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Interlude: Marty Booked His First Gig

Posted by ridor9th on September 3, 2008

Today is Tuesday.  Of course, one has to tune in to watch the Oxygen Channel’s Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency whom one Deaf model gets to live in a house with Janice Dickinson.

Tonight was the 2nd show and needless to say, there was not enough spotlight on Marty all night long.  But guess what irked me the most?  The show had the audacity to inform the viewers the name of the fucking interpreter by flashing the wording on the screen:  Jerry Ferris, Martin’s Interpreter.

I’m telling you guys — he is not that good and I am willing to bet that Jerry insists that his name is to be mentioned on that friggin’ show!

Marty seems to be out of the place with hearing models going all over the place but there is one positive side to the whole thing — Janice Dickinson loves and adores Martin Ritchie!

Oh, by the way, there was an audition amongst the males regarding the Kentucky Denim Jeans and Martin was selected to be the Kentucky Denim Jeans’ male model along with the Russkie gorgeous gal, Polina.

This guaranteed one thing:  The next week’s showing will feature more minutes of Martin since we will observe him doing the modeling gig for Kentucky Denim.

Janice Dickinson, do us a favor — Fire.  Jerry.  Ferris!

And don’t kick Kehoe out of the house — I love his melodramatic antics.  It is fun watching him giving you menopause, sugar.


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6 Responses to “Interlude: Marty Booked His First Gig”

  1. Connor - You Know Who I Am, Ridor! ;) said

    AMEN to that!

    I was glad to see that Marty booked the gig for Denim! I still can’t believe that I’ve never heard of nor seen him before! The only reason why I am watching Janice’s shows is because I wanted to see HOW Marty would face Janice herself. I mean, c’mon! Janice is one great queen of all (women, at least) and, to see that a deaf model is willing to stand out to her… Now, that rocks! 😀

    The whole thing about the so-called interpreter… Really? Well, from what I’ve seen, Marty had MORE minutes on the show than Jerry did which is good! Marty is alotta better lookin than Jerry is! 😉

    Kehoe is hot… But Chandler is sexier. 😉 I am excited about the fact that they both are on the same show… Cuz they have a lot of tensions toward each other and you know it… The next thing… DRAMAS. Oh, by the way, I ain’t surprised that Chandler is closeted. Hmm. Please, tell me… Don’cha think Chandler looks a tid bit like Lee T.? They have the same eyes. Seriously.

  2. RLM said

    I read in one of the gay magazine that the four male contestants for the Season Four of “Janice Dickerson Male Modeling Agency” are GAY!!

    I do not have names right now with me. 😦


  3. MartyFan said

    In this interview I read, Martin said he could hear in his left ear.

    Hey Ridor, do you know anything about this? How much do you think he can hear?

  4. ridor9th said

    C’mon, he cannot hear worth a shit without a hearing aid or two.


  5. MartyFan said

    Really? Thats what he said.

  6. Deaf Republican said

    Ridor, I miss RidorLIVE – the best blog ever!!! I am disappointed it was discontinued and then now you created another blog here, it is not as exciting and appealing as RidorLIVE. I beg you to reconsider going back to RidorLIVE again. You and I are completely different: I am Republican and Conservative and you are not at all but at least I do love your RidorLIVE.

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