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10: All You Need Is To Say Her Name!

Posted by ridor9th on September 2, 2008

Republican Senator John McCain has announced that he selected the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin to be his Vice-President.

All Hell broke loose.  Palin is the perfect example of hypocrisy surrounding the Alaskan politics.  She is against the earmarking lobbying BUT she hired them to earmark millions of dollars for her hometown, Wasilla.  Duh!

In other words, she is against YOU to have it but she can get it only for herself.  Capisce?

And she is against Sex Education in public schools and in favor of teaching abstinence.  And guess what?  Her daughter is only 16, she is pregnant and unwed.

By her daughter’s pregnancy, it should serve as a reminder that abstinence and lack of sex education equals teen pregnancies.  Hello!  Do the friggin’ math!

Sarah Palin had to announce the pregnancy of her daughter in an attempt to silence the internet rumors that Sarah’s fifth child, Trig whose is afflicted with Down’s Syndrome is not hers.  Trig may be Sarah’s daughter’s son whom Sarah attempted to keep it a secret by adopting Trig as her own.

Why?  DailyKos has explained that she started to have the contractions when she was in Dallas.  She took a commercial flight that made a stop in Seattle before flying off to Anchorage.  She bypassed two hospitals in Seattle and Anchorage before she took to the local hospital in Wasila to give “birth” to Trig.

Something is definitely going on!

Look, John McCain is old geezer.  He is 72!  If he croaked in the office, Palin takes over!  That is going to be horrible scenario.  Can you imagine having this woman who lied to the public in the first place and yet, take over the country?  Now don’t fret!  You can help by vote for Obama Barack!

Obama Barack is clearly the choice.  McCain was against Gallaudet students during the 2006 Protests.  All the more reasons to vote for Obama Barack!



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37 Responses to “10: All You Need Is To Say Her Name!”

  1. Oh, brother! said

    Her daughter is 17. This shows she’s a lousy parent. McCain has had cancer 7 times. At his age and at his risk for cancer again and at the risk of Palin – a lousy Mom turned village mayor turned state Gov. to be a heartbeat away from becoming United States President, Obama/Biden is the steadier ship to be on. Sorry GOP Rep. …work hard to take it back in 4 years.

  2. Renny said

    What is earmark?

  3. ridor9th said

    Earmark: To reserve or set aside for a particular purpose.

    Say, Congress granted you $100 million for one specific reason, people will hire lobbyists in convincing the Congressmen to use THAT money for other purposes towards their needs that has nothing to do with the original purpose in the first place.

    Both parties are infamous for earmarking millions of dollars towards their districts i.e. to build bridges, roads, sewage treatment etc for towns that does not need them in the first place.

    Robert Byrd (D-WV) is infamous for that.

    One good example of earmarking $$ is to read this article.


  4. Even at RNC, Republicans hoped Palin’s speech on nationwide television on Wednesday night to be filtered and edited before it’d be actually delievered. What’s new? Reps are always trying to twist many stories. Republicans are trying to polish their lies. An article at

    Also, I read other news from one of articles, but can’t find where it is now…but it also stated that Alaska just did passed the law that it allowed domestic partnership rights in Alaska for employments recently. Guess what? Sarah vetoed this bill!

  5. Eddie said

    Those who say she is a bad mother because her 17 year old daughter got pregnant have obviously never been parents themselves, or are deluding themselves. Teens will do what teens will do. As parents, we have to teach them right from wrong and hope they listen and learn. DailyKos is not a reliable website. Trig is her son, not her grandson, as alleged.

    And Charles, Obama’s campaign is the one who is trying to filter what is being said about their candidate, just look up how they threatened newstations who considered airing an ad showing his close associations with an ADMITTED domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.

  6. Max Damage said

    Down’s syndrome is caused by an extra 21st chromosome. Those are created at conception, not in an airplane or while having contractions. The folks at DailyKos, and you, should have spent a moment looking it up before throwing out this rumor.

  7. ridor9th said

    Max Damage: Are you THAT stupid to think that I would think Down’s Syndrome comes from airplane or contractions?

    You literally *and* figuratively missed the point.


  8. ridor9th said

    Eddie: People who lives in glass houses should NOT throw stones. Capisce?

    Palin is against sex education in public schools and in favor of abstinence. And look at where she is right now? Her teenage daughter got pregnant.

