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Timeout: Too Busy

Posted by ridor9th on September 15, 2008

Last week was busy for me.  Work.  Errands.  Time to reflect and all that crap.

But rest assured, Hanna’s visit was brief and sweet.

You!  Yes, YOU!

You! Yes, YOU!

I have plenty to blog this week.  But not at this moment.  For some reasons, I cannot sleep.  It is 3 AM EST.  I need some Zs in order to get up early for work.  Agh!

But before I hit the sack, I want to point out at some folks out there who occasionally derided me for who I am across the Deaf Blogosphere.

There are some people out there who felt threatened by me simply because I challenged, questioned and disrupted the status quo from day one.  IN turn, they attempted to write me off as immature, bitter and/or childish (Saw it somewhere else but did not bother to remember that) individual that has a grudge against the system.

Nothing is farther from the truth.

I am American, first and foremost of all.  All my life, I was taught that justice, truth and courtesy is the American Way.  I was taught that if you experienced, saw or felt that something was wrong or amiss, it is your duty to speak, fight and expose it for the others to view, debate and determine the course of action to modify the incidents/situations.  Sometimes along the way, you reserve the right to suspend being cordial as well.

To me, that is the American Way.  Never mind that my words may sting your feelings but remember this, this ain’t personal.  You’re not my friend.  I’m not your friend.  Why worry about my words being stingy?  Do you prefer me to sugarcoat and downplay the words to a point where it won’t sting your feelings so that you can cruise through your life?

Why do you think Osama Bin Laden sent these planes into World Trade Center on 9/11/01?  Why did we have Japan bringing the destruction of Pearl Harbor?  Why do you think Tim McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City?   How come we inadvertently allowed GW Bush to assume the Presidency of this magnificent country?  How in the world did we allow Jane Keller Fernandes to reach the level that she nearly took over as the President of Gallaudet University?


For years, we had been complacent by not facing the truth.  The truth hurts.  These events happen for a reason.  These events do not happen out of blue nor out of nowhere.  There are always ramifications that led to these events that jolted us in our sleep.

Pearl Harbor?  When Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan, the Hawai’ian Natives celebrated. Why?  Because our magnificent country illegally annexed the islands.

9/11?  Because our foreign policy towards many countries are short-sighted.  We abandoned Afghanistan after they drove the Soviets out.  By abandoning Afghanistan with millions of families whom were devastated by the brutal wars — the infrastructure of Afghanistan was in shambles.  No reconstruction, no foreign aid.  Older men were killed, younger men had to take over the roles of leadership on every level — they became resent against the United States who literally used Afghanistan as the battleground against the Soviets and won.  But when the Soviets left, so did we.  The empty void in Afghanistan created a power vacuum that brought what?  Taliban and of course, Osama bin Laden in later years.  The rest is history.  If we were to follow the American Way, we would have done the right thing by staying in Afghanistan and rebuild in 1970s — for sure, the World Trade Center would be still standing today.

Which led me to state that … even the invasion of Iraq was wrong, it is imperative that we must *not* abandon Iraq and Afghanistan for a long time.  See how Germany turns out well? It is because England, France, USA and Russia did not abandon Germany right after World War II — they stayed for decades until it becomes stable.  That’s what we must do the same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Or it’ll be another deja vu all over again.

What of Tim McVeigh?   Tim blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City in retaliation with what happened in Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho.  ’nuff said.

GW Bush as the President of USA? No need to talk about him.  Look at his efforts with everything that has been going ever since.

What of Jane Keller Fernandes?  At Gallaudet, I watched the situation that took her from the Pre-College Program to the Provost.  Everyone at Gallaudet knew something was fishy when I. King Jordan drove Dr. Roslyn Rosen out and appointed Dr. Fernandes as the Provost.  Everyone whined not open in the public.  They simply bickered, made fun of Dr. Fernandes.  Perhaps, the community at Gallaudet thought by making fun of Dr. Fernandes, it would discourage her from reaching the ultimate position.  Maybe it works on me or others, but certainly not her.  The truth is that we simply bickered without addressing it up in their faces.  We inadvertently allowed her to climb the ladder in front of our eyes.  By time she gets on that level, it becomes a divisive issue amongst us all.

