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7: What Really Happened On DeafVIDEO.TV

Posted by ridor9th on October 29, 2008

Boy, this entry is going to be long.

It shall contain a vlog, several email correspondences between me and Tayler Mayer and my thoughts on the subject.

I got banned from DeafVIDEO.TV without a warning.  Which is quite interesting and surprising. It is fine with me as of now. In fact, I do not regard DeafVIDEO.TV as an important venue to check on a daily basis.  It is a hysterical place to check whenever I’m bored.


It is an open secret that DeafVIDEO.TV (also known as DVTV) seems to attract the fringe of the Deaf Communities at large.  They seem to attract the ones that wants to talk about stuff that nobody really cared about.  Talk about Christianity, Deaf jokes, ghosts and all that trash that is not going to stimulate your mind.

The fringe of the Deaf Communities — by that, I mean the truly bad and horrible vloggers at its best trying to grab some kind of attention by touching on issues that they do not know enough (except for few ones like IronGal27, LChaim2007, DeafRedBear, DeafOIC, JonLenois — they are the ones that made me giggle, snicker and laugh out loud!) to a point where I cringe at their attempts to discuss. Why?  Because they often fucked it up.

It is always amusing to see people fingerspelling “LOL” instead of going “ha ha” with their facial expressions, really!

There are several vloggers on DVTV whom are there to go after deaf-related organizations in an attempt to run them into ground — many of you knew Barry Sewell (on DVTV, he used the pseudo-name as DRHocokan).  He is the same man who went after Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) in an attempt to hijack the organization to meet his own expectations. When I disagreed with Barry, you cannot believe the numbers of emails, IMs and vlog responses on DVTV whom people has attacked me from the time I started to disagree with Barry Sewell!  Unfortunately, many of them are removed after my profile was banned.

There was an incident where I made a compliment to a certain vlogger that I thought he was cute and too bad, he was straight.  Nothing bad, really.  Barry Sewell seized this moment as to accuse me of sexual harassment.  What the fuck is that?

The more information I got from people about Barry Sewell is quite interesting.  He is Mormon.  That explains everything else.  I also learned that he married a 17 years old girl when he was in late 20s or early 30s.  And that he completely ruled his family with an ironfist which explained why you do not see his wife at all via the vlogs.  I also got information regarding the failed investments which Barry was alleged to swindle the thousands of dollars from his Deaf friends.

It was true enough that Barry nearly destroyed the InterTribal Deaf Council (IDC), the organization that serves the Deaf Natives across the United States.  In fact, it was so bad that several officers of the IDC including Judy Stout (She was fantastic when she introduced the Utes to bless the athletes during the opening ceremony of Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City) has abruptly resigned.

Why abruptly resigned?

Barry has attempted to get these fine people to be fired from their employment by writing letters to their employment.  He did the same with several DBC leaders last summer, I believe.

Barry also got the Department of Justice involved with the IDC to force the organization to open their records to Barry Sewell. First IDC, second DBC and third NAD?  That appears to be the case.

Which brings me to the subject on DVTV.  There was this haggardly woman who vlogged about NAD & CI — I do not know her full name but her DVTV name is HarleyGirl248.  Trust me, she is nowhere close to be viewed as a girl.

On her couple of DVTV vlogs, she derided the NAD for not doing “enough”.  It turns out that she indicated that she has not been a member of NAD for more than 30 years. Wait a minute!  She is complaining and yet, she is not a member?  There is a famous phrase:  People who lives in glass houses should not throw stones.

Needless to say, I defended the NAD on her vlog by responding back and forth.  Soon hereafter, HarleyGirl248 made a vlog indicating that she won’t open and view my vlog responses because of my “reputation”, not because what I can provide the different views — that is when I started to ridicule her as HarleyHag from that point on.

Needless to say, HH was not happy.  I guess the truth hurts.  I mean, look at her.  Eew!  Her face and body reeks of bitter, demeanor and exhausted of hate-consumed from day one, it appears to be like that. Afterwards, I learned that HarleyGirl248 is a member of the so-called group called the Signing Circle which collaborated with Barry Sewell and his cohorts in an attempts to destroy Deaf Bilingual Coalition and yes, the NAD.

The members of the SC apparently wrote emails to Tayler Mayer to complain of my name-calling upon this haggardly woman which led me to be banned from DVTV without a warning. When I learned that my profile has been rescinded, I was baffled.

I emailed Tayler Mayer mainly because I considered (and still do!) him as a friend.  The very first email that I wrote reads:

what’s going on? i cant find my ridor9th profile on what’s going on?