    Do the *math*.

    If her kid got the information needed at public schools, she would not gotten pregnant.

    Good job, Eddie!

    Don’t bother to deny this logic.



  9. Eddie said


    As usual, you are deflecting again…She could have gotten all the sex ed in the world in high school, but if she didn’t use it, or didn’t use it properly, it wouldn’t matter, and she still would have gotten pregnant. Having sex is a personal choice that all the education in the world won’t change. If a teenager decides to have sex, they are going to. Your claim that if she had gotten sex ed, she would not have gotten pregnant is laughable. How many stories are out there about birth control of all types not working? Condoms break, no other birth control is 100% effective, so there is ALWAYS the CHANCE a girl can get pregnant even using birth control devices. Hell, I have a buddy whose wife was told years ago when she was about 16 that she would never be able to get pregnant or carry a baby to full term if she did, due to endometriosis. They are now the proud parents of a 16 year old and a 3 year old, both naturally conceived and delivered, and both complete surprises.

    Is it ironic that her mother preaches abstinence and she gets pregnant? Sure it is…Is it a case of living in a glass house and throwing stones? MAYBE…But it’s not her mother’s fault she didn’t practice safe sex, SHE made the decision.

    Teaching abstinence is absolutely something we should do. BUT, we should also teach sex education. No such thing as too much teaching or education. But in the end, it take two to tango…. I will bother to deny your logic when it is flawed, and I think if you read this response with an open mind, even you have to admit I’m right.

    Palin never lied to the country, I don’t know where you got that one..

  10. Anti-drunker said

    fuck McCain, VOTE FOR OBAMA!!

  11. Henry said

    Yeah, Baby!

    Barack the Vote!


  12. Good grief, Ridor. *shaking my head in disappointment*

    McCain croaks, Palin takes over, then the sky’s falling, cats and dogs finally became friends, and it’ll be the end of the world as we know it.

    And maybe Barry-O get the nod to take McCain’s old place at Gallaudet. I’m sure you would like that, Ridor! 😉

  13. ridor9th said

    Eddie: Deflect? You’re so funnier than a dog, really. The point is that if Bristol Palin had accessed to the sex education in public schools, the chances of her getting pregnant is small and YOU KNOW IT.

    You said it is all about choice, bingo! With information that she might pick up in the sex education classroom, she might wise up a little before getting fucked by this studmuffin. She might be able to pick up birth control pills and/or condoms in the process if she was informed of this. Hence, the pregnancy would be prevented in the first place.

    Yes, condoms break. Yes not all pills are 100% effective but it plays a huge role in curbing the unwanted pregnancies – that is the keyword: REDUCTION.

    It all boils down to what? Preventable. Bristol and Jamie Lynne Spears are two prime examples of what is wrong with Republicans — they LOVE to lecture others on how to live their lives but when it comes to them, it is their “personal choice”!

    FUCK YOU! I want to marry a man, and it is NONE Of your fucking business if I want to marry a man! If you can get pregnant at 13, why are you fucking interfering in my decisions?

    Personal or not, it reflects what kind of person you are.

    I’m OK with teaching abstinence along with sex education in the classroom but for practical purposes, abstinence rarely works. Take it from a professional one, nerd.
    Teaching abstinence is absolutely

    Again, what really pissed me off is that you fucktards, especially with Conservatives and Republicans, ran around and say that it is personal choice and that it is none of our business when it comes to things like that but when I solely need the marriage license with my partner to protect my rights, insurance, wills and hospital visitations — you fucking interfered!

    So fuck you, fucktards.


  14. ridor9th said

    Republicans and Conservatives applauded Palin for killing the Gravina Island Bridge. It is evident that opponents outside of Alaska viewed the $398 million for the bridge from Ketchikan to Gravina Island was wasteful.

    Palin caved in to the detractors and killed the project. People does not realize that Ketchikan International Airport is on Gravina Island across from Ketchikan. ONly the ferry boats will take people to the airport from Ketchikan. Ketchikan is the home to Salmon Capitol of the World — Ketchikan also hosts hundreds of cruise ships coming in and out for its famous fjords — if you look at EarthGoogle, you’ll see that the main reason to build the bridge is to make it accessible for people to reach the airport *and* to develop the businesses/residential on Gravina Island due to its lofty terrain which can sustain the popoulation since the areas surrounding Ketchikan, like Juneau, does not permit them to develop much farther.

