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9: Deaf Mario Lopez?

Posted by ridor9th on September 20, 2008

The Deaf Mario Lopez?

Is Jason Yeh the Deaf Mario Lopez?!

When I first saw the picture, my first response was, “Whoa!  Jason does look like Mario!”

That picture is absolutely stunning, to say the least.

In fact, I IMmed a good friend of mine in New York to tell her to check the article, her first response was:

“OMG, Jason looks like Mario Lopez!!”

This was right before I could ask her if she was thinking what I first thought when I saw the picture of Jason Yeh!

However, there is a fantastic article on about Viable, a Video Relay Service company based out of Rockville, Maryland.

Check this link if you hadn’t read the article.  It is a must!

The Real Mario Lopez!

The Real Mario Lopez!

I admit that I was bit surprised to learn that Jason Yeh dropped out of college in order to team up with his father, John Yeh, to start the company, Viable.  I admit that I thought Jason already graduated from Gallaudet sometimes in the past.

Not that it is wrong to drop out (or that I encourage anyone else to drop out!) — some people are not college material.  Jason certainly is college material.  But it is all about timing, really.  Jason probably saw the opportunity to create a lucrative company that may be considered as the one to be envied by many.  By dropping out of college, Jason got an opportunity to take the company off the ground.

There is always a risk factor but what Jason did was admirable.  Quite Impressive, Jason.  It is always nice to have Pop to support and push you all the way to the bank, is it?

I vividly recall the start-up company with less than 10 employers.  I read that Viable has more than 150 employers.  Needless to say, one of my siblings are with Viable as of now.

I like Viable mainly because it is deaf-run, deaf-owned and deaf-managed company which I cannot say much for many VRS providers.  Especially with HOVRS and SorensonVRS!

I see a strong future in this company.  The Yehs are driven, goal-oriented and fiercely loyal to Deaf people and its communities.  It is a matter of time before Sorenson cowers before Viable.  Mark my words, Sorenson will fall.

For further information on Viable?  Check its website.  It is cool website.  I liked it.  I think you will like it as well.




21 Responses to “9: Deaf Mario Lopez?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Sorenson will fail? Yeah right!

  2. ridor9th said

    Anonymous, it is my policy to delete any comments written by anonymous but this one, I have to let it stay:

    Here is my comment — REREAD the LINE I said. I never said that Sorenson will fail. I never said that. I said Sorenson will fall.

    There are two distinctive words: Fail and Fall.

    Or are you that stupid to detect the difference?


  3. Anon... said

    Yeah!! I thought, “A.C. Slater is holding a VPAD” at first….

  4. Kathy said

    I learned from one of Jason’s family member RE: his reason not to continue with his education at Gally. Jason was burn out. He used the argument; Bill GAte was a dropout and has been very successful businessman. Remeber, John, Jason’s dad, had college degree. He could not find a job. He with his brothers started his own business.

  5. Deaf Republican said

    I didn’t know either about Jason without a college degree from Gallaudet, but he may be next one known as Deaf Bill Gates.

  6. Penny said

    Ridor- He looks more like John Maucere to me.

  7. *Boston said

    The looks are uncanny! 🙂

    Penny: Ouch! LOL

  8. Yep, I think he looks more of John Maucere unless he has six pack abs. Unfortunately, he’s holding a VPAD right front of him and couldn’t tell if he’d probably has it or not.

  9. RLM said

    I must tell you that the enclosed photo of Jason Yeh really did him a real injustice. Jason is more handsome guy in person. I do often consider him sexy in many ways, but always said quick hi’s to Jason. He is really a nice and approachable person. Of course, I do not puruse him in any ways as some people probably misinterpret me saying good things about Jason. Okay? The Yeh family are really great people. John Yeh always is a constant advocate of the deaf community and embrace deaf individuals with respect and decency.

    About some people being a college dropout is really no big deal! Yea, I always thought that Jason already graduated from Gally. I am a college dropout, too due to financial situation. I am really proud of it!

    I wish Jason Yeh all the best and success with his life. By the way, I spoke few things about you on Jim’s blog about the respects and acceptance of gay people, etc. Just check out what I said about you.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  10. RLM said

    I forgot to add that I personally met the real Mario Lopez few years ago at the Washington Convention Center for the annual health fair as a representative of the talk show with Danny Boundance. Guess what? Mario Lopez was a real as*hole! Dany Boundance was a real gentleman, not Lopez. Mario was very arrogant and selfish SOB. Many people knew about Mario Lopez being a bad landlord of the apartment buildings he invested in. Lopez’s replies – “Why people have to complain about something over their heads?” Lopez was accused for not fixing or repairing many things in the apartment buildings and units. What a dipstick Lopez is!

    Every time, I seen Mario Lopez on TV or in the newspapers/magazines. He really made me sick! No questions about him being nice-looking and dimples. No wonder, Mario Lopez is still single!


  11. RLM said

    Here is the link to Los Angeles Housing Department cited Mario Lopez with the copy of legal papers –

    I hope that will be very helpful to find out about the real Mario Lopez as an as*hole!