I also thought why don’t we also talk about this over the videophone so I fired the 2nd email:

vp me at xxx xxx xxxx now!

No response from Tayler at all.  So I fired the third email:

I am getting lots of emails and IMs asking about what’s going on?  Please RESPOND.

Still no response from Tayler at all. So I fired the fourth email:

something is wrong. why did you remove all of my profile and comments on ALL dvtv without notifying me — not even with a warning or so.

Finally, after fourth email, Tayler responded with a brief paragraph that reads:

U signed the pact. I don’t owe u an email. I’m deeply disappointed and think that u need to take a longer break from the internet. Its not healthy for you.

I was appalled by his tone. I responded back:

What? What does it has to do with the pact? I’m confused as of now. Please at least, talk. I’m clueless at what you said … I was not cyberbulling anyone else in particular. I did not stalk, harass or bully anyone else. What did I do?

After thinking about what Tayler said to me in his brief paragraph, I fired another one to clarify:

Tayler:I feel that you took things out of context. What did I do that contradicts the pact? I hadn’t stalked, harassed nor attacked anyone else in particular. All I did is to criticize Eric LeFors for hiding behind the Xians’ beliefs to attack the Proposition #8. Your one paragraph response is quite offensive and demeaning. What is your justification in doing this?

You see, I thought the whole thing was that Tayler rescinded the profile is because on one of my vlogs which I blasted Eric LeFors for supporting the ban on gay marriage to preserve the marriage for heterosexuals. I was the one who pointed out that it was well known out there that Eric cheated on his wife at Gallaudet and in Florida as well. How hypocritical of him to attack gays when he is no better with himself, right? Briefly, Tayler responded to notify that the comments about Eric LeFors has nothing to do with the fact that I was banned. It has to do with HarleyGirl248. He also left a comment to me:

I see no reason to. I’m sorry. Curious did ur doctor say u could return to the internet or are you going behind the doctor’s back? I honestly think its not good for you at this point. You’ve gone through tremendously difficult times. I don’t entirely blame you but from what I’ve seen, I believe u need more time to focus on yourself. One way or other, u are not welcome at dvtv at the time being.

In the next response, I explained about my doctor situation which I think the readers has no business to snoop in. But from that point on, Tayler never responded after I emailed him to complain about people viciously slandering my name on DVTV — someone accused me of being a hacker, an abuser in a domestic violence (?!) et al. Here are my emails that I pleaded Tayler to do something which he never responded at all.

Yeah, whatever. I’ll wait for your response. But you need to warn or something. I was flooded with emails and IMs and I was stunned. Obviously, our viewpoints of cyberbulling pact is different and it is not right that you sacked my profile like that.What Eric LeFors did was wrong, simply put. I pointed out that what he did was hypocritical. Simply put.


my therapist has agreed that it’s OK about a month ago. I just wish you communicated with me earlier. i’m baffled at the way you reacted.


bgmaron8 is calling me asshole, he has slandered me. you tolerated that. what’s that?


are u pals with Barry Sewell? have you realized that Barry Sewell was the culprit that caused several organizations to crash and burn? I learned that you had been communicating with a lot of people about me but very few with me to talk about this fiasco? Listen, Tayler, I’m not upset. I’m just concerned about this. There are lots of misinformation on DVTV about myself that I feel the need to defend myself. Especially with RAD fiasco. You need to acknowledge that this was simply a process that has not been finalized and I feel that you did not give me a chance to know the rules thoroughly. It is not fair. ricky


u kept on emailing others and they forwarded the msgs to me… and you dont answer my emails? what’s going on?


hey now people are assuming that I hacked in people’s accounts to force them to reinstate me back online. I dont approve of this — how can you allow people to tarnish me with false accusations? Your silence speaks louder, Tayler!

As you can see, Tayler never responded at all.  I will leave you with this for you to decide on your own.  There was never any due process at all.  Just that I learned that Barry Sewell and his cohorts were the ones who organized and emailed to complain against me in order to drive me out of DVTV.

It is true that I signed the Cyberbulling Pact with the understanding that I shall not stalk, harass and offend people on incessant manner.  I do not email, IM, send the messages anonymously via Youtube/blogging/vlogging incessantly. It is not my style to do so — but I do insult or offend people at times when they attempted to turn the tables on me.  Just like HarleyGirl248 who attempted to indicate that she refused to open and view my vlog response simply because she heard about me, rather than to see what I have to say about her criticizing the NAD.

