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Interlude: Off To …

Posted by ridor9th on September 27, 2008

Figure It Out

Figure It Out




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9: Deaf Mario Lopez?

Posted by ridor9th on September 20, 2008

The Deaf Mario Lopez?

Is Jason Yeh the Deaf Mario Lopez?!

When I first saw the picture, my first response was, “Whoa!  Jason does look like Mario!”

That picture is absolutely stunning, to say the least.

In fact, I IMmed a good friend of mine in New York to tell her to check the article, her first response was:

“OMG, Jason looks like Mario Lopez!!”

This was right before I could ask her if she was thinking what I first thought when I saw the picture of Jason Yeh!

However, there is a fantastic article on about Viable, a Video Relay Service company based out of Rockville, Maryland.

Check this link if you hadn’t read the article.  It is a must!

The Real Mario Lopez!

The Real Mario Lopez!

I admit that I was bit surprised to learn that Jason Yeh dropped out of college in order to team up with his father, John Yeh, to start the company, Viable.  I admit that I thought Jason already graduated from Gallaudet sometimes in the past.

Not that it is wrong to drop out (or that I encourage anyone else to drop out!) — some people are not college material.  Jason certainly is college material.  But it is all about timing, really.  Jason probably saw the opportunity to create a lucrative company that may be considered as the one to be envied by many.  By dropping out of college, Jason got an opportunity to take the company off the ground.

There is always a risk factor but what Jason did was admirable.  Quite Impressive, Jason.  It is always nice to have Pop to support and push you all the way to the bank, is it?

I vividly recall the start-up company with less than 10 employers.  I read that Viable has more than 150 employers.  Needless to say, one of my siblings are with Viable as of now.

I like Viable mainly because it is deaf-run, deaf-owned and deaf-managed company which I cannot say much for many VRS providers.  Especially with HOVRS and SorensonVRS!

I see a strong future in this company.  The Yehs are driven, goal-oriented and fiercely loyal to Deaf people and its communities.  It is a matter of time before Sorenson cowers before Viable.  Mark my words, Sorenson will fall.

For further information on Viable?  Check its website.  It is cool website.  I liked it.  I think you will like it as well.



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Timeout: Too Busy

Posted by ridor9th on September 15, 2008

Last week was busy for me.  Work.  Errands.  Time to reflect and all that crap.

But rest assured, Hanna’s visit was brief and sweet.

You!  Yes, YOU!

You! Yes, YOU!

I have plenty to blog this week.  But not at this moment.  For some reasons, I cannot sleep.  It is 3 AM EST.  I need some Zs in order to get up early for work.  Agh!

But before I hit the sack, I want to point out at some folks out there who occasionally derided me for who I am across the Deaf Blogosphere.

There are some people out there who felt threatened by me simply because I challenged, questioned and disrupted the status quo from day one.  IN turn, they attempted to write me off as immature, bitter and/or childish (Saw it somewhere else but did not bother to remember that) individual that has a grudge against the system.

Nothing is farther from the truth.

I am American, first and foremost of all.  All my life, I was taught that justice, truth and courtesy is the American Way.  I was taught that if you experienced, saw or felt that something was wrong or amiss, it is your duty to speak, fight and expose it for the others to view, debate and determine the course of action to modify the incidents/situations.  Sometimes along the way, you reserve the right to suspend being cordial as well.

To me, that is the American Way.  Never mind that my words may sting your feelings but remember this, this ain’t personal.  You’re not my friend.  I’m not your friend.  Why worry about my words being stingy?  Do you prefer me to sugarcoat and downplay the words to a point where it won’t sting your feelings so that you can cruise through your life?

Why do you think Osama Bin Laden sent these planes into World Trade Center on 9/11/01?  Why did we have Japan bringing the destruction of Pearl Harbor?  Why do you think Tim McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City?   How come we inadvertently allowed GW Bush to assume the Presidency of this magnificent country?  How in the world did we allow Jane Keller Fernandes to reach the level that she nearly took over as the President of Gallaudet University?


For years, we had been complacent by not facing the truth.  The truth hurts.  These events happen for a reason.  These events do not happen out of blue nor out of nowhere.  There are always ramifications that led to these events that jolted us in our sleep.

Pearl Harbor?  When Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan, the Hawai’ian Natives celebrated. Why?  Because our magnificent country illegally annexed the islands.

9/11?  Because our foreign policy towards many countries are short-sighted.  We abandoned Afghanistan after they drove the Soviets out.  By abandoning Afghanistan with millions of families whom were devastated by the brutal wars — the infrastructure of Afghanistan was in shambles.  No reconstruction, no foreign aid.  Older men were killed, younger men had to take over the roles of leadership on every level — they became resent against the United States who literally used Afghanistan as the battleground against the Soviets and won.  But when the Soviets left, so did we.  The empty void in Afghanistan created a power vacuum that brought what?  Taliban and of course, Osama bin Laden in later years.  The rest is history.  If we were to follow the American Way, we would have done the right thing by staying in Afghanistan and rebuild in 1970s — for sure, the World Trade Center would be still standing today.

Which led me to state that … even the invasion of Iraq was wrong, it is imperative that we must *not* abandon Iraq and Afghanistan for a long time.  See how Germany turns out well? It is because England, France, USA and Russia did not abandon Germany right after World War II — they stayed for decades until it becomes stable.  That’s what we must do the same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Or it’ll be another deja vu all over again.