However, as I pointed out 4 incidents out of thousands, these things happened for a reason.  It happened because we were complacent.  We simply did not bother to address, debate and/or face the truth — we either dismiss, downplay and/or sugarcoat the issues until it blew up in my face.

The pattern is there.

That’s why I chose to employ different tactics by being blunt and use the words that may jolt you and your feelings on different things in life.  It does not mean that I hate you.  After all, you’re not my friend — so what is there to hate?   It is pointless for me to hate someone that I had not gotten a chance to meet in person.  So calling me immature, childish and bitter individual is ludicrous at its best.  To me, I think it is a compliment of some sorts.  And I think I am beyond the stage of denial and these people who called me these names is still in denial.  Only time will whack them out of their denial stage.

I hope I get my message across to the readers about why I do this on my blog(s).  If not, I hope you’ll try to figure it out on your own.  Good luck!

On a positive subject, someone from Utah talked about me.  Check this link!  Yes, Cameron is still hot.

But either way, be sure to remind me about Ira Hendon III, Hanna, 9/11 and Barksdale Theater for the next entry.  Oh, by the way, I cringed when some bloggers tried to say “article” when they made one on their blogs.  I never do.  I refer it as an entry.  After all, I’m not professional journalist … not yet.




31 Responses to “Timeout: Too Busy”

  1. *Boston said

    Excellent blog!!!

    About Cameron, that was hilarious and I’m glad he is flattered! 🙂

    Now what about Ira Hendon III? I’m surprised you knew that name and I’m curious to know what you have to say about him… 🙂

    Keep it up!

  2. :::chuckling::: said

    USADB President Ira Hendon III is in prison for sexual assault or something to that effect against a minor. Many on the USADB executive board (those who pushed Bennie Maucere/Mark Alan Corson out in 1999-2000) raved about him. But, not me. As always, I’m vindicated. Already, I’m so tired of this kind of Deaf told you so! USADB and CSD-SIGNews needs to make news of this or else they’re chicken-shit biased about Deaf people.

  3. >Pearl Harbor? When Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan, >the Hawai’ian Natives celebrated. Why? Because our >magnificent country illegally annexed the islands.

    I hope you haven’t forgotten the bit of news of Hawaii was in a few weeks ago. There were some protestors that took over the former palace and demanded a *KING* to be *RESTORED* to the throne and that the islands would leave the United States. The protest was squelched and the palace was found to be undamaged.
    Sadly to say, I had to agree with these people. Whoever was president then of USA, shouldn’t have annexed these islands at all.

    If you haven’t been watching about the mortgage mess and the financial instutions mess, then that’s where there’s real complacent of the lack of oversight. Watch the stock market today. Then consider how bad it is to get a job in this great country of ours.

    Other wise, good post here, ridor. we may not like each other, but I respect you.

  4. RLM said

    What a piece of blog entry! I kinda envy your blog writing style which I would like to have yours. 🙂

    I guess that you refer to me about phrasing “blog article”. Yes, I frequently say that one on some deaf bloggers’ site(s).

    How true about many deaf people STILL TALK about you as a deaf blogger. They discussed what happened to you at the recent deaf potluck picnic at the Hains Point (DC) and JR’s bar (DC) on very same day – Saturday, September 13th.

    One deaf individual brought up an issue what Ryan (Thumpflash) wrote his recent entry in honor of 9/11. He talked about what you made your previous comments about what America deserve to be struck with terrorist attacks, etc. That deaf person made a point – “Were the American victims at the WTC really deserve it?”

    I zip my hands not to tell you who the deaf person. That is a private conversation between this deaf individual and another deaf individual.

    How interesting about many deaf people still TALK about you. No questions about you being unforgettable and bold opinion maker. 🙂

    About Jane Fernandes. How true! It’s time for the Deaf America to take up real action, not doing the whisper campaign behind someone’s back. Of course, we have to do it in tactful and productive tactics.