    It is disgrace that Palin caved in to the pressures of detractors and killed the project. Gravina Island has a potential … what a waste.


  15. Dearest Ridor

    Do you realize that the Bridge to Gravina Island (Bridge to Nowhere) was Sen. Ted Stevens’ pet pork project? That man you come to loathe?

    Some of those “detractors” who pressured Palin to kill the project are Democrats who objected to the fact that Sen. Stevens controlled the project and the wasteful money for it.

  16. ridor9th said

    I noticed that, Underhill. I still loathe Senator Stevens for what he did to Deaf people.

    That is something that you should take in consideration, boy.


  17. Henry said

    Ridor and Everyone else here,

    I can see Republican Vice President nominee, Sarah Palin took up on the stage as the different perspective on America what she took her courage for her party and our country BUT I’m strong disagreed with her because she is very dangerous to the USA and the worldwide.

    Take to look on her records,

    She has lacked of manage Alaska National Guards in her State, look on this article,

    Yikes, how can she manage her armed forces what if McCain croaked in the office? I do not think so she is right for USA leadership what we need. She all does care to send Alaska National Guards to IRAQ.

    Sarah Palin has not supported Alaska environment neither Global Warming, look on this article,

    She has threatened against the Polar Bears on the Federal Endangered Species for our Federal Government. She does care to hunt them down what damn Psycho woman is killing them became extinct forever!

    She even has authorized to the people to hunt the wolves down by the helicopters. She is bloodthirsty killing the animals in Alaska and wants to have allowed the big oil businesses to drill at the Alaska Wildlife Refugee Area.

    Sarah Palin has lied and slammed Barack Obama on his experience on the community organizing and senate record. What kind of the leadership do we want? NO WAY, United States needs good statesmen and women, and their leadership on our government. Barack has proven what he did community organizing in Twenty years ago. He has accomplished on his legislation experience.

    I’m very impressed with Barack Obama on the issue of her daughter, Bristol Palin’s pregency, he said “the families are off-limit” period that what true statesman said to everybody who has the families or not. What I really want him to become our President of the United States of America.

    Please considering to vote the right leadership of our country,
    Thank you,
    Henry Gosebrink

  18. I really don’t care for Sen. Stevens, not for what he did to them but for the ways he had conducted as a US Senator for years – screwing the Alaskans for his personal benefits and political-business friends. Very unRepublican, pretty much an unprincipled one at that.

  19. Matthew said

    “Obama Barack is clearly the choice.”

    Obama Barack? Obama HUSSEIN Barack? Get your head screwed on right, Ricky. You darn near had a ‘jump the shark’ moment with that flub. Good grief!
    . . .
    Abstinence Education Is Still a Good Idea
    by Mona Charen

    Very thoughtful piece. Excerpt:

    More girls get pregnant by thoroughly following the recommendations of birth control advocates than do girls who strictly adhere to an abstinence program.

  20. Eddie said


    This is the last time I will visit your site. I could care less that you disagree about sex education, I was just making my point. But then you get personal and call me a fucktard because you can’t get married to a man? Like I fucking had something to do with that? I don’t give a rat’s ass if you are a top or bottom, if you fuck pigs or bulls, if you ram a 2×4 up your own ass or whatever. Your sexual preferences and predilections are your own business. I never said anything at all about them nor kept you from getting married. Stop being such a fucking crybaby and go to California or Maine or wherever the hell it is recognized or legal and do it.

    Stop being such a damn victim and blaming others. You are pathetic and I now see why so many people don’t like you. Oh, and for the record, it’s not “Obama Barack” as you keep referring to him, his name is Barack Hussein Obama. Learn your own candidate’s name.

  21. ridor9th said

    Waaaa — as a matter of fact, I prefer Hillary Clinton, most of all.

    California and Massachusetts fought so hard to legalize the gay marriage. But it is YOUR people (Conservatives, Republicans and Xians) that waged a heavy battle against us in the long run.

    And DO NOT TELL ME THAT you had nothing to do with it — you could do something to stop them from doing that to me and my friends.

    Silence speaks louder than anything else, dude.