What of Tim McVeigh?   Tim blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City in retaliation with what happened in Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho.  ’nuff said.

GW Bush as the President of USA? No need to talk about him.  Look at his efforts with everything that has been going ever since.

What of Jane Keller Fernandes?  At Gallaudet, I watched the situation that took her from the Pre-College Program to the Provost.  Everyone at Gallaudet knew something was fishy when I. King Jordan drove Dr. Roslyn Rosen out and appointed Dr. Fernandes as the Provost.  Everyone whined not open in the public.  They simply bickered, made fun of Dr. Fernandes.  Perhaps, the community at Gallaudet thought by making fun of Dr. Fernandes, it would discourage her from reaching the ultimate position.  Maybe it works on me or others, but certainly not her.  The truth is that we simply bickered without addressing it up in their faces.  We inadvertently allowed her to climb the ladder in front of our eyes.  By time she gets on that level, it becomes a divisive issue amongst us all.

However, as I pointed out 4 incidents out of thousands, these things happened for a reason.  It happened because we were complacent.  We simply did not bother to address, debate and/or face the truth — we either dismiss, downplay and/or sugarcoat the issues until it blew up in my face.

The pattern is there.

That’s why I chose to employ different tactics by being blunt and use the words that may jolt you and your feelings on different things in life.  It does not mean that I hate you.  After all, you’re not my friend — so what is there to hate?   It is pointless for me to hate someone that I had not gotten a chance to meet in person.  So calling me immature, childish and bitter individual is ludicrous at its best.  To me, I think it is a compliment of some sorts.  And I think I am beyond the stage of denial and these people who called me these names is still in denial.  Only time will whack them out of their denial stage.

I hope I get my message across to the readers about why I do this on my blog(s).  If not, I hope you’ll try to figure it out on your own.  Good luck!

On a positive subject, someone from Utah talked about me.  Check this link!  Yes, Cameron is still hot.

But either way, be sure to remind me about Ira Hendon III, Hanna, 9/11 and Barksdale Theater for the next entry.  Oh, by the way, I cringed when some bloggers tried to say “article” when they made one on their blogs.  I never do.  I refer it as an entry.  After all, I’m not professional journalist … not yet.



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Interlude: Hanna, Welcome!

Posted by ridor9th on September 5, 2008

Welcome, Hanna! We need you here to relieve us of our drought in the next 48 hours. Enjoy the visit, Hanna.

Lemme know if you need anything!



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Interlude: Marty Booked His First Gig

Posted by ridor9th on September 3, 2008

Today is Tuesday.  Of course, one has to tune in to watch the Oxygen Channel’s Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency whom one Deaf model gets to live in a house with Janice Dickinson.

Tonight was the 2nd show and needless to say, there was not enough spotlight on Marty all night long.  But guess what irked me the most?  The show had the audacity to inform the viewers the name of the fucking interpreter by flashing the wording on the screen:  Jerry Ferris, Martin’s Interpreter.

I’m telling you guys — he is not that good and I am willing to bet that Jerry insists that his name is to be mentioned on that friggin’ show!

Marty seems to be out of the place with hearing models going all over the place but there is one positive side to the whole thing — Janice Dickinson loves and adores Martin Ritchie!

Oh, by the way, there was an audition amongst the males regarding the Kentucky Denim Jeans and Martin was selected to be the Kentucky Denim Jeans’ male model along with the Russkie gorgeous gal, Polina.

This guaranteed one thing:  The next week’s showing will feature more minutes of Martin since we will observe him doing the modeling gig for Kentucky Denim.

Janice Dickinson, do us a favor — Fire.  Jerry.  Ferris!

And don’t kick Kehoe out of the house — I love his melodramatic antics.  It is fun watching him giving you menopause, sugar.


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10: All You Need Is To Say Her Name!

Posted by ridor9th on September 2, 2008

Republican Senator John McCain has announced that he selected the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin to be his Vice-President.

All Hell broke loose.  Palin is the perfect example of hypocrisy surrounding the Alaskan politics.  She is against the earmarking lobbying BUT she hired them to earmark millions of dollars for her hometown, Wasilla.  Duh!

In other words, she is against YOU to have it but she can get it only for herself.  Capisce?

And she is against Sex Education in public schools and in favor of teaching abstinence.  And guess what?  Her daughter is only 16, she is pregnant and unwed.

By her daughter’s pregnancy, it should serve as a reminder that abstinence and lack of sex education equals teen pregnancies.  Hello!  Do the friggin’ math!

Sarah Palin had to announce the pregnancy of her daughter in an attempt to silence the internet rumors that Sarah’s fifth child, Trig whose is afflicted with Down’s Syndrome is not hers.  Trig may be Sarah’s daughter’s son whom Sarah attempted to keep it a secret by adopting Trig as her own.

Why?  DailyKos has explained that she started to have the contractions when she was in Dallas.  She took a commercial flight that made a stop in Seattle before flying off to Anchorage.  She bypassed two hospitals in Seattle and Anchorage before she took to the local hospital in Wasila to give “birth” to Trig.

Something is definitely going on!

Look, John McCain is old geezer.  He is 72!  If he croaked in the office, Palin takes over!  That is going to be horrible scenario.  Can you imagine having this woman who lied to the public in the first place and yet, take over the country?  Now don’t fret!  You can help by vote for Obama Barack!

Obama Barack is clearly the choice.  McCain was against Gallaudet students during the 2006 Protests.  All the more reasons to vote for Obama Barack!



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