  12. Ridor, I am detecting some bias feelings here *Kissing Ass Mode*. There are sure other VRS provider that are better than Viable. Viable VPAD costs you money plus bunches of add on junk that costs more money… everybody knows that. Market will dictate which providers will come out ahead, for sure it won’t be Viable.

    I understand you want to brown nose those deaf elites at Viable to get their approval. BE REAL… investigate all VRS providers and show us that Viable is a superior VRS provider. Free market will prove itself in the future. Even your words are powerless to steer Viable to the top spot in the VRS market.

    The way I see in the future, yes I am biased. Just giving my educated guess.

    1. HOVRS
    2. Sorenson
    3. The rest 🙂 or maybe Viable if they are lucky*

  13. kappa gammas said

    Viable can proper more if they stop the preferences of hiring only Kappa Gammas or Phi Kappa Zelda folks…. They excluded a lot of good potientals just because they are not KG or PKZ…

    I would see HOVRS prosper in the long run!

  14. :::cringes::: said

    I remember this scantily dressed video interpreter Sabrina who was posing restlessly in her chair ready for Friday night. From what I was told by guys at Viable she moved onto bigger places modeling and maybe after-hours servicing in New York City. I do like a few interpreters at Viable just the same I like those from other VRS providers. Once upon a time I came across this young Viable video interpreter working out of Houston. Lo and behold he was very lousy. He signed the word “transfer” actually using the hand shape “t” on both hands and mimicking the sign for “move” THAT IS SIGNED EXACT ENGLISH. No wonder there was mention of “cheap labor” in the recent magazine interview with Viable. Bad HOVRS abruptly pulled out my Purple number and changed it with another area code. What the fuck? I didn’t even do anything so no calls through HOVRS until they rectify this. No calls through SorensonVRS until they send me my VP-200. $6.44 per minute. My ass! They can’t hack it!

  15. ridor9th said

    Bias Reporting: You’re being ridiculous by making an assumption that I was doing the *kissing ass mode* on Viable. What would I benefit this from kissing their asses?

    My sister works for Viable. I work for ANOTHER VRS provider, FYI. So your claims that I was kissing up Viable is laughable at its best, dear. FYI, the so-called “deaf elites” that you claimed at Viable is absurd.

    I am aware of who’s who works at Viable — my sister is not member of PKZ, KG or whatever it is. She still works there. And there are countless of employees out of 150 plus that does not belong in Kappa Gamma or Phi Kappa Zeta. Your accusations are childish, immature and unfounded. And I watched the video on under jobs category where they showed different people that works at Viable — FYI, I was delighted to see there are scores of non-KG & non-PKZ individuals mingling in Viable.

    Viable is to be congratulated for its bold success.

    As for HOVRS, well, well, where is MVP? They kept on saying that it will come out last spring, last summer, this fall and now this coming spring. HOVRS was led by whom? CODA who sold it to Verizon/GoAmerica — now ruled by whom? Hearies.

    I prefer CSDVRS and Viable. Sorenson? They can kiss my fat ass.


  16. ridor9th said

    Regarding the cheap labor skills, it is quite amusing to note that not many Deaf people are familiar with the term and its definition. Their attacks upon Viable regarding the term is hilarious. It simply reflects their stupidity, really!


  17. So far, I have been pleasantly surprised with Sorenson’s employee’s signs. I haven’t had any issues. HOVRS contacted me about their MVP, if it actually gets out to me soon, that would be great, I will give it a try. Their signing was wonderful, with the exception of the tech person, who signed with her left hand only (I could see her right hand, no issues, she used it fine, but wouldn’t sign with it) and the sign was very sloppy, making me have to ask her to repeat herself several times. The other people I spoke with through HOVRS were all very fluent, appropriately paced, and easy to understand.

    My main concern right now, is that in order for HOVRS’s MVP to be truly beneficial to me, is the establishment of a WIFI account in order to benefit from it on the road. As much as I travel, that is where I would get the most benefit from it. additionally, I really like that you can have as many as 8 people on it at once, it would allow me to participate in conference call settings easier by simply getting a couple for some of the people I work with. We will just have to wait and see if it will be beneficial. Overall, my VP-200 has worked fantastic. I usually am also very happy with using Hamilton Relay, they answer quickly, and their signing is very good, no issues so far.

  18. San Diegan said

    I think I told you this before but Mario Lopez’s cousin is Deaf. Unfortunately Mario doesn’t know any sign language and his cousin ended up not doing much with her life. She looks a lot like Mario with his hair and big body build.

  19. Matthew said

    Yet another reason not to like Mario:


    Scroll down to about the 8th paragraph.

  20. RLM said

    San Diegan,

    Really about Mario Lopez have a deaf female cousin??

    Let get that deaf cousin to make the public statement and make a real fool out of Mario Lopez to teach him the lesson for being an as*hole.


  21. Curious About Ira said

    Where is the story about Ira Hendon III? You would have written about him on your next posting on your previous posting.

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