    Waaaa if you re offended that I hammered you with a slur. That’s fine — go to a place where you’ll be liked and at least, people will PRETEND to like you but backstab behind your back … at least, I stab in your face. You should be fortunate to have a friend who will slay you in your face rather than in your back, honey.


  22. Matthew said

    Ridor said:
    Look, John McCain is old geezer. He is 72!
    I have a number of policy disagreements with Sen. John McCain, especially having to do with amnesty for illegal aliens, and border control. However, he is on the balance an honorable man, deserving of respect. He fought for his country, endured countless hardships while surviving barbaric captivity, and has been a dedicated public servant for longer than NObama has lived.
    To denigate him as an “old geezer” because you disagree with his policy positions is beneath contempt. As for his health … his mother is 96 and looks pretty spry and mentally acute to me. One poster above said McCain has had cancer seven times. More like FOUR times, and it was very treatable skin cancer. Heck, I’ve had it once myself, and am just fine now. If you want to go there, let’s talk about NObama’s health too. ‘Ears’ may seem pretty active and fit, but let’s not forget he was a long-time smoker; who knows what lurks inside his lungs?

    If he croaked in the office, Palin takes over!
    Unlike ‘Ears’ and Biden, she has executive experience and would have a clue as to what to do next. No worries re this on my part!

    That is going to be horrible scenario.
    You’re sounding more and more like Chicken Little, R.

    Can you imagine having this woman who lied to the public in the first place and yet, take over the country?
    What did she lie about, Ricky? Got some proof?

    Now don’t fret! You can help by vote for Obama Barack!
    Speaking of lies … NObama has long maintained that he was NEVER a Muslim. And yet:

    Just this a.m., he made a reference (Freudian slip?) to “my Muslim faith.”

    Gaffemaster NObama strikes again.

  23. ridor9th said


    My logic remains the same. I will *never* vote for John McCain after what he did to Gallaudet alumni, faculty, staff and students during the Gallaudet Protests of 2006.

    Fuck off! You cannot convince me to support a person who supported Jane Fernandes and ridiculed Gallaudet students! You cannot win any point from thousands of Deaf people who fought to remove Jane Fernandes from Kendall Green.

    I will not vote for a person whom never showed up at the Gallaudet’s Board of Trustees meetings from day one.

    I will not vote for a person who graduated 894th out of 899 students at US Naval Academy.

    I know Obama is not perfect one — I prefer Hillary Clinton but that was not to be. It is appalling that you would try to fan the fear amongst people about one’s faith. Muslim is the same as Xians. Xians were barbaric when they slaughtered the Jews in the last 2,000 years. All religions are going through the phases.

    I have friends who are Muslims. Like Xians and Jews, there are bad and good ones — so for you to imply “Hussein” and “Muslim faith” to attack Barack Obama is childish.

    Sarah Palin lied about the earmarking funds. She claimed that she is against it but she sought the lobbyists to secure funds as well. The rumors in Anchorage is that Sarah Palin cheated on her husband, Todd with Todd’s former business manager whom seeks the court to seal the documents of his divorce — check Andrew Sullivan for further information — this woman does not practice what she preaches.

    Again, I acknowledge that Obama is not the best candidate. Out of Obama and McCain, I prefer Obama, especially with the way McCain has done for Gallaudet. What he has done for Gallaudet? Only his name was printed as one of Trustees for Gallaudet — but he never showed up and had the audacity to blast the protesters who knew about the issues at Gallaudet MORE than he does at all.

    So fuck off.


  24. Matthew said

    I have friends who are Muslims. Like Xians and Jews, there are bad and good ones — so for you to imply “Hussein” and “Muslim faith” to attack Barack Obama is childish.
    Not at all. He claimed he was NEVER a Muslim. So it is valid.
    BTW, the only good Muslim is an ex-Muslim. “The religion of peace?” My @zz.

    Sarah Palin lied about the earmarking funds. She claimed that she is against it but she sought the lobbyists to secure funds as well.
    Perhaps initially, as mayor, but as governor, she has adopted a more enlightened position vis-a-vis earmarks and works to protect taxpayers by eschewed them. NObama, on the other hand, has over $100,000,000 in private earmarks annually since being elected. Including one for a cool million to benefit his wife’s employer.