There were instances that DVTV’s vloggers has engaged in cyber-harassment upon me — Daniel of Minnesota (His DVTV’s name is Letsgofly08) is currently a student at NTID/RIT whom has disparaged my decesased father’s name on DVTV which offended me to no end.  I kept on getting 6 similiar emails via from Daniel of Minnesota that contains the derogatory terms repeatedly.

I got this emails from bgmaron8 of Florida:

you are full of low white trailer trash guy .  Did you know that I knew where you live so beware!  you are so fucking sicko.  Why can’t you accept to move on without DVTV. You already banned. you are reputation for troublemaker.  so last word, fuck off!

From LifeIsShortZZ whom I have no idea who s/he is:

No, you are fucking dumbass, Ricky Retard. Philatino is damn right! Tayler banned you is bec Lchaim whined. She also got u banned. Now, she acts like she didn’t! LOL U ARE SOO BLIND! Again, you are fucking dumbass, Ricky Fatty Retard. So, be whining and ask shemale ‘whyyyyyy sobbbbing! u fake bitch’..that’s right..tell her, idiotically.
Hey stop being bitching “why why me banned” Duh u are DONE. Like boss (tayler) fired u. so, u can’t get job back! bye bye faggot. Now, I cheer drinkin beer!

Needless to say, I got more than 10 comments from LifeIsShortZZ which I shall not repeat.

There are comments by DeafSweetMind, ASLHood and DeadOIC who kept on leaving derogatory and offensive comments on my blog, profile and others as well.

What do I do about it?  Of course, I ignore and at times, defend myself when needed.  But did I ever complain to Tayler whenever someone offends me on DVTV?  No, not at all.  Why?  Because I was hoping for DVTV to reach the same success as did the YouTube — that means what?  Everything can be recorded whether if you like it or not.

But too bad, there are many crybabies and low “fow!” functional among Deaf vloggers and viewers that carried the same mentality from deaf residential schools where they try to rule each other’s lives as much as can be.

Just look at that haggardly woman and Barry Sewell — they attempt to rule people by deceiving them with misinformation and when someone refused to bow before these fools, the same group sicced their group to bombard Tayler Mayer with emails to complain about this, that and there.

That’s how it works over there at DeafVIDEO.TV. Let’s face the truth:  Deaf people has been always marginalized for years as a minority and wanted to be pampered in the long run.  Which is why DVTV and Tayler often pandered and treated them like children.  Which is why DVTV is often viewed as a place of children to play around even for Deaf adults.

I did have several conversations with friends from Gallaudet, asking them why they do not vlog over there?  Their response?  “Look at who’s who over there!  Self-explanatory.”

True, true!  That, that!

At least, I’ll stick with where it holds no-barred vlogs for any Deaf vloggers/viewers.  It is a place where Deaf people can cuss, debate and vlog about anything else.

I still adore Tayler Mayer even if we differ on the definitions of cyberbulling.  I do think he’s hot!  I do think he’s charming fellow.  His wife is lucky to have him.  He’d keep me busy 24/7/365 if he was mine, really!  It’s just that I was surprised with his lack of communication and that it is inevitable we shall spar from time to time — knowing that we have our own opinions.

For what is worth, I’ll attach the vlog on this entry later tonight or in the morning.  I’m still learning how to attach to the wordpress — so sue me!

Fire away with your thoughts on this subject.




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Posted by ridor9th on October 2, 2008

Back to the East Coast from San Francisco. Will divulge all information about what happened in Bay Area.

But right now, the priority is to be with my father who is currently in coma after sustaining a mild heart attack last Wednesday morning. Lots of visitors, VP calls, pages and emails to deal with people all across the country from people who admired and loved my father.

Be well and cheers,


Update: Dad is quite a fighter.  He emerged from coma and is alert.  He attempted to remove the tubes by himself.  Had to restrain him from doing that.  He kept on pointing at the bathroom door repeatedly.  The nurses repeatedly told him to pee into the bedpan/tube-whatever-it-is, he seems to be determined to walk and pee on his own.

Initially, we thought the prognosis seems not to be good.  In fact, they warned us that he could have a stroke or brain damage.  But it appears that he is not afflicted with it which is good news.

Thanks for the emails, vlogs and comments as well as someone making a vlog about Dad on  I told Dad about this and he was quite surprised to receive the support from all over the country.  You don’t know how many VP calls we had to endure in the last 48 hours.

Update II: My father, Billy C. Taylor, Senior, has died this morning at 10:16 AM EST at the age of 72.  We are quite devastated about it.  And since the death was preventable, the hospital will regret the day they stalled in providing the interpreters for four days prior to the heart attack.  Of course, I’ll make sure that the hospital pays for its sins.

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