    Many deaf people LOVE to whine about many things and do NOTHING to do something about anything. Of course, deaf people are not only human beings doing that kind of thing. Hearing people, too.

    Deaf people in general, seems too passive and not empower themselves to make the difference in getting things done.

    You, Ridor, seems lift up the wording of “American Way” from the People of the American Way (PAW) non-profit organization with co-founder, Norman Lear and someone else. To some people for not knowing who Norman Lear. That hearing person is well-known for his entertainment creation of “All the Family”, “The Jeffersons”, “Maude” and other television sictims which paved the way for constructive racial and other social issues dialogue among Americans in the 70s and 80s.

    Excellent word of choice to define yourself and other deeply-conscicous Americans. I used to be the member of the PAW during my high school years. I joined this organization to fight against censorship in America. It gets lost on taking up other issues, instead of solely focusing on the issue of censorship.

    Sherlock Steve,

    You are absolutely right about our own mistakes of annexing Hawaii to our country.

    The missionaries surely ruined Hawaiians’ native diet and clothing choices in the 1880s. Those missionaries brought wool clothes for the native Hawaaiians to cover up themselves in the tropical weather. How illogical and absurd of the so-called Christians to save the natives.

    Hawaii is much f*cked up in many ways with high crimes and obesity among native Hawaiians. How sad! We just look up to Hawaii for beautiful beaches.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog

  5. Curious about Ira said

    I tried to google Ira Hendon III but only in USADB and professional groups. Please tell us about him.

  6. Deaf Republican said

    Good to see you back, Ridor! I still miss RidorLIVE (easier for me to remember to go over to and I guess I can live with this what-the-heck-the-name-is blog.

  7. Iraq War said

    If you can’t believe a little in what you see on the screen, it’s not worth wasting your time on cinema.SergeDaneySerge Daney, French film theorist/critic

  8. RLM:

    Can you elaborate a little about the discussion regarding my post and my subsequent objections to Ridor’s comments? I’m not interested in names, I’m interested in hearing what is being said out there, is all.

    I also agree strongly with the following quote you made: “Many deaf people LOVE to whine about many things and do NOTHING to do something about anything. Of course, deaf people are not only human beings doing that kind of thing. Hearing people, too.

    Deaf people in general, seems too passive and not empower themselves to make the difference in getting things done.”

    Excellent point, and a point I try to make all the time. Talk is cheap, action is better. But I still believe civility is a better way to do it. Like the old saying goes, “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.

  9. hedor said

    Soon. will be back. I wonder any of you can handle to be patience?? Ha!

  10. RLM said


    One deaf person brought up topic about your latest blog posting on 9/11 and Ridor’s comments like “America deserve it!”. That same deaf person also pointed out to America’s past arrogance with foreign policy, but questioned whether people perished in the WTC deserve that kind of death…… That was what two deaf individuals had conversation about your blog posting and Ridor’s strong comments about the 9/11 scenario.

    How interesting about some deaf people talked out any deaf blog/vlog postings like that!


  11. RLM said


    Excellent phrase about getting things done!

    Many deaf people are still shocked what Ridor publicly said about the 9/11 tragedy. I personally somewhat agreed with Ridor – “America deserve it!”

    We are no longer insulated from any terrorist attacks within two oceans between our country and the rest of the world.

    How come the American media hardly mention about the unexcusable bombings of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afganstian so far?

    Our American agents engaged in senseless tortures, maimings and killings of many individuals around the world and get away with those inhumane actions.


  12. Jean Boutcher said

    RLM says:

    “Many deaf people are still shocked what Ridor publicly said about the 9/11 tragedy. I personally somewhat agreed with Ridor – “America deserve it!””

    Ridor was absolutely right on this point. It shows that he did his history homework by doing research the past before 9/11. I would give him an A plus plus plus!

  13. RLM said

    Jean Boutcher,

    With due respect, I don’t think that Ridor done any research on the history of U.S.’s questionable foreign policies from the past.

    From my best observation of Ridor as a person, he regularly read variety of magazines and newspapers to form his thoughts. That’s how make Ridor being that way as well-versed in many subjects beyond his celebrity status.

    I really never had a chance to engage in heart-to-heart conversations with Ridor in person on any subjects. Ridor seems have the tendency to have strong opinions on many things.

    I am more pragmatic and realistic person without resorting to any kind of ideology or personal beliefs.

    That deaf person had a good point about whether Americans died during the WTC fallout deserve that kind of death.

    No questions about many Americans simply shrugged their shoulders when our military forces errorously bombed ######## civilians in other countries. How shameful!


  14. ridor9th said

    Eddie: You’re absolutely correct that honey caught more flies than vinegar. My Drandma is like that. She was cordial, polite, patient and hopeful that one day, hearing people will realize their errors and in the process, correct the problems.

    Wrong-o! They kept on ignoring, dismissing and disregard her pleas ’til she died in 1987. Few weeks before her death, she pulled me aside and told me that all her life, she was too nice towards people and what did it benefits her? Nothing, really. She struggled to get out of poverty — in fact, she only visited only 6 states her whole life — and in the end, nobody really gives a shit about what was happening.

    Drandma said, “If you see something wrong, don’t be polite like me. Don’t let people walk over you.” Ever since, I try to live by that rule.

    I agree that talk is cheap, action is better. But the problem within the Deaf communities for a long time is that they tend to be reactive rather than proactive. We must apply the proactive approach at all times and be vigilant of our rights.

    RLM, I never thought or felt that America deserved the devastation — in fact, no country across the globe deserved one like that. But my point is that, the devastation happened not because it was out of blue. It happened because we did something wrong in the first place.

    And one more thing, RLM, Jean Boutcher is partially correct. I DID my homework. In fact, I got an A in History of Modern Middle East and Cultural Geography under Dr. Ryan. I know that our government’s foreign policy towards Middle East is appalling at times. But as for the rest of the world, I’m still learning. One would suggest you to read Addicted To War, a graphic novel which is very easy to follow through. It basically explained the abysmal record of our foreign policies towards many countries throughout the world.

    I would NOT write an entry blasting things unless I know what I’m talking about. 🙂



  15. R-

    For once, we find a common ground we agree on: the deaf have a tendency to let people walk over them. We just have different ways of trying to provoke them to action and greater self-advocacy. I think as long as we at least try to be civil towards one another, we can actually focus on getting things done. I will never agree with SOME of the things you say and the ways you say them, but I guess we can keep our eyes on the ball.

    I still can not and will not ever believe all the innocent civilians that died in the WTC and at Pearl Harbor “deserved” to die for other’s actions. That would mean that if you (Ridor) had any friends in the WTC that day, who had nothing to do with American foreign policy, and they died, you are telling their families and friends “Well, they deserved it because of what Bush or Clinton or Carter or Ford or Nixon did”. That’s what I have a real problem with. There is just no way you can justify such a broad statement as that.


    I have to disagree with your statement that the media “hardly” ever covers the innocent civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan from errant bombs. They have been beating up the President and the military pretty severely on that over the past several years. I could post numerous links proving that, but you are a smart guy, you can find those yourself.

  16. Silly Tony said

    Hey Ridor. Sorry in advance if I irritate you with a different subject. There is a madness going on in the website concerning religion and gay/lesbian issue. Care to share your point of view on that? Again I am sorry if I irritate you.

    Silly Tony

  17. Hedy said

    Silly Tony, it has been removed! Dang! However, I am glad it removed asap before hurting anyone.

    Ricky, I agree what Drandma said to you. She told me to be patience and learn from the mistake. Best advice I have gotten from Drandma!

  18. ridor9th said

    Silly Tony: Which vlogs?

    Eddie: All I said is that no ONE deserved the deaths but they certainly were casualty of war (COW). Your concern for these families whom had their loved ones perished in WTC/Pentagon/Pennsylvania is duly noted. Yes, innocent civilians were killed at WTC but they are nevertheless the casualties of War.

    You really cannot expect the Arabs/Muslims to say, “Oh, we cannot kill these because they did not do anything that their government did.” They would retort, “Your government killed mine either by mistake or deliberately and they never admitted, compensated nor apologized — the only way to get the government to wake up is to kill their people as well.”

    Let’s face the music — we purchased oil from Saudi Arabia. IN turn, the Saudis used our $$ to suppress the population in its kingdom. Millions of Saudis watched the USA clamor and trumpet the inalienable rights — the very same rights that they wanted to acquire but are being crushed by their own government while we stand idly and kept on purchasing their oil!

    The point is that you cannot really go around and say that the attacks on 9/11 was out of nowhere and out of blue. It was not. There were RAMIFICATIONS that led to the devastation of 9/11/01.

    I never said that the victims deserved it — I simply said that they paid it with their lives for what we failed to uphold our government to the standards in the first place.

    You really cannot walk around and act like you were victimized the first time around. You were not. These terrorists simply did not turn out as terrorists just because they wanted to be bad. They were victimized as well.

    As for your comments toward RLM. Baloney. Media simply criticized GW Bush but yet, he still walk and dismiss them at all costs. Recently in Afghanistan, 90 civilians (60 kids) were killed by NATO/US strike based on false information that they gathered from some rival clan. Who will pay the consequence of these 60 civilians who perished? Certainly not GW Bush. GW Bush barged in Iraq based on false allegations regarding the weapons of mass destruction which none were found, will we punish GW Bush? Fat chance. GW Bush will leave White House laughing his ass off — in fact, what he reaps across the globe, he will harvest a lot of financial incentives that will be all but assure wealth for his generations to come. He will be always surrounded by cronies who will prevent the ordinary government to prosecute him of his crimes against humanity.

    As for 90 civilians who perished in AFghanistan, Pentagon said they will investigate. Yeah, right. LIke they will execute or punish their own for killing 90 innocent civilians. There were many incidents that resulted in deaths, I have yet to see a massive, heavy and devastating punishment upon our own. Only a slap on the hand and say, “Oops!” That will only help the Muslims and Arabs to resent us even more.

    It is OK to wipe a village out in Afghanistan but it is not OK for me to indicate that the deceased ones on 9/11/01 was part of Casualties of War.

    C’mon, do tell me how do you plan to address the 90 civilians that were killed by our own brave soldiers? What would you like to see something out of this situation?

    The way you behave lately, it reeks of egocentrism at its best. It is all about you, yourself and your place — damn everyone else outside of this fucking country. That is your motto, is it?


  19. Ridor:

    I stand corrected, you did not make that statement about the victims of the WTC, you simply said “Maybe the fates decreed they deserved to die. Who knows?” It’s still a reprehensible thing to say. You also made many other derogatory comments such as that cops have a “culture” of cheating with other cop’s spouses, and so forth. They are no different than the rest of the American population, humans who make mistakes. To imply that simply because they are cops that they cheat on their spouses is wrong. Would it be right for me to say, for example, that because you allegedly were asked to remain behind at a bar after closing and a bartender dropped his pants after locking up and you went to “do the deed” right there at the bar by having anal intercourse with him, that ALL gay men are like that? Of course not.

    BUT, you did say about the people at Pearl Harbor:

    “One more thing. About Pearl Harbor, after studying the history of Hawai’i and Pearl Harbor, I felt that the destruction of Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941 was well-deserved. Let’s face the music: The Americans deserved it on that fateful day.

    After all, it was the American Navy that helped the capitalists to sack the Hawai’ian Monarchy and align it to the US, illegally.

    So I have no qualms in seeing the American sailors being slaughtered in the process. After all, they were racists who oppressed and harmed the Hawai’ian Natives.



    Before the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, we were NOT involved in the war. War was declared the next day by Congress. So what exactly, gave Japan the right to fly over to Hawaii and attack our service members? We will just have to agree to disagree on the way you choose to make your points. I happen to think you too often cross the line in your attempts to make your point, is all.

  20. ridor9th said

    Historically, the main reason why Japan bombed Pearl Harbor is in response to the United States’ oil embargo against Japan. That’s why Japan flew to Hawai’i. You could say that we provoked them in the first place. Don’t act like it was out of blue, honey.

    One would say that the US was provoking others to make a formal response. The sailors, again, are casualties of war. The kingdom of Hawai’i leased Pearl Harbor to the US Navy and what did they do? They illegally annexed the islands and arrested the Queen on the orders of capitalists. That is a fact.

    The Fates may decree that Japan punishes the US Navy for what they had done to the Hawai’ian Natives in general.

    As for the cops, I stand by my comments. They fostered the culture of blue silence which permitted them to cheat, steal, murder and so on with their pals standing idly. No, it was not “few”, it was one too many.

    As for me doing the deed, what’s the big deal about it? Sex is beautiful. At least I live only once and I want to experience everything possible. And if you want to limit it to your own bed, more power to yourself but please do not try to make it sound bad because it was not. It was consensual, harmless and fun. You probably don’t get laid enough.


  21. RLM said


    The United States of America under FDR’s leadership MADE a big mistake for not cutting off oil embargo to Japan immediately after the invasion of Machuria (China) in the first place. That would send the strong message to the Imperial Japan about our intolerance for illegally invading other countries.

    Our country also illegally invaded Phillippines and brutally treated the inhabitants which were very well-documented and paved for the American captialists to exploit the natural resources in the late 1800s.

    Thanks for letting me know of the title – “Addicted to War” graphic novel. What about you reading the classic Japanese manga about the atomic bombings in Japan and how the Japanese people dealt with the aftermath of radioactive falldown? I could not remmy the title of that graphic novel. Something with the “G….. Boy”.



    If you know more about the so-called moral enterneuership in our country. That’s how many 501 e organizations make money off our moral outrages and elect someone, who is not really deserved to be in the public office.

    Ridor was absolutely correct about the American miliitary presence undermined the native Hawaiians and exposed them to racial slurs and beatings. How would you feel like another country invade your homeland and taunt and ridicule you around?

    Ridor’s political incorrect comments will make us, Americans to think twice before doing anything regrettable. Karma is the answer to what we are doing our lives as we have to do others in good way or get bad karma back at you.


  22. Hedy said


    That is Barefoot Gen. I know the tale. I got it from my sister Lily. She is a manga freak.

  23. RLM said


    YES, that is the one for this Japanese manga – “Barefoot Gen”!!

    Thanks from my heart to you for spelling out the title of that classic Japanese manga!!!

    “Barefoot Gen” manga ought to be the mandatory reading material for our American high school students for history classes to be more empathetically and understanding from the past American foreign policy actions.

    No questions about how this manga could be a wretching experience for many American students!

    Thanks a zillion!!


  24. RLM said


    I just found out that there already were TWO “Barefoot Gen” movies, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 on DVD.

    Target stores already has out of stock for this anime film!

    No questions about the Japanese mangas being much better than any animated films. For example, “Akria”, one of my favorite Japanese ultraviolence manga. The “Akria” animated film is kinda disappointed.

    Did you know that the upcoming new “Akria” film with Leonard DiCapri for the next summertime film viewing? The setting of story will be in New York City, not Tokyo.

    For more info about “Barefoot Gen” manga and DVD –



    I will check out “Addicted to War” Japanese manga. Many thanks for the recommendation.

    I also will post the Provision Library anti-war visual materials which have been made into the oversize wall calendars.


  25. RLM said

    Hey everyone,

    I looked up for the following materials being discussed on this blog posting –
    (new live action movie with Leonard DiCapri for summer 2009)

    “Addicted to War – Why the U.S. Couldn’t Kick Militarism” comic book and DVD –

    “What I’ve Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy” DVD

    I will be out of town this weeken to NYC with two deaf friends from DC for a fact-finding trip about the Wall Street fisaco and market meltdown. I have an appointment with the Federal Reserve Bank in NYC.

    I wonder whenther I will see some stock brokers and investors jump from their office windows and *splat* Oh boy about the real incredible of our American captialism!


  26. RLM and Ridor:

    First of all, the oil embargo was put in place due to Japan’s invasion of China. To call off the embargo (as suggested above by RLM in entry #21) would have actually emboldened Japan more. The invasion of China by Japan was viewed as an overly agressive action that was uncalled for (by more than just the US), so the US and several other countries enacted embargos against Japan. However, enacting an embargo against a country is NOT a military act and does NOT justify the attacking of our country. It is an economic sanction not unlike what many wanted the US to do with Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, etc. on multiple other occasions, and is not a military act.

    Whether or not you believe it, I actually went back and read up on the actions in Hawaii that led to the annexation by the US. It does look as if the US provided some help to the people who overthrew the monarchy there, but it also looks as if the unrest was brewing well before the assistance provided by the US, based on the historical events. Afterwards, all letters and rules of law were followed by the new government in applying for annexation to the US. Did American servicement ridicule or slander or otherwise discriminate against native Hawiians? I have no doubt SOME did. That still is not DESERVING of so many other innocents dying in an attack from JAPAN. Remember, some innocent Hawaiians were killed too.


    As for the moral outrage directed towards innocent civilians over there in the Middle East that were killed by errant bombs, etc., I simply will say this: to use your buddy Ridor’s own words, they were casualties of war. Sad? Yes, very much so. Unavoidable? Perhaps, but that is war, is it not? I’m just using the same analogy that Ridor and you both have referred to in the attack on Pearl Harbor, and that Ridor specifically referred to in the attack on the WTC. In both situations, we were NOT at war with those countries before the attack, but yet you all choose this as a defense for those deaths when WE were attacked, along with all the other usual BS (we didn’t keep our noses out of other countries events, etc.)

    Next, I have no clue what you are talking about 501 e organizations, that designation is reserved for hospitals that want to participate as charitable organizations. If you are talking about non-profits, they are 501c designates. If you are talking about political action committes or issue advocacy groups, I think you may be referring to 527 groups such as MoveOn, Code Pink, etc. Once you’ve clarified what you are talking about, I will respond.

    As for abortion….*sigh*…Let’s get this straight. Roe vs. Wade can only be overturned by the US Supreme Court. With a slim majority of 5-4 conservative judges (and that is tenous at best), it is very unlikely that Roe vs Wade will ever be overturned. The Democratic party has, for almost 6 years now, continously bottled up judicial appointments by refusing to go to a straight up and down vote. They persist in filibustering time and time again, or holding up votes by parlimentary rules, on judicial nominees. I personally would love to see Roe vs Wade overturned, but that is MY personal opinion, because I do not believe in abortion. It is NOT my litmus test, however, for whom I will vote for, there are other far more important issues than that. President Bush can not overturn Roe vs Wade himself, not would John McCain be able to. Other than a Supreme Court reversal, or passage of a new law that stands up to SC scrutiny, would that happen. It’s a tired old argument that Democrats use regarding using Roe vs Wade against the Republicans by saying “they’ve had 8 years, why haven’t they done it? It’s just an election issue they use for votes”, made to scam people who do not understand what it takes to overturn it. Stop and look at Obama..He voted AGAINST a bill that would have required notifying parents of minors who were seeking abortions. HE voted FOR partial birth abortions. I could go on and on.

    Have you noticed that the new Resolution Trust Corporation the FED is talking about enacting to stabilize the housing and investment markets is actually a proposal that John McCain made? This same tactic was used in the 80’s to shore up the bond market (and very successfully, I might add). Credit should be given to McCain for recognizing something that worked previously and making a suggestion on it being used again. Several hours after his suggestion was made, it was announced that was a consideration being studied. The markets immediately stabilized and actually began creeping back up. Barack Obama spent the time railing against Republicans and how it is more of the same if McCain is elected, instead of proposing a real solution. Obama = Talk, not action. McCain = Action

  27. Nope, I cannot bring myself to vote for a man who attacked Gallaudet students in 2006 and called his own wife cunt.


  28. Matthew said

    RLM said:
    Remember Serbia, mid-90s What about the Serbian civilians killed in the Clinton/NATO directed bombardment of that European country? Where was your outrage then? They even bombed the Chinese embassy.

    How come Bill Clinton didn’t slam the desk (with Monica underneath it?)
    over Serbian civilian deaths? Same with Somalia in the “Black Hawk Down” incident. In Afghanistan, you don’t seem to acknowledge that the cavemen Taliban terrorize the civilians and use them as shields. I guess it’s too complicated for you to grasp.

    The GOP purely exploit the abortion issuses to get themselves elected.
    Sort of like the Democrats do with the issue of race.

    Nope, I cannot bring myself to vote for a man who attacked Gallaudet students in 2006
    Attacked?? How so? Any links, or just your spin/interpretation? Maybe he just felt that attending classes and acquiring an education was preferable to disrupting classes by throwing a collective tantrum to get their way. Hard to find fault with that logic.

    and called his own wife cunt.
    as has been alleged in the book “The Real McCain,” written by Dem strategist Cliff Schecter.

    Whoa, that is certainly convincing proof, Ricky.

    Eddie R., nice try at trying to educate those two obtuse knuckleheads, but I fear they are impervious to facts, reason, and logic.

  29. The US and Israel government are responsible for the events of 9-11.

    “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”
    Motto of the Mossad

  30. RLM said


    I was in real hurry with the typo – 501 c organizations. That’s what I tried to say in the first place. Nothing to do with hosptials.

    I also opposed to the idea of abortion, but our country kinda discourage safe sex practices to keep from preganating ladies.

    My deaf mother once tried unsuccessful abortion on me, but fate intervened. She was raped by a college student.

    How hyprocritical of Republicans for allowing abortion in case of rape and incest! Our country under the Republican leadership have been fallen apart – increase in high school dropout rate, increase in teenage pregancy rate – I could go further.


    You really made me LOL! Yes, I had a short memory capability of what Clinton and NATO done during the Serbia peackeeping engsgement.

    Gotta go now!


  31. RLM:

    This is the first time I have checked this in a while, so pardon the delay…

    I’m a little confused by your statement: “My deaf mother once tried unsuccessful abortion on me, but fate intervened. She was raped by a college student.” Obviously, the abortion was unsuccessful, since you are alive now. Do you mean that you survived an abortion attempt, or she considered an abortion but changed her mind? Why is it hypocritical for Republicans to allow abortion in cases of rape or incest? Obviously, your mother kept you even after being raped, as you allege, but that is something most women do not do, as they do not want to be reminded of the rape. I’m not saying it is right or wrong, just stating there is plenty of evidence out there that women often abort pregnacies that arise from a rape, as well as from incest. Certainly you can not fault someone who, through no fault of their own, becomes pregnant by an attack (rape or incest). Obviously I’m not a woman, but I think I can understand where a woman would be coming from if she said “I don’t want this child, I didn’t ask to become pregnant by a stranger or by a family member”.

    As for the 501c corporations, don’t forget that the liberal causes are just as prevalent, if not more so. As evidenced by, Code Pink, etc. Democrats are NOT untainted by such tactics. Doesn’t make it right, I wish there were none, but often these organizations arise in response to one from the other party. Quite frankly, I’d love to see them all banned, but until they are, it is permissable and allowable by the campaign finance laws (something I know a little about, since I am treasurer of my local party).

    How about Barack Obama’s campaign looking to bring people up on charges in Missouri if they run an “untrue” ad? That is certainly hypocritical, given the untrue ads he has been running in Ohio and Michigan against McCain. If you don’t believe me, check out, where they show that the ads being run there by Obama are untrue and a distortion of McCain’s actual campaign stance. That is certainly a case of the pot calling the kettle black, so to speak, and is just a hypocritical.

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