    The rumors in Anchorage is that Sarah Palin cheated on her husband, Todd with Todd’s former business manager whom seeks the court to seal the documents of his divorce — check Andrew Sullivan for further information — this woman does not practice what she preaches.
    Rumor – since debunked, baby. The divorce records were unsealed – guess what? Just one reference to SP and her husband, and nothing about an alleged affair. You want to traffic in rumors? Go check out “Obama” and “Larry Sinclair.” That’s what wallowing around in the internet sewers and relying on the likes of Andrew Sullivan gets you. Ordinarily, I abhor name-calling, but Andrew Sullivan is a d-bag par excellence:

    Tsk, getting a bit temperamental with some contrarian posters. You need a little vacation from blogging, R. Put some ice on it.

  25. ridor9th said

    Matthew: Check out with PerezHilton about the dirt on Palin. It is quite interesting, honey.

    ’nuff said.

    As for Islam as the Religion of peace, I agreed with you 100%. They’re hypocrites. So is Xians! I prefer Judaism to live by — even I was not born as Jewish, I feel they re the ones that try to live by their standards.

    Which I cannot say the same thing about Islam and Christianity.

    And it is interesting to note that you refuse to acknowledge the reasons that I refuse to vote for that fucked-up left cheek old geezer mainly because he screwed Deaf people at Gallaudet.

    And that boy called his own wife a trollop & cunt:

    And was it YOU who said that I was being bit temparamental towards contrarian posters? Practice what you preach, honey.

    I don’t rely on Free Republic — it is operated by whom? Republicans thugs and conservative pricks. That’s not even bipartisanship or even neutral.

    About earmarking that Palin did — even McCain criticized Palin few years ago — here is the link:

    McCain and Palin does not give honest answers to the people that greets them in Albuquerque:

    And here is even amusing one, McCain and Palin disagree on sex education:,0,3119305.story

    So for you to attack Obama, you need to look at your own as well.

    Jon Stewart said it the best when Republicans said that Palin has better foreign policy than Biden because as the Governor of Alaska, she deals with Russia. Jon Stewart said, “And Santa Claus of North Pole, too.”




  26. Matthew said

    “PerezHilton,” Huffington Post, Jon Stewart … I’m real impressed with their lamestream media creds. Awright Ricky, it’s your blog, so no matter what, you can have the last word any time, be it the truth, half-truths, or, as most often is the case, total fiction. By all means, vote for whomever you prefer. And if the ‘old geezer’ didn’t care about deaf/disabled individuals, why even bother spending 11 years on the board of trustees at G.U.? Given the attitudes of folks like you, it must be a truly thankless task. You often seem to focus on one or two picayune issues and while ignoring the totality of an individual’s life/public record. And, you really should learn to differentiate between differences of opinion and “lies.”


  27. ridor9th said

    Get this, Matthew: The main reason why McCain was on the BOTs for 11 years was to patch up his cheap-assed resume of his. According to the minutes of BOTs meetings, he rarely, I mean 2 or 3(!), showed up for BOT meetings.

    I. King Jordan kept him on the Board of Trustees just to brownnose the Congress for $$. This fucktard has no dignity, respect nor concerns for Deaf people in general. He does not give a fuck about Gallaudet.

    I was at Gallaudet, and you were not.


  28. Matthew said

    I. King Jordan kept him on the Board of Trustees just to brownnose the Congress for $$.
    And this is a bad thing because …?

    This fucktard has no dignity, respect nor concerns for Deaf people in general. He does not give a fuck about Gallaudet.
    Your personal slant, as usual. Can’t believe you just used the term ‘dignity.’ You sure you want to go there?

    I was at Gallaudet, and you were not.
    Actually, I was! (business administration mostly, p/t)

  29. Matthew said

    I will not vote for a person who graduated 894th out of 899 students at US Naval Academy.
    I forgot to address this, but certainly glad you mentioned it. This is definitely worth reading:

    If you’re so big on class rankings, let’s not forget that Joe Biden graduated 76th our of 85 at Syracuse U. School of Law. Plus, he almost got tossed for plagiarism.

  30. ridor9th said

    About McCain on the Board, it is bad thing because it implied that McCain has no interest in Gallaudet affairs as a Senator when he was in DC. He missed many BOT meetings.

    About dignity — I retain my right to cuss because I’m not public figure. Capisce?

    I suspect you were a student at Gallaudet but more likely, you were not well known around at Gallaudet when I first typed …

    Biden is not running for the President of US, thank you very much. Syracuse U School of Law is not undergraduate school which McCain rated 894th out of 899.

