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Interlude: Off To …

Posted by ridor9th on September 27, 2008

Figure It Out

Figure It Out




11 Responses to “Interlude: Off To …”

  1. that is San Francisco of course…

  2. Midwest Texan said

    POWER EXCHANGE best club in San Franny

  3. Kyle said

    No-brainer – that’s the Transamerica pyramid building in San Francisco.

  4. DT said

    San Fran….

  5. steve said

    San Fanny! We’ll see you there!

  6. San Francisco! Can I stow away in your luggage??!

    Don’t forget to check out Castro! Who know you might find a handsome hunk to bring home with? *grin*

  7. DeafJohn said

    The Gay Capital of the world!!!

  8. *Boston said

    Ooooh have fun!
    I want hear all the details about your trip!

  9. David said

    SFo! My friend used to lived there, right inside Castro District (the fabulous gay community).

    Just saw your new vlog which explains why you haven’t blog ever since… Cyberbullying is very bad! I’m glad she invited you to go to Deaf Hope.

    Have a good time in SFo!

  10. David said

    oh! oh! oh! I saw a LiveJournal community entry about a deaf model (Martin Richie). He did a porn! :}

  11. Chris said

    Queer it up, Golden Gate style.

    PS – Get in touch with me soon!

    Chris “The Vegas Addict”

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