that does not wear CIs and hearing aids or bark with their voices is not able to do well in Hollywood.

    I’m rooting for Marty like many do. I find you to be despicable fool for thinking like that.


  8. dog food said


    That’s funny, I see Marty on TV and you on some blog comments in the internet.

    Maybe you ought to rub your lucky Buddha belly a little more. You’re gonna need a lot of luck to be able to meet up to even your peers.

  9. Emily said


    Hello, look at Marlee Matlin, Shoshanna, Russell Harvard(there will be blood) and Anthony(Mr. Holland’s opus), they even made it to theatre and tv shows. Whats your point to be negative about this? deaf people can do anything except hear. I have known marty since he was a teenager. Hes awesome.

  10. RLM said


    I did not find anything on MSNBC’s website for Today interview with Martin Ritchie by Kathy Gifford.

    I am going to email to the Today people to put the videocast of Martin Ritchie ASAP.

    Martin Ritchie’s fans are growing. Right on with Hedy and Ridor for scolding Disagree about how possible for someone deaf to survive in the show business. Come on, Disagree!

    There were many successful deaf performers in the entertainment industry like the silent films.

    Why you, Disagree have to think that we have to live in the audisitic world to please hearies. F**k ’em!


  11. Hello Kitty Fan said

    You’re right – I watched the show and altho I didn’t see much of him, they did show him signing. Was really relieved about that!

  12. tim said

    Oh please,give Martin a big chance no matter where he used to be or was to be…cut that crap..He work very hard to prove us that he is “enable” for who he is..Bravo him…

  13. Ole Faithful said

    I’m ROOTING for Martin! My daughter got me hooked on this tv show, and I was able to capture the moments with Martin…He is marvelous!

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