    To compare Biden with McCain is ludicrous at its best and you know that!


  31. M said

    Abstinence education is a joke. Maybe if Sarah Palin’s daughter had been told something other than to keep her legs crossed, she would have used some birth control and not gotten pregnant. And exactly when are you supposed to let the secret about birth control out of the bag? Hmmmm? As a social worker, I say way too many adults who have 4-5 kids who really don’t know how to prevent future unwanted pregnancies BECAUSE NOBODY EVER TOLD THEM ABOUT BIRTH CONTROL!

    If I had a daughter, she would be on the pill as soon as she started her period. I would tell her that I was not giving her permission to have sex. I would tell her all the reasons I believe she should wait at least until she is finished high school to have sex. But, I am also not stupid, and I know that good kids make mistakes. I know that sometimes things go further than you planned on them going, and it will be the girl who suffers the life long consequence of whatever she chooses.

    I believe Trig is Sarah Palin’s daughter because it is not possible for her daughter to be the mother of Trig and be pregnant again already. Also, Down’s Syndrome babies are usually born to women over 35.

  32. M said

    Obama was never a Muslim. His father was a Muslim. Traditionally, children inherit the religion of their mother, but Obama was not raised any religion at all because his mother was an atheist.

  33. Matthew said

    ***Obama was never a Muslim.*** His father was a Muslim. Traditionally, children inherit the religion of their mother, but Obama was not raised any religion at all because his mother was an atheist.
    M. If you believe this, then you are ignoring a lot of evidence to the contrary. Just this past Sunday, he blurted out “… my Muslim faith” (Jihadian slip?) before ex-Clinton butt boy Little Stephanopoulos jumped in to correct him.

    Here is some evidence that clearly disputes your contention:

    Further: Obama’s Kenyan birth father: In Islam, religion passes from the father to the child. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. (1936–1982) was a Muslim who named his boy Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Only Muslim children are named “Hussein”.


  34. Micah said

    Ridor wrote: I. King Jordan kept him on the Board of Trustees just to brownnose the Congress for $$
    To which I reply: Except that you’re wrong. The President of Gallaudet University has ZERO say over who is appointed to the public seats of the BoT. As I understand it, it is Congress who decides who sits in “their” seats. Specifically, the Speaker of the House will appoint two people (one Representative from each party) and the Vice President of the United States, in his capacity as President of the Senate, will appoint one senator from the majority party. Such a selection takes place once every Congress, that is, every two years.

  35. Matthew said

    Biden is not running for the President of US, thank you very much.
    The larger point is, NObama selected this lackluster career pol as a running mate – so much for ‘change.’ And, in a delicious irony, NObama seems to spend quite a bit of time lately running against the GOP’s VP candidate, Gov. Lipstick. I was amazed that ‘Ears’ allowed himself to fall into that trap. Not smart.

    Syracuse U School of Law is not undergraduate school which McCain rated 894th out of 899.
    Again, besides the point. Before advancing this half-baked notion, you really should have delved a bit into the curriculia at Annapolis and West Point. It’s rigorous academics + military training, followed by a four year military commitment. So, notwithstanding the 894/899 class rank, JSM achieved his degree, graduated flight school, fought in a war, survived captivity, and retired from the Navy with the rank of Captain. Along the way, he earned a Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, and Navy Commendation Medal, for actions before, during, and after his time as a POW. At the academy, it looks like he was a bit of a disciplinary problem and an underachiver, but not a dumbass. So, I think citing his class rank is pretty disingenuous. You have plenty of reasons to vote against him – go ahead and do so – but that is not one.

    To compare Biden with McCain is ludicrous at its best and you know that!
    No, saying you’re voting against him for the reason cited above is what is ludicrous. If NObama had a similar class ranking, would it cause you to spurn him and vote for the Green Party candidate instead? I’ll bet.

  36. Hi Ricky, you are right about the year 2006 Gallaudet protest and the shaky role of John McCain in the Board of Trustees of the Gallaudet University during this time. He admitted that he supported Fernandes for president! When we won, he immediately resigned from the BOT in November 2006, because he supported the wrong person. he did not support the protest, he was against it! We should always remember that.

  37. oh dang it, i ain’t voting for nobody for president lol… maybe